Animated Video Production: Review Best 5 Companies in 2021

The best-animated video production will be listed in this article. Through our list, you will have an overview of how the best studios look like. And perhaps you will find one of them that suits your project. 

Our article also provides you with criteria for how to evaluate a good studio. After having the criteria, you are walked through the animated video production process to give you an overview of what should be done in each step so that you can prepare accordingly.

The best-animated video production studios in 2021

  1. F.Learning
  2. Demo Duck
  3. Dinos & Teacups
  4. Yans Media
  5. Switch Video

#1 F.Learning – Educational Video Production company


F.Learning specializes in 2D animation, including motion graphics, vector, and hand-drawn animation. The studio offers services for both education/training and commercial purposes, and that’s the reason why F. Learning can handle one-off projects and series projects.

Studio scale & productive capacity:

Each year, the F.Learning team can produce 2000 minutes of animation for educational and commercial purposes. To achieve this, a professional team of 25 experts has diligently worked and developed an easy-to-follow procedure. Following this simple process, clients know what to provide and expect. To manage time efficiently, the team optimized time by cutting off unnecessary steps. The number of expertise personnel allows the F.Learning team to handle big projects with long duration and complexity. Working hard and smart is F.Learning’s goal.

Famous for: 

  • Able to simplify abstract content: The team of talents with previous experience can illustrate and simplify complex and abstract educational topics such as medical, law, arts. Regardless of your project’s field, the studio can help you break down complicated content into bite-size pieces. Now, you can say goodbye to the struggle in explaining abstract concepts to learners.
  • Audience-centric and customized animation:  Every detail of animation videos produced by F.Learning will be customized to match your video purpose. They will ensure that the animation will be suitable for your business culture and learning environment. On top of that, the artist team with deep knowledge in using illustration to engage learners can offer you a wide variety of art styles. With their consultation, you will quickly get the video that is best-fitted for your audience. Therefore, don’t panic if you come to the studio without any ideas on art or animation. 
  • Reasonable price:  F.Learning can produce animation at a lower price than other opponents in the industry. The main reason for this is the studio location. As it is based in Vietnam, the resources are less expensive than that of other countries. The second reason is that the F.Learning team can tailor your video features based on the budget and expectations. The animated video production team knows how to allocate the resources to optimize clients’ budgets. They fulfill this goal by minimizing back & forth time and removing all ineffective steps in the process. F.Learning’s animated video production team can also reduce production costs by choosing simple styles yet have strong impacts on learners. Therefore, it is not surprising when they can always go beyond customer expectations.
  • Professional communication: F.Learning studio provides clients with a transparent process which makes it easier to follow. The team makes sure that clients are clear about what they will have to provide and the expected results. With their clear and informative communication, both parties can effectively set goals, styles, and priorities right at the beginning of the consultation process. As a result, every client, even the ones who are new to animation, can ace their projects. In order to meet the clients’ needs, the animated video production studio always builds a timeline and deadlines for both sides and strictly follows it. This procedure allows the team to manage time to deliver the final product on time with the highest quality. F.Learning never lets distance become an obstacle between the studio and clients. No matter where you are, the F.Learning customer service team always responds promptly to satisfy your needs. Working with F.Learning studio, you are free from worries from the beginning to the end.
  • Clients: F.Learning studio’s main clients are education organizations and global corporations, namely IntelyCare, Integrity & Values, UNSW,…
  • Price:  The animated video production studio has no fixed price, and the pricing is based on different projects. The price ranges from $500 to $2000 per one minute of animation. It strongly depends on the style, complexity, length, turnaround time, and the nature of the project (one-off video or animation series). Of course, producing a series would save your budget a lot thanks to the vast ‘recyclables’.
  • Location: Vietnam
IntelyCare video provided by F.Learning studio

Here is one of F.Learning ‘s projects – IntelyCare. Intelycare needs to produce medical explainer videos to train nurses. This method helps them save budget and tackle the negative impacts of the COVID19 pandemic. F.Learning came up with a series of 2D motion animations. They studied to understand Intelycare’s priorities and calculated to optimize opportunity cost. 

As a result, the series attracted 15,000 nursing professionals and received numerous positive feedbacks. In addition, the series has proved that animation training videos do not only support learners effectively but also help the company scale up.

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#2 Demo Duck

Services: Demo Duck offers clients vibrant explainer videos. The studio also cooperates to produce brand ads, testimonials for global corporations, and they are also a well-known educational video production company.

Studio scale & productive capacity: The animated video production studio is run by a team full of talented people, and they also team up with other creative partners. As a result, compared to other animated video production studios, Demo Duck has a larger scale. This allows the studio to run big and complex projects.

Famous for: The strong capability and 10-year experience in the industry make the team stand out from other studios.

Clients: Most of their clients are big global corporations with big budgets and target mass audiences such as IBM, Canon, Google. If your target is the same as the mentioned company and you have no worries about your budget, you are the perfect client for the studio.

Price: A single 2D or 3D custom animated video typically runs between $20,000-25,000 depending on the length, complexity, and style.

Location: Chicago, US

#3 Dinos & Teacups

Services: Dinos & Teacups specializes in 2D motion animation sales videos. The one-person animated video production studio is run by Charlie – a vegan freelancer from Canada.

Studio scale & productive capacity: The studio is a one-person video animation agency that focuses on small-scale projects with short duration.  If your project is long and complex, you should look for some other studios.

Famous for: The studio is famous for its strong values regarding ecology and veganism. The eye-catching illustrations and unique animations are also Dinos & Teacups’ strengths. Moreover, it offers discounts to startups and organizations that are devoted to those fields.

Clients: The studio’s clients are mainly startups, SMEs such as BreatheSmart,, E-Butler. As the small companies usually require small-scale projects, Dinos & Teacups can always satisfy the companies.

Price: Dinos & Teacups animated video production studio has no specific price range. The pricing is usually based on projects’ complexity.

Location: Canada

#4 Yans Media

Products: Yans Media provides clients with both 2D and 3D animations for marketing. The team specializes in working with agencies and brands to fulfill animation and motion graphics needs.

Studio scale & productive capacity: Yan Media team consists of 17 team members and talents who can manage big scale projects. 

Famous for: The studio is a star in producing realistic 3D animation videos with realistic characters and reasonable prices. This type of animation is more complex and takes a longer time to produce than 2D animation.

Clients: Yans Media usually provides animated explainer videos for startups, company videos, or brand videos for promotion. They have collaborated with many companies, namely DotShop, Buglab, Tourbuds, Varpet, and CoinDog.

Price: Animation video pricing starts at $4500 for a 60-second video.

Location: NA

#5 Switch Video

Products: Switch Video produces whiteboard videos, 2D motion graphics, and all types of business animation videos. The studio specializes in creating and implementing video content campaigns that work, whether it’s on your website, in an email marketing campaign, or through social media. 

Studio scale & Productive Capacity: Switch Videos is run by 8 main team members, and they also cooperate with other partners. This is a strong player in the industry as they can effectively handle all kinds of projects, from small to big ones. 

Famous for: The studio has over 10 years of experience producing 1,200+ videos for clients in the USA, Canada, and over a dozen other countries. They create whiteboard and animation motion videos for marketing for any client.

Clients: The studio is trusted by startups and Fortune 500 organizations and big corporations such as IBM, HP, Bayer, Abbott.

Price: They don’t have a specific price range—all of the pricing base on projects’ scale and features.

Location: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

7 important factors to consider the right animated video production company:

1. Studio expertise: 

Each studio has animated video production expertise in different fields such as commercial marketing, education, or entertainment. Therefore, checking if their expertise meets your project needs is the most important task to do. Make sure that you have a team specialized in the type of animation videos that meet your needs. For example, if you want to find educational video production companies, the studio has to be perfect at visualizing complex content and project management to handle a really big scope of work.

2. Animation style: 

Besides expertise, each studio also has a different style. For example, F.Learning can offer you decent 2D motion and hand-drawn educational and commercial videos, while Yansmedia is an expert in 3D. Focus on your needs to choose the studio with an animation style that can deliver the content effectively.

3. Previous project quality: 

To have more information on how to evaluate the quality of a studio, the portfolio is what you should look for. It sums up all experiences, information, and the previous projects that they have finished. In addition, watching videos and reading case studies will provide you with valuable insights into animation videos and their impacts on businesses.

4. Communication: 

Communication is extremely important, especially when you and the studio are in different locations. Look for a studio that is capable of communicating clearly and responding promptly. Moreover, a studio that communicates professionally can consult suitable features for your project more efficiently and precisely. They know how to deliver and describe the features such as styles, voice-over tone, storyline, etc…

5. Customization: 

Most of the studios offer customization. Check for available customizing options (voiceover, colors, characters, objects’ visual, music, voice-over,..) before cooperating with the team will ensure that they can exceed your expectations.

6. Other clients’ feedback: 

Don’t forget to refer to other’s feedback to have a true view of the studio’s performance. The previous clients were in the same situation as you. Therefore, there is no reason not to use their reviews as a reliable source to decide if you should choose that studio or not.

7. Price: 

Of course, you only have a fixed budget, and it is quite difficult to adjust this. Review the price range and what they offer with each price will help you save time and know if the studio can optimize your budget or not. 

Still not sure which is the best option for your current budget? 

How to plan an animation project with your chosen studio

We unfold the basic process to help you know what will happen in each step and prepare for each step accordingly. 

Take a look at this 6-step production process to have an idea of how the process will be: 

  1. Brief & Research
  2. Build script and concept
  3. Storyboard
  4. Produce animation
  5. Add sound effects
  6. Revision and send to customers

1. Brief & Research

After contacting the studio, you will be given a form to fill out your requirements. Next, you start working with the studio on briefing expectations and ideas so that they understand your expectations and requests. During the consultation process, the studio team will research to understand deeper and prepare to brainstorm ideas.  

In this step, you should focus on: preparing an analysis or having a deep understanding of your audience, the video’s purpose, product features/benefits that you want to highlight, etc. The more data provided, the more precise the videos are for your audience. 

2. Build script and concept

The studio starts to choose a suitable script and concept for the video. This is a must to create a suitable video for your audience’s preference.

In this step, you should focus on: In this step, you should check not only the provided script duration but also the storylines. Make sure that with the video length, all of your content is delivered completely and thoroughly.  

3. Storyboards

Storyboards-photos of key scenes will be sketched out for you to have a visualized overview of key moments in the videos.

In this step, you should focus on: Carefully review if the style matches your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask the team for further explanation of any detail because changing after this stage will take a lot of time. The goal is to make sure that you are on the same page with the team before the production process.

4. Produce animation

Getting the confirmed storyboards and ideas, the art team starts creating the magic. In this step, features are mixed together to create an animation. 

In this step, you should focus on: You should check with the team at each checkpoint to make sure the progress is still as planned.

5. Add sound effects

After finishing the visual of the video, sound effects such as music and the narrator’s voice are added to guide the audience better.

In this step, you should focus on: First, you should check if sound effects match with the motions. Second, the pace and tone of the voice-over should be adjusted to suit learners’ learning speed. Setting the pace for the videos is important to encourage learners to engage more. When the narrator’s voice stresses the keywords, learners get more focus on the key ideas. To avoid monotony, music and sound effects are also added, but remember to check if it matches with the vibes. Keeping the videos fun yet professional is important.

6. Review and send to customers

Studios will review and get clients before sending the final version. The team must make sure that clients are satisfied with the final product. 

In this step, you should focus on: asking the studio to meet the deadline and double-check if the video is well-edited based on feedbacks.


Whether you are looking for an educational video production company or an explainer video studio, all studios are quality-oriented. However, each of them has unique styles and working processes. Don’t forget this when you consider a suitable studio for your project. We hope the list makes it less difficult for you and saves you from scanning through the long list of studios. Now, pick your phone up and experience the top-rated animated video production service provided by F.Learning.

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