Our Process

The journey to creating awesome animated videos!


Free Consultation Call
Let’s start with a quick call to talk more about your project and how we can help! We believe it’s the best and fastest way to understand your requests and ideas to find the best-fit solution.
We sum up all requests into a project brief, following up with research and brainstorming session. Account Executive, Project Manager & Art Director are in!
Based on your request, we work out to send you a proposal that may include a style frame or illustration/ animation demo with a quotation. Once approved, a production calendar will be arranged.


In the script step, we work together to create engaging stories from ideas or rough materials such as lesson plans or voice-overs.
Storyboard & Style frames
We create storyboards, giving at least 2 art style options for you to choose from.
After you select the style, we illustrate all the details from character design to background elements.
Voice-over & Animation
We bring your story to life and match the voice with nice motions.
Sound design
Our last works are the addition of background music, FX, and the revision of video based on your final feedback.
After that, the video is ready for delivery!


We’d love to hear feedback from you and your learners.

Always great to help upgrade the quality of animation when needed!