Healthcare Animation Case Studies: Simple Nursing Success Story

Attracting 200.000+ nurse students to acquire the app by Healthcare explainer videos

Simple Nursing (SN) is one of the US leading companies in nursing educational technology. Their courses are commonly available on apps and websites such as youtube. Simple Nursing’s subject matter covers a wide range of specialties, such as pharmacology, physiology, and cardiology. Generally, their specialty is to provide memory tricks and test tips for nursing students to help them pass the NCLEX™. That’s why SN needs Healthcare explainer videos.

Healthcare explainer videos in Simple Nursing Youtube Channel
Look at the huge number of followers and subscribers on their Youtube channel!
91% 5 stars rating

Animation helped SN to receive excellent reviews on Trustpilot

+ 200,000 students

Animation helps SN’s thousands of students pass NCLEX test

+ 500,000 social followers

The high-quality animated courses help SN increase trust and branding

Use animation to upgrade the core product, and gain competitive advantages

Nurse training is a competitive industry where enterprises chase to update their knowledge hub as much as possible. However, after the pandemic, when everything happens online, so does the training. The market shifts from seeking a course with knowledge, to seeking a course that communicates knowledge effectively. Thus, the company which early generates the demand to help learners comprehend knowledge online will win and dominate the market.

The more interesting the medical educational content is, the more learners pay for the course. Mike Linares, the founder of Simple Nursing, understands that he needs to do something to make his core product – the nursing course – more engaging, understandable yet accurate. While SN is positioning themselves as the simplest way to pass nursing school, they choose healthcare animation. SN believed that motion, illustration, and storytelling techniques can simplify nursing content and easily bring a fun vibe to the course. 

Check out one of SN’s courses below. Instead of traditional talking head videos, this course visualizes complicated medical concepts and makes them more friendly to learners.

Replace old training content formats with animation to improve the learning experience

“F. Learning team has been a pleasure to work with! Our nursing students absolutely love the colorful animation, seamless transitions, and engaging diagrams. We expect to reach a wider audience and grow our following of over 500,000 social media followers with the help of F learning. Being an educational company for over 7 years, it has been challenging to stay at the top of our game, but with these new engaging videos, I believe we will reach higher levels. Thank you F. Learning!”

Mike Linares, RN, MSN – Founder

Our Approach

 Script analytics

Based on the draft scripts, we get ourselves understanding the medical jargon. Then, we choose the most important parts from the scripts and think about solutions to transfer them in a simple but engaging way.

Design visual assets to describe knowledge

We create asset designs like nurses, body organs, hospital backgrounds, etc to visual medical knowledge. The design is simple and clean enough to help learners focus. Also, we add fun vibes into videos so learners have interesting experiences while learning.

Manage production capability

Since SN needs courses quickly to serve their learner’s demands. We accelerate timely feedback and response to commit to deadline and quality criteria. In 2020, we carried out 600 minutes of animation in 9 months.

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Final thought

To wrap up, according to Verified Market Research, the Medical Animation Market was valued at USD 163.2 Million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 669.63 Million by 2026. The number has proved the standpoint and the future of medical animation, and Simple Nursing, also, is a great example of upgrading business by smart tactics of applying animation in their business. In this competitive era, it’s necessary to have a secret tool to avoid lagging behind. Let animation do the work!

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