Motion Graphics Video Production

Why Should You Choose F.Learning’s Motion Graphics Service?

  • F.Learning is a motion graphics animation company that creates videos for many purposes. We have made motion graphics videos for education, training, explainer, branding purposes, etc.
  • We visualize statics, explain topics in the audience’s perception, and bring an engaging vibe via artistic illustration.
  • We provide motion graphics options that fit your budget.

Examples of Our Motion Graphics Videos

MODO Platform

Pro Cloud

National Single Window

Bid Ops

Inlogik CPI


Our Motion Graphics Services

Basic 2D motion graphics

In this style, we use simple or complex shapes (sometimes images) to visualize the main idea of your script/products and get them animated. The style is good at visualizing data and describing the whole picture of complex systems. Moreover, we can customize the illustration based on your brand guideline.

A good option for clients who have affordable budgets or ones who need tech, saas, app, and software video production.

Motion graphics video with characters

If you need to add storytelling, bring emotions or express the audience’s experience in the video, motion graphics with character videos are a good option. Depending on different projects, F.Learning researches your audience’s persona and creates main or supported characters for your videos.

This style is now the most loved one in both training and business categories since it delivers many types of messages.

Ready To Create Your Motion Graphics Videos?

1. How much does a motion graphics video cost per minute?
Our price starts from $700 per minute. Check out our newest pricing offer here.
2. What if I can't choose the suitable motion graphics style?
We will help you to pick the style. We ask questions related to the back story of the project and then consult back to you.
3. Do you provide voice over service?
Yes, we do. You can choose voices based on gender, accent, tone, and style.
4. Do you provide translation service?
Yes, we do. The translation fee is based on the number of motion graphics minutes and the number of languages.
5. Do you provide music and sound effect services?
Yes, we do. You can choose music from our  library of request to produce new ones.