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F.Learning Studio have been producing more than 2000 minutes of 2D medical animation per year, for over 5 years. We are confident that we can handle any project scope of healthcare explainer videos.

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Pharmaceutical Animation

In healthcare video production, pharmaceutical animation helps to deliver messages about drugs and pharma smoothly and effectively. Pharmaceutical animation visualizes how the drug affects our body and explains why the patient should use a medicine. For pharma companies, pharmaceutical animation is a good way of healthcare marketing purpose. For doctors, pharmaceutical animation can save their time in explaining to patients how to use a medicine.

In this video, F.Learning helps Simple Nursing to present the reaction between our body with the drugs on a microscopic level. To attract the audience, we add some fun and friendly vibe to this video. to make it more captivating and as accessible as can be. With the help of pharmaceutical animation, F.Learning helps Simple Nursing engage 200,000 learners.

Patient Education Animation

Patient education animation provides a better explanation solution to raise patient's awareness about the health conditions. Since the medical concept is hard and time-consuming to explain, patient education animation is a deadly simple method to help the patient understand better.

F. Learning Studio collaborated with iCareBetter to create a series of animations on heart failure. During the healthcare video production process, we help reduce the knowledge gap between doctors and patients by visualizing the data, concepts, and knowledge about medication. We use whiteboard animation to avoid creepy feelings and create a friendly vibe for patients.

Healthcare Video Marketing

Healthcare video marketing is the trendiest strategy in the medical industry. It benefits medical companies, doctors, medical education institutes, and even medical content providers.

In this healthcare video production project, F.Learning collabs with Dr. Manish Chand - an influencer in the Surgery field to produce a healthcare video about colorectal cancer. This healthcare video is used in the "Colorectal Awareness Month" campaign so that his patients could understand the treatment for their conditions. Since the video has to release in March - where the public and medical professionals care about colorectal cancer the most, F.Learning provides a smooth and efficient process to make the video launch on time. This video brings positive feedback about Manish's treatment and helps him increase his personal branding.

Healthcare Training Video

Healthcare training video series play an important role in the healthcare training field, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic when everything has to move online. All medical staffs and students need a method that helps them speed up the learning process. Healthcare training videos not only benefit in education side but also the business side. It helps medical organizations and companies scale business with small investments, improve staff's learning performance during online environment, etc.

Intelycare is one of F.Learning's healthcare video production projects. F. Learning Studio uses animation to turn formal training content into fun and friendly ones to reduce the seriousness of medical training. Medical animations – with friendly character design look very eye-catching but they are not only all about ‘something nice to have in a course. It also helps enhance the course’ quality so learners can get better training outcomes. In this project, we produce 100 minutes of animation in one month.

Mental Health Animation

Mental health animation is a good way to help people aware of mental health - an abstract and hard-to-explain topic in health care. Since mental health becomes a serious problem after the pandemic, some mental health education methods such as animation are getting their attention, not only in the medical field but also in the corporate training and education field.

In this healthcare video production project, F.Learning helps Dr. Shin Shin Tang to educate "mental health" deadly simple. We use storytelling to visualize real-life scenarios that a patient with mental health symptoms has to suffer. The video impacts directly the audience's emotions. Shin Shin never thinks of animation as a touching medium and amazing “1 picture worth 1000 words conveying”, as motion pictures not only to touch eyes but ears, mnemonic, as the most efficient training ware for her project. After seeing the reel, she was totally impressive. F Learning Studio’s animations talk small, but it works.



1. I have a challenging medical concept, can you manage to visualize it?

Medical is our expertise. We have been producing medical animation for over 5 years, with more than 2000 minutes of medical video production per year, so no medical concept is out of our reach. Take a look at our diverse Medical Animation Collection.

2. Which healthcare companies have you worked with?

We have been providing services for healthcare companies and organizations at all scales. Some of our long-term clients include Simple Nursing, Intelycare, iHeed and many more. Explore more our capabilities at Our Work.

5. Which medical animation styles are suitable for my project?

There is no one-size-fit-for-all, that's what make your works distinguished and standing out. Based on your brand, audience and strategy, we will consult and offer you the most suitable style. If this matter still concerns you, take a look at our Previous Works that prove the point!