Medical explainer video & healthcare animation

2D medical animation is a powerful tool to turn complex medical concepts, such as human anatomy and physiology, into digestible videos for everyone. Use it probably, and it can save you lots of training cost or enhance patients’ satisfaction

With experience making thousands of healthcare animation minutes, F.Learning Studio is the 2D medical animation studio, that does not only make your medical animation works but also makes it works for your business.

Why animation for healthcare business?

The best means of medical communication

With an eye-catching but accurate visualization, animation makes the scientific aspect of medical explanation easier to understand. Animations are not only preferred by medical education institutes but also by the healthcare training, pharmaceutical, and telehealth companies.

Innovative solution for mental health education

Animation visually explains the complicated locations, chemical reactions, and physical processes happening inside the brain that drives human behaviors. If you are looking for clear and engaging conveying messages related to mental health education, then animation is your best friend!

Narrow the gap between the doctors & patients

Animation helps doctors effectively explain complex medical conditions and treatments to lower or no health literacy patients. Simple, stylized, yet informative, whiteboard animation does a great job of delivering complicated medical concepts with a new visual appeal.

Create your brand’s value proposition

Animations are more than just a delivery method. It is becoming a powerful weapon to stay at the top in this rapidly developing industry. Using animated videos to educate, advertise, and spread brand awareness is the best choice for the leaders in this field.

We are proud to be your reliable partner

Experienced production house

50 minutes per month

is the average length of animation that we are producing for our clients now.

Affordable pricing

30% budget saved

is the great benefit our clients gained when choosing us rather than US-based animation companies.

We are trusted by

leading companies

in the medical field, such as Simple Nursing and Intelycare.

“F. Learning team has been a pleasure to work with! Our nursing students absolutely love the colorful animation, seamless transitions and engaging diagrams. We expect to reach a wider audience and grow our following of over 500,000 social media followers with the help of F learning. Being an educational company for over 7 years, it has been challenging to stay at the top of our game, but with these new engaging videos, I believe we will reach higher levels. Thank you F. Learning!”
Mike Linares, RN, MSN


Don’t know how to start with medical animation?

We got your back!

This eBook will guide you through the principles and techniques of applying animation in the medical setting, and also show you how to align animation methods to suit your plan.

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