Animated Finance Video

Deliver complex knowledge with ease and enjoyment

Convey long and tedious concepts in a digestible way

Engage learners with audiovisual content

Easy to highlight the key points

Add effective fun elements while keeping the informative tone




Their problem:

This is the third collaboration from F.Learning Studio and UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales) – one of Australia’s leading research and teaching universities. Their business analysis program, along with various other courses, is being redesigned for blended delivery in 2018.

Finance is a complicated subject because it involves lots of mathematics and imagination. To efficiently deliver financial information in the online environment, educators need learning resources that are both informative and engaging while delivering the information to the full context.  Thus animations are a perfect choice to explain financial concepts with a conversational and humorous tone. They make the lessons easier to digest for even learners with little understanding of financial markets.


Our solution:

F. Learning Studio created a whiteboard animation series for finance. Since whiteboard focuses on storytelling, it is an excellent narrator for eLearning courses. We kept the visual design simple with the black-and-white concept to emphasize the key points.  F. Team also humanized financial objects like the factories to create a funky and enjoyable tone.




Their problem:

This is another collaboration between UNSW Sydney and F.learning Studio to develop a high-quality reusable animation for accounting.

UNSW expects to apply animation as an innovative way of explaining complicated accounting theories and concepts. Specifically, they want to retell the talking-head learning videos in a new fun and meaningful way. The explanation should also be easy for every freshman to understand. However, the professional tone is needed to keep knowledge accurate and informative.


Our solution:

Following small videos concept, we started with breaking down lessons into bite-sized animation (from 2 to 5 minutes). Besides, to keep the animation style professional and also interesting, we chose the 2D character animations but minimize the colors to easily captivate learners’ eyes. The theory comes to life via scenario simulated method by visualization. We also spent time learning accounting knowledge to ensure that animations created would be a perfect visual-supporting tool that went along with lecturers’ voice-over.




Their problem:

For the subject of Corporations and Business Associations Law, UNSW faced the same issues with Finance and Accounting: how to effectively deliver abstract theories and increase the practical learning experience. They tried to make some animations with available software, but the quality didn’t meet their expectation. For them, tedious template designs and inexperience of converting text-based lessons to animation are the causes.


Our solution:

So, we had 2 main challenges in this project:

1. To design a uniquely beautiful style

That’s our strength, do everything tailor-made! We researched the subject to draw out a design that helped the whole course to look very high quality and premium than any template animation.

2. To deliver knowledge with ease and delight

It’s our most enjoyable job to use animation language for education. Based on our expertise, for this kind of subject, the animation was best used to increase practical experience through visual explanation and storytelling methods. Check out the output and see how it works!