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  • Experts In Healthcare Animation: 5 years of proven experience working with the top medical and healthcare businesses/organizations. We have established our expertise as a competent healthcare animation company for various purposes, such as educating patients, training, and public awareness.
  • Explainer Of Complex Knowledge: Our creators hone their expertise in trade by actually learning medical jargon, terminologies, and concepts. Then, the animators at our medical and healthcare video production agency come in to visualize the information in great detail. We also adjust the design according to the target audience.
  • Customer Engagement Booster: Our beautifully designed healthcare animation videos will surely reel in the attention of your potential audience. We use fun and captivating means to deliver otherwise dull and boring knowledge.
  • Unique Creators: F.Learning Studio provides 100% original and customized medical animation videos. You have the freedom to build the animation to fit your brand’s style, colors, schemes, and all.
  • Affordable Partner: We’re proud to provide top-notch animation services at rock-bottom prices. Discover our cost-saving plans today and start stepping up your animation production


Nursing Education

Simple Nursing case study: How A Top Medical And Healthcare Video Production Agency Handles Large Projects

Their Problem:

Simple Nursing (SN) is one of the US leading companies in nursing educational technology. They had experimented with adding animation into videos to simplify medical concepts before. However, the results weren’t up to par. They want to create really high-quality medical courses that are both helpful and fun. A fully customized animation series would advance their course’s value.

Our Solution:

Simple Nursing was looking for a top medical and healthcare video production company capable of handling large work scope. To meet the requirements, F.Learning Studio provides an optimized production plan. We cut down unnecessary steps to push the process while keeping the quality of the video.

It allowed us to successfully produce 150 minutes of animation in 4 months while keeping up with Simple Nursing’s hectic schedule. Our product helps upgrade Simple Nursing’s content to become more friendly, captivating, and accessible. The course, so far, has reeled in +200,000 students and +500,000 social followers for the company.


Healthcare Training

IntelyCare case study: A Testimony Of Our Expertise As A Healthcare Animation Company

Their Problem:

Intelycare is a US-based company that sets out to end the open-and-last-minutes nurse shortage. They have to find a way around their biggest problem: medical knowledge is overwhelmingly difficult for most people. It contains tons of abstract concepts and fancy terminologies. To make the content appeal to everyone, they have to break the traditional sense of healthcare training being long and tedious.

Our Solution:

F.Learning Studio had to utilize our expertise and experience as a top medical and healthcare video production company to produce a new, fun, yet professional course. We approached the information in friendlier ways to shake off its formality and seriousness. 

We designed a medical animation course with friendly characters who look very friendly and relatable. It isn’t just ‘something nice to have in a course. It also helps enhance the course’ quality so that learners can get better training outcomes.


Patient Education

iCareBetter case study: Creativity Makes The Best Medical And Healthcare Video Production Company

Their Problem:

iCareBetter is a technology company that provides educational services for hospitals and doctors. Though they lean towards less challenging content than that of professional training, it still contains some very confusing medical concepts. Hence, iCareBetter realizes early on that they need to create engaging and comprehensible materials. They have to bring in a top healthcare animation company to help break down the complicated knowledge.


Our Solution:

F.Learning Studio found ingenious ways to make medical learning fun and appealing to everyone. We use narrated animations with a conversational tone to help learners approach the content. It greatly improves the outcomes, even for people with little or no health literacy. Our videos helped iCareBetter bridge the knowledge gap between doctors and patients by illustrating the data, concepts, and knowledge using animation. 


Public Health Education

Covid-19 Anxiety case study: A Project From A Medical And Healthcare Video Company To The Community

Our Idea:

Covid-19 Anxiety is a standalone animation project of F. Learning Studio. We aim to use the power of animation to visually explain why & how people panicked during the Covid-19 pandemic. We found an urgent need to educate people that stress, anxiety, and over-reacting would not stop the pandemic but just make it worse. 


Our Process:

As a world-class medical and healthcare video company, we know that to get the message across, we have to gain the audience’s attention. It’s essential that we stand out from the numerous animations about Coronavirus. 

We came up with a unique hand-drawn design to express the panicked emotion better than ever. From there, our animators added fun and creative elements to make the animated videos more enjoyable for everyone. 


Mental Health Training

Shin Shin Tang’s Child Mental Health Animation


Mrs. Shin Shin Tang’s Problem:

Mrs. Shin Shin Tang held a Ph.D. in psychology. She wants to produce a mental health training project for adolescents between 11 to 13 years of age. She found animation the perfect medium to educate this age group. However, the mental health educational videos on the internet are either too dry or inaccurate. What Mrs. ShinShin Tang needs is a great healthcare animation company that can capture and convey her vision to the younger group.


Our Solution: 

F.Learning Studio called in our seasoned creators and put their expertise to great use. We came up with a friendly, delightful, but educationally effective ‘visual plan’ for the video. To suit the taste of our younger audience, we added some colorful and fun animations.


The result we received was an impressive child mental health animation that children actually love to watch. It immediately went viral, garnering +5000 views without any advertising or promotion. It’s fun, captivating, and, most importantly, helps children better cope with their potential mental health issues. 


Healthcare Marketing

Rectal Bleeding With Dr. Manish Chand: How A Healthcare Animation Company Helps Build Branding


The Problem: 

Dr. Manish Chand is on his cause to raise awareness about colorectal cancer using the power of animation. The foremost challenge is to make the public audience understand medical knowledge. According to Dr. Manish Chand, patients don’t know the symptoms or the treatment for their conditions because they’re too complicated. On top of that, the video had to come out in March. It’s the “Colorectal Awareness Month” campaign – when the public and medical professionals care about colorectal cancer the most.


Our Solution: 

To meet up with Dr. Manish Chand’s request for the video to be released in March, F.Learning Studio combined our experience of handling previous projects and our expertise in healthcare animation to generate a smooth and efficient process. The video provides vital information that patients must know about their treatments. It also yields numerous positive feedback about Manish’s treatment and helps him increase his personal branding.