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Online Educational Animation Examples

With experience making thousands of animation minutes for Universities and eLearning Businesses, we know that every animation video you consider is an investment. We will conscientiously help you create educational animation and make your lessons comprehensible for learners of all ages, even on the most complex terms.

Get a feel for our style and capabilities from our portfolio, choose your favorite, and make your investment success with us!

Educational Animation Videos

Education animation videos break complex concepts, bring edutainment into lessons.
Check out our project for preschool, K-12 students, and Higher Education.

Medical and Healthcare Animation Videos

Affordable alternative to expensive 3D animation or live-action, our 2D animations explain complicated mechanics and processes accurately.
In some cases, our products deliver knowledge in a user-friendly way to avoid creepiness

Training Animation Videos

This is how we help companies train their numerous numbers of staff in a short time globally.
Training animation videos speed up the training process, gain productivity and ROI.

Animated Explainer Videos – Hand-drawn Style

Imagine being able to tell your story or visualize your ideas with touching images and powerful emotions.
With hand-drawn explainer videos, you can achieve just that: your ideas can reach your audiences in a whole new and meaningful way.