Top-rated animated explainer video production companies for boosting your healthcare business

Using medical explainer videos, healthcare organizations do not only quickly describe complex concepts but also refine the sales message. Hiring professional explainer video production companies that specialize in health care animation is your first important goal. Studios that specialize in healthcare/medical animation will deeply understand and know how to achieve your goals at a reasonable price. Let’s find out the studio that is most suitable for your animated explainer video production in the list of top-rated studios below.

Here are Top 5 healthcare animation companies you can trust, update 2021. Take a closer look and choose the most suitable one for your medical explainer video projects:



Expert in the medical field 

Having successfully created animated video explainers with well-known global medical institutions, F.Learning has a wealth of experience. The team deeply understands the uniqueness of training in the medical field and knows exactly how to create videos for pharmacies, medical services, and patient education. Producing healthcare animation videos that require first-rate 2D animation is one of F.Learning’s strengths. 

Let’s take a look at one of F.Learning’s final products.

High quality with reasonable price

F.Learning studio is known for their work – in-house animated explainer video production with quality that goes beyond price. Clients come to F.Learning with new challenges and concepts every day. The team always provides a personalized and professional approach to maximize quality while minimizing explainer video costs.

Every year, 2000 mins of animation are created and shared. 

Above is one of F.Learning medical projects – Simple Nursing. With the help of F.Learning’s animation explainer videos, SImple Nursing increase:

animated explainer video production

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Excellent customer service

If you want to hire a professional video production team to create an animated video explainer, F.Learning is a wise choice. The studio always strives to not only optimize customer experience but also to exceed customers’ expectations. F.Learning is dedicated to providing exceptional working processes with high transparency. With effective consultations for each businesses’ purpose, F.Learning is believed to be a top-rated studio with high professionalism.

Quick response

F.Learning understands that time is money; therefore, the studio always responds speedily in order to create high-quality medical animation videos in the shortest possible time. This professional studio believes that timely communication is the best method to create medical explainer videos that satisfy customers’ quests. Your requests and questions will be answered as quickly as possible regardless of your location and time zone.

Ask your questions NOW

and get answered

within 12 hours!


Unsynced time 

F.Learning is a Vietnam-based studio; therefore, if your company is in a different time zone, live teamwork may be an obstacle. The studio understands that it is frustrating when the best team for the job isn’t awake yet, and you’re too excited to share your ideas. Don’t worry, the team has 5-year experience working with customers all around the world. They always respond timely, regardless of time zone differences.

Switch Video


Cooperate with well-known brands 

Switch video is an animation company that cooperates with many global brands to create medical animations with characters. The goal of Switch video is to maximize the potential of their consumers’ ideas and products. Switch video has experience working with popular brands such as IBM, HP, Abbott. 

Good customer service

Having worked with well-known brands, the team has developed a very good sense of professionalism. They know how to provide service with friendly and supportive attitudes. The communication between the studio and customers is clear and most direct so that they can flexibly complete the final products based on requests.



The animation created by Switch video might be more pricey than others in the industry. This could be one of the customers’ most concerning problems as the limited budget might make it difficult to hire the team. The explainer video cost may exceed the customers’ whole marketing budget.

Creamy Animation


High-quality marketing videos

Creamy Animation specializes in creating animated video explainers. Its goal is to deliver video content that easily explains customers’ products or educates their audiences. The studio has more than 12 years of experience in sales and marketing. This makes Creamy Animation the top-player in the marketing animation market. 


Not focus on medical marketing.

Creamy Animation focuses more on sales and marketing in general and is the top player in this field. If you want to have a perfect marketing video, Creamy Animation is a great choice. However, when it comes to animated medical explainer videos, they seem to be one step behind other studios. 

Get more ideas to effectively animate your medical knowledge!



Experience with both animation and live-action videos

Demo Duck makes videos for businesses in every industry. The company produces both animation and live-action videos for businesses. The videos by Demo Ducks help customers simply tell stories. As they are not limited to animation, the team also provides live-action demo, marketing, and educational video for businesses.


Stronger in providing live-action videos

The Demo Duck team shows great strength in producing live-action videos. This type of video usually costs more and is more time-consuming as it requires more resources. Live-action videos are most efficient when they are used for marketing rather than a medical explainer.

Kino Bino


Experience in various fields

Kino Bino is a studio that designs fun and appealing characters with various styles. The specialty of this studio is 2D animation. The studio creates illustrations within your brand guidelines and makes sure the product is of top quality. Kino Bino specializes in a variety of areas, from educational videos to short films. 


High price

Just like Switch video, the only weakness of Kino Bino is the price that they offered. The service fee of Kino Bino is often quite high. With a limited budget, hiring the studio to complete your animated explainer video production is nearly impossible. Especially when you require more details and adjustments, the fee will be charged based on your requests.

Phew, so many options to consider! We understand that you are quite confused right now. Don’t worry, F.Learning is here to tackle everything for you. Just simply pick your phone up to give us a call and run your animated explainer video right away. 

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