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As an educational video production company, F.Learning uses animation to empower the online learning experience, in order to make it more interesting, captivating, and simply more fun.

Educational video company for better results

As an educational video company, we worked with universities and eLearning agencies long enough to realize that the current online learning method is negatively affecting the learner experience. The old method failed in expressing abstract concepts and invisible elements.

With experience in creating thousands of animation minutes for universities and eLearning businesses, we are your trustworthy partner in providing educational video production services to assist you in making your lessons comprehensible for students of all ages, even on the most complex terms.

Why Use Animation?

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Online Learning Experience

A new normal for online learning post Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools and universities to move online and also created a trend of applying animation in education. When a video conference is not practical enough to deliver knowledge online, people come to animation. This trend was initiated by top-tier universities like Stanford, Yale, and UNSW. By combining visual ideas and audio explanations, animation helps to break down any complex concepts into bite-sized content so everyone can easily understand.

Simplify Complex Concepts

F.Learning handled a big-scoped project from the University of New South Wales. The project covers a lot of subjects with theories and abstract concepts. To ensure that animation is a perfect visual-supporting tool that went along with lecturers’ voice-over, we spent time to learn knowledge including finance, law, accounting, and natural science. Since the project includes hundreds of videos, we control the synergy to deliver the outcome in time.

Engaging Experience for Better Learning Outcome

F.Learning collaborates with Permaculture to produce 330 animated learning videos for a 12-week e-learning course. Educational animations help students understand complex concepts quickly, compared to using words only. Moreover, the educational video series is customized only for George Lawton and his Permaculture course. Our affordable price strategy helped George own his high-end animation that works better compared to template animation.

Why F.Learning is the Educational Video Company
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Best value for your money
Every client gets F.Learning's premium package. We provide our best educational animation solution depending on your budget. By balancing between the budget and the value you will get back, F.Learning solves your problems without sacrificing one for the other.
Handle project at scale
Do you have a lot of educational content to animate? Then we have an entire team to support you. Our project manager will design an easy-to-follow process to ensure we understand each other in the first steps.
A trustworthy partner in education
Start your project with low risk! With 5 years in the online learning industry, F.Learning knows the right questions to ask, figure out core problems, and collect the correct information from you. We won't leave you alone with content and technology stuff. We overcome education challenges with you.

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Our Educational Video Production examples

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Agency Cost of Equity | Accounting Equation Animation

Academic Integrity | Medical Education Animation


1. What kinds of educational topics have you worked with?
We have been working with various educational topics, including:
  • Natural science
  • Social science
  • K-12 Educational program
  • Exam Preparation program
  • Public Educational program
  • eLearning agencies program
and so on.
2. How much does an educational video cost?
Our educational video price ranges from $600 to $6000 per one minute of animation. People generally think that price depends on the style, complexity, length, turnaround time, and the nature of the project (one-off video or animation series). However, with F.Learning, the price also covers timeline and quality management; and the future values. Of course, producing a series would save your budget a lot thanks to the vast 'recyclables.'
3. How long does it take to create an educational video?
The production time could be faster or slower depending on the style, your expected turnaround time, video duration, and so on. In the case of making a series of educational videos, the more videos you want, the faster turnaround time you get since the style and character are reusable. Generally, F.Learning's animators can produce 1 minute of animation in 5 - 8 days, which is relatively faster than many other video companies.
4. How can I optimize my budget for educational videos?
We can consult you with many ways to save time and budget during production. But we will need to talk with you first to understand your project!