Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What exactly do you offer?

We offer tailored made animation services to help you develop animated videos suit every need of yours. Our services include:

Animated learning videos: Engaging teaching materials for online courses.

Animated training videos: Effective animated resources for staff training or corporate employee training.

Custom animated videos: Any type of animation you can think of: cartoon, music video or explainer video.

2. What does F-Learning Studio mean?

F.Learning means the next generation of E-learning. We are an animation studio with a vision to bring new exciting experiences to education and training. We believe animated videos are powerful teaching material to enhance learning experiences and outcomes. Check out our vision and mission here.

3. What types of animation do you create?

All types of 2D animation you can think of: whiteboard, graphic motion, traditional hand-drawn animation, and more. We have various styles to suit every of your need.

4. What is the best animation type for my business?

No style is better than the other in all cases. If you want to know what type of animation may suit your business most, contact us. With years of experience, we could give you a free consultation to decide the best options.

If you are an educator trying to find the most appropriate type of animation for your course, this article may help you.

5. Do you produce animations specialized for the education and training industry only?

Most of our clients are in the education and training industry. We help them improve the visual and quality of online courses through animation. However, we produce many animated videos for other industries. Contact us to check out our portfolio.

6. Who owns the rights to the animated video?

Clients have full rights to the completed animation.

Working process

Let’s start with a brief. There are seven steps to produce an animation, from brief to delivery.

1. How can I keep control of the working process?

We give you more control by uploading the work of every process. You have a full update regarding what is going on and free revisions if needed.

2. Can I get support post-delivery?

After we complete and deliver the animation to you, you can make free revisions whenever you need.

3. If I have the script already, can I use it?

Yes. We work with professional scriptwriters. However, if you have the script already, we can consult you on how to make it work and whether it suits your objectives.

4. If I design the illustration already, can I use it?

Yes. However, there is much more work to do with the animation. We have to break down the design into small parts for the animator to add movement so there is no large difference in the overall price.

5. In which format is the video delivered?

We deliver animations in full HD 1920×1080. However, we also send videos in other formats as requested by clients.

Production time
1. How long does it take to produce an animation?

It depends on the type and length of the animation. Contact us for more information.

2. Is it possible to speed up the animation production timeline?

Yes, it is. However, a high-quality animation takes lots of time and effort. Therefore, we recommend you not rush it.

1. How much does a typical animation cost?

There are some factors to consider before we are getting to the price such as complexity, style, and length of the animation. The cost varies a lot, contact us for pricing.

2. What exactly do you offer in the quotation?

F.Learning provides the "best value for money". The cost not only covers the production cost but also timeline management, quality consistency, and even future value applied within.

3. How does the payment work?

We created 3 milestones based on the production progress. It is flexible depending on the type and length of the animation. However, a typical payment looks like this:

– 30% of the total payment for the deposit

– 30% of the total payment when concept and illustration are ready

– 40% of the total payment when animation and delivery

4. How can I pay?

We accept payment by TransferWise, PayPal and Payoneer. We also accept other payment methods based on request of clients.

5. How many revisions are included in an animation production?

All milestones include unlimited revisions. We even offer free revisions after the job was done (please contact us for more details).