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Why F.Learning Studio is a perfect partner
for your Animated Training Video Production

80-minute animation production per month

As a business, F.Learning values your time. We never let the training schedule hurt your long-term growth.

Animation Management From A-Z

Outsource online training comes with risk and timeline management. But it would be safer with our specialized management process. We ensure the quality without breaking your given training schedule.

Expert in using animation as a training solution

It's not animation. It's animation application in online training. Your business model's differrent. That comes with different training challenges. Don't be panic, we've got your back.

Need a hand with your online training process?


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Integrity's Leadership Training Programs

Online training delivery is to maximize the good and minimize the bad. No breaking current resources and learner preferences. We help I&V utilize training materials for online learning. Then we have animation. Perfect! Animation engages employees better and tracks result easier.

Intelycare's Nurse Training Program

With 15,000 staff, Intelycare wants the training scaling process run smoothly (no risk, no consequence, please). F.Learning goes with them in their online training delivery journey: calculate training cost, consult on learner engagement strategy, timeline management, etc.

One QBE's Staff  Remote Training  

The hardest part of creating a new online training program for 14,500 employees, is to remain staff's productive and old good feelings. F.Learning makes the training content concise by reducing unnecessary assessments. Then, we use animation to deliver online. To remain a friendly vibe from old training, we keep core elements in One QBE's brand guideline. Then, design characters fitting their cultural diversity.


Make employees love your company more!




1. Why should I choose F.Learning Studio as my effective corporate training video production solution?

Simply, it's animation for training. Many vendors provide animation. But we don't stop there. We provide online training solution. Our aim is to understand your training concern (huge scope, training timeline, staff improvement, etc). And find out the best way animation can contribute to your training. If you are new to training animation service, it's time for a flexible, risk-free trial with F.Learning Studio. Just book a free consultation call with us.

2. What types of style do you offer?

If it's 2D animation, we can do it. But remember, it starts with your learners. Let's us dig deep in your learners' insight (learning experience, company culture, working schedule, etc.). The deeper we understand your learners, the better style we customize for them.

3. What if my scope is huge?

You are in the right place! We are experts in series corporate video production on time. But don't misunderstand, we don't sacrifice quality for that. Good thing takes time, we know. What we're trying to say here is our flexible process. It helps us reduce back & forth time and ensure your training schedule, without hurting the quality, of course.