Who needs a saving option?


An animation tool for people who need to use it often, quickly, and with acceptable quality, such as teaching materials, materials on social networks, or applications for concise and simple information communication


Our simple and cost-saving option saves up to 50% on tailor-made animation costs! With a Saving option, the production process will simplify the creation of new concepts using existing Art concepts (Check below) & Assets in our library.

With just 50% full-option price,

you will have all of these benefits

No technical pain with drag and drop process 

Selecting styles and assets from the F.Learning styles & assets library is a unique point in our process. Our animation experts will advise and work with clients to clarify their ideas and requirements. And then, a selected options proposal will be sent to clients to choose which styles & assets options (From our library) will use in their final product. Clients simply waiting for us to provide information for review and comment

Unexpected expenses & time-saving

Choosing styles and assets in the library should save money and time in developing a new concept.  

Consistency quality & style with modified assets based on brand guideline 

Animated assets built will be in a theme-specific style group with a consistent art concept. Therefore, the products are produced based on the styles that will create the same consistency and transparency as tailor-made products.

Studio quality

Usually, the low price comes with poor quality. But with this service pack, the whole production process is still the same with tailor-made animation with reused art concepts and illustrations. Therefore, the quality is studio quality at a low price due to being optimized by production experience and taking advantage of the well-built style & assets library.

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With Saving Option, You Will Get All of These:

  • 01 revision per round
  • Max 3 characters & gender
  • Free AI Voice-over
  • Free music background and sound effect
  • Free Thumbnail
  • Private Account
  • Stable pricing for 1 year

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