Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What does the quotation include?
Our price has 2 parts: concept price and production price.
2. What does "concept price" mean?
It's the price charged for necessary elements to make animation videos. The price includes the design of the background, assets, and characters. You can use our existing concept or create a new one based on your project’s purpose. 
3. What's the difference between concept price and production price?
The concept price is charged only once for the whole video project. Therefore, if you need a video series with the same concept, you only charge this price once. The concept price is calculated based on the package.  Production price (price per minute) is calculated based on the number of minutes. 
4. Do you have a voice-over library?
Yes, we do. We have worked with a variety of voice talents. The price is charged based on the number of minutes. 
5. Do you have a translation service?
Yes, we do. The price is charged based on the number of minutes and the number of languages you want to translate. 
6. Do you have a music library?
Yes, we have a music library for you to choose the background music.
7. Do you provide a script writing service?
Yes, we do. The price depends on the project. Please contact us for more details.
8. Do you offer a branched-scenario service that brings learners to different parts of videos based on their answers?
Yes, we can create branch questions and bring them to animation videos. Please contact us to see the references. There will be an extra rate for this service. 
9. Do you provide interactive quizzes in animation videos?
Yes, we provide interactive quizzes (button to click, drag-and-drop game, etc.). Please contact us to see the references. There will be an extra rate for this service. 
10. Do I need to pay an extra price for copyright?
You will have the copyright of the final product, but if you want to own the source files/ working files, there will be an extra rate. 
11. Do I need to pay an extra price for demos?
Yes, you do. And it will be excluded when we work on the actual project.
12. What if I want some changes in the final video in the future? Can you help with the editing? How much will it cost?
Yes, we will support the editing. The cost depends on the complexity of the things you want to change.
13. Why is it so different in the price range?
We calculate the price based on the capability of our staff in designing animation videos. If the animation style requires complex drawing lines, enormous numbers of characters/assets, or complex movements, the price is higher. 
14. Do you offer discounts for clients creating more than one video?
Discounts are available for projects that have more than 200 minutes of animation. Please contact us for more information. If you want to make a series of videos with the same concept, you can benefit from the concept price compared to when you do only one video. 
1. Can I pay with the credit card/ wise/ bank transfer?
We offer flexible payment with bank transfer, WISE (recommended), Paypal, and Payoneer.
2. Which currency could I pay?
Our recommended currency is USD or VND. With other currencies, please contact us to know more.  
1. How is your in-house capability?
We have a possible amount of 20 in-house members, and we can run big-scoped projects. Our most successful project is Simple Nursing with 1500 minutes of animation produced within 4 months.
2. Who will contact me during the project?
There will be one contact point. Our Account Executive will lead all the communication with you to maximize productivity and eliminate unnecessary back-and-forths. In some cases, our Project Manager joins the conversation for better consultation. However, our Account Executive will handle conversations between you and the Project Manager to ensure everyone is on the same page.
1. How long does it take to create 1 minute of animation from scratch to finish?
It takes about 1 to 4 weeks on average, depending on the complexity of the animation style. 
2. How many days from the invoice could you start the project?
We can start the project right after we receive the deposit. 
3. What is the feedback time expected from clients?
We suggest you have feedback right after the deliverables because the feedback time can affect your project timeline.
4. In what stages is the project timeline divided?
There will be 4 main stages: Style frame, Storyboard, Illustration, and Animation.
  • Style frame: You will receive an image that captures an animation video's overall look and feel. Style frame includes the colors, mediums, textures, photos, and assets we plan to use in your video. You will have a basic feeling of how your video will look at this stage.
  • Storyboard: You will receive a set of sketch images that convey what happens in your video from beginning to end. Our storyboard is a simple version of a comic stript. In this stage, you will have an overview of how your script will be visualized.
  • Illustration: You will receive a storyboard that is filled in details. We add colors and detailed drawing lines for the video’s elements in this stage.
  • Animation: You will receive a draft version of a cartoon video. In this stage, we make the video’s elements moving.
5. How many days will I receive the deliverables in each stage?
It depends on the project. We will send you the exact timeline with delivery dates so you can track the progress.   
1. How will I be involved in the animation production process?
We suggest you should involve in all 4 stages of the process. You can provide us with what you know about your audience, knowledge of the video topic, or your service/product. Also, you can have revisions about the visual, sound, and movement after each stage. 
2. Do you use any project management tools?
Yes, we do. For the illustration, we use Google slides. For animation, we use so you can comment directly on the deliverables, exactly to scenes and seconds. 
3. Do you use any communication channel for feedback or on-process consulting?
Yes, we do. We often use emails to communicate, but we can also communicate through Slack, Whatsapp, Skype, and iMessage. Some of our clients prefer to give feedback via video call using Google Meet or Zoom.
4. What if my script is too long?
We can suggest you shorten some parts based on our experience on the topic.
5. What if my script cannot be animated?
We find some script parts challenging to visualize and animate in some cases. We will give you a draft image that describes these parts for better results. Then, we offer a discussion with you to find out the best solution. 
6. Which materials do I have to supply to you when creating animation videos?
To begin, please send us the reference of your favorite video, voice-over, and music. Also, you can send us your script, brand guideline, and art direction. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of them. We will guide you through the working process.
1. What if I'm unsure which is the right animation style?
We can recommend the most suitable style for your content based on our animation expertise and our knowledge of your audience. Please contact us for a free consultation. 
2. Can you produce animation in my live-action/ talking head footage?
Yes, we can. We have experience in combining animation and live-action.
3. What if I don’t find my favorite background music in your library?
You can provide us with the reference for your favorite music, or we will suggest based on the feel of the videos. There will be an extra rate for custom background music. 
4. How do you create a character with personality?
We can create characters' personalities based on your requirements with the touch in visual look (hairstyle, clothes, action, etc.) or voiceover if necessary. 
5. How do you maintain our brand guidelines in the video?
We can use your brand's colors, fonts, or mascot to create a product of your own.
6. Animation is not my expertise. How could I review your deliverables accurately?
We will explain and present how our deliverables affect your project’s goals in each stage. Then you will have a better understanding and confidence to review them.