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1. What is the biggest difference between vector-based and hand-drawn animation service?
While vector-based animation focuses on flat and simple design to best explain complicated and dry concepts. The hand-drawn animation or frame-by-frame animation is usually the next step in bringing a concept to life as it adds organic movement and visual concept through detailed development.
2. How much does it cost for 1 minute of hand-drawn animation?
Our frame-by-frame animation service price depends on the requirements of the complexity of the animation, which, in turn, can be determined once the script is ready. Check out our newest pricing offer here. 
3. How long does it take to create a hand-drawn animation or traditional animation?
If you are into the hand-drawn animation making process, it’s quite the same with computer animation. However, the element of hand-drawn, which uses frame by frame, does require more time to both develop concept art and have it animated.
4. What are the best practices to use hand-drawn animation?
Hand-drawn animation is now a trend in creating music video, documentary film, brand storytelling and education also (TedEd shows you the strongest proof). In a nutshell, you should come to hand-drawn animation if:
  • the topic is naturally hard to be compelling in the traditional way
  • your audience has high personal taste
  • your expectation for the brand image is high
  • or you look for a unique and high-end visual art concept
5. Can I get a demo of what my hand-drawn animation will look like?
Yes, we would like to consult you from choosing the style to provide examples that are closest to your video. Go further, you’ll have a look at the concept drawn and an animation test for one scene before animating the whole video. Let’s try!