Whiteboard Video Production

  • The best option for delivering messages and simplifying knowledge while saving your budget.
  • Quick execution, time and effort saving, deadline match.
  • Engage your audience with the tone, storytelling, etc.

Why us?

Starting with only $799 per minute

We have various options for whiteboard video production for fixed budgets.

Produce 80 animation minutes per month

We have been optimizing the workflow every year. Our clear and easy process helps you get videos before the deadline.

7 years of experience in whiteboard animation

We create animation for both training and business purposes. For over 5 years, our team also acquires difficult knowledge like health, finance, accounting, etc.

Whiteboard Animation Styles

Basic black & white whiteboard animation

As its name, the whiteboard video uses a white background with black hand-drawn illustrations. This style fits projects with complex ideas/knowledge but doesn’t require many human activities. Black and white whiteboard is the most affordable style in whiteboard video production.

The style is generally applied to education/ training projects to explain complex topics like medicine, finance, law etc.

Whiteboard animation with additional colors

Similar to black and white whiteboard, this style uses more than 3 colors for better explanation. The style is suitable if you want to cover a lot of ideas/knowledge at once and emphasize or prioritize video elements. Moreover, you can use more colors in whiteboard animation to address the brand guideline.

Whiteboard with additional colors is the most popular type of whiteboard animation. It’s easy to use for any purposes, from education to business.

Whiteboard animation with hand drawing

In this style, F.Learning uses different hand postures such as drawing, pointing, etc to arrange illustrations in the video. Hand guides audience’s angle of view to the right place and makes them focus on key points.

You can combine hand with either black & white or colored whiteboard depending on the script.

Ready To Create Whiteboard Animation Videos?

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1. What if I can't choose the suitable whiteboard animation style?
We will ask you a set of questions about the back story of the project. For example, audience, purposes, and previous relevant activities. We will suggest the best whiteboard video production option with the collected information.
2. Can I combine the above whiteboard animation styles in a video?
Yes, you can. We understand some kind of video content requiring this combo. In fact, mixed-style videos become very popular these days.
3. How long does it take to create 1 minute of whiteboard animation?
It takes 1- 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of whiteboard animation styles.
4. Do you provide translation service?
Yes, we do. The price is based on the number of whiteboard animation minutes and the number of languages you need.
5. Do you voice-over service?
Yes, we do. We have a voice-over network with multiple languages and multiple tones.  The price will be charged based on the number of animation minutes.
6. Do you provide music service?
Yes, we have 2 options. You can pick your favorite music from our library or produce a new one.