Our Process

The journey to creating awesome animated videos!


Know Your Project
We call you via Zoom, Google Meet, or any means of communication for your convenience. In the conversation, we collect information about your video topic, target audience, and even your strengths and obstacles when doing this project. 
Free Consultation
We recommend animation styles that suit your video the best. Also, we consult you about the pricing structure, the service, and how they influence your project goals.
Based on the animation style, the scope of work, and the deadline, we send you a draft quotation that includes the necessary services needed. Also, we are open to discussing if you want some fixes or clarifications in the quotes. 


Script Writing
After understanding your requirements in detail, our scriptwriter will write stories for animation video format. We develop actions, expressions, movements, and appearances of characters/objects. Via the script, we express the content and the topic you want to deliver. 
Style Frame Design and Concept
We conduct research and brainstorming sessions to gather ingredients that present your video best. We develop the video background, assets, and characters in this step. Then, we capture an animation video’s overlook and feel so you have a basic feeling of how your video will look. 
Storyboard and Illustration
We develop a simple comic stript with a set of sketch images that describe what happens in your video. After your approval, we continue to fill with colors and detailed drawing lines.
We make elements move like a cartoon movie. 
Voice, Sound, and Music
We have a talent pool of voice-over artists with various accents and languages. Also, we have a library of sound and music. We will provide you with some options for you to choose from. After that, our team will fix timing issues to ensure the video’s visual elements match with sound and voice-over.
Interactive Elements and Branched Scenario
We use suitable tools to create interactive elements (button to click, drag-and-drop game, etc.) and brand questions for customers who want to use this service. Our tools are based on your current LMS to deliver animation videos.


You have revisions in each step of the process. We won’t move to the next stage unless you approve everything in the current stage.