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Why Hand-drawn animation?



Imagine being able to tell your story or visualise your ideas with touching images and powerful motions. With hand-drawn animation, you can achieve just that: your ideas can reach your audiences in a whole new and meaningful way.



For each message, hand-drawn animations are developed by our passionate animators to deliver not only your vision but also the unique personality behind.


If you are looking to promote your image, hand-drawn animation which is tailored with visual development is exactly what you need!

Ready to made your message seen?



1. What is the biggest difference between vector-based and hand-drawn animation?

While vector-based animation focuses on the flat and simple design to best explain complicated and dry concepts. Hand-drawn animation is usually the next step in bringing a concept to live as it adds the organic movement and visual concept through detailed development. 

2. How much does it cost for 1 minute of hand-drawn animation?

It depends on the requirements on the complexity of the animation which, in turn, can be determined once the script is ready. Get a price quote! 

3. How long does it take to create a hand-drawn animation?

If you are into the hand-drawn animation making process, it’s quite the same with computer animation. However, the element of hand-drawn, which uses frame by frame, does require more time to both develop concept art and have it animated. 

4. What are the best practices to use hand-drawn animation?

Hand-drawn animation is now a trend in creating music video, documentary film, brand storytelling and education also (TedEd shows you the strongest proof). In a nutshell, you should come to hand-drawn animation if:

  • the topic is naturally hard to be compelling in the traditional way
  • your audience has high personal taste
  • your expectation for the brand image is high
  • or you look for a unique and high-end visual art concept
5. Can I get a demo of what my hand-drawn animation will look like?

Yes, we would like to consult you from choosing the style to provide examples that are closest to your video. Go further, you’ll have a look at the concept drawn and an animation test for one scene before animating the whole video. Let’s try!