Intelycare’s Nurse Training Videos: Animation Attracts 15,000 Nursing Professionals

About Intelycare

Intelycare is a US-based company that sets out to end the open-and-last-minutes nurse shortage using state-of-the-art matching technology. Seeing the trend as well as the rising demand of the market, Intelycare seeks to better its Nurse Training Videos by digitizing its lectures for new nurses. What sets its products apart from other variations of eLearning is the addition of animation. Intelycare introduced an in-app nurse’s training program that both provides training services and facilitates HR’s issues of hospitals.

Use animation into medical knowledge to update Intelycare’s product – Nurse staff resources

+ 15,000 nurse professionals

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Since the pandemic, Intelycare needs to train its nurse staff as quickly as possible, to serve the demand of hospitals. However, their current training method, which is training offline, fails to meet timing expectations. That’s where the animation comes in, to make the content is easily absorbed online by all types of learners.

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Animation as the cost-effective training solution: save offline training costs and pop up ideas for business scale

When Intelycare scales its business from a small location to the whole country, they have to handle the training problems. The budget doesn’t allow them to open offline institutes and hire trainers throughout the country. Moreover, the COVID-19 turns this traditional training method into an impossible mode and boosts digital training transformation. Therefore, Intelycare needs to find another online solution that delivers medical concepts, without wasting too much budget and opportunity cost. Animation is the best option. This choice generates demand for learning medical online effectively which pays off for Intelycare effort. Their business model now are welcomed by many medical organizations.

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How F.Learning Helps Solve Intelycare’s Concerns

Style consultation to fit Intelycare’s learners

Since the learners are nurse professionals, the animation style must be consistent with nursing concepts (from character, nurse uniform, medical devices, hospital background, medical organs, etc.). As an animation studio expertise in the medical training field, F.Learning provides the style frame with blue and green as basic colors. Also, we provide them some demo of the basic medical concept such as patients, nurses, doctors, organs, pharma, devices, etc. All of these illustrations present a formal hospital environment and real-life scenarios of nurses. 

Handle project at scale, control the timeline

Intelycare provides a big scope of training content and it’s updated permanently. That means, this company needs many nurse training videos produced and released in scheduled time. Especially during the COVID-19, nurses have to adapt to new knowledge quickly. With 80 minutes of animation produced per month, F.Learning can handle this scope of work. We provide a clear and easy-to-follow process that reduces back&forth feedback time; produce an illustration package customized for Intelycare training content before making videos. These steps help F.Learning save production time and easily manage the project. 

Understand Intelycare’s priority, calculate and optimize opportunity cost

Like other businesses, Intelycare has its own opportunity cost concerns. The company has different priorities depending on its development path. As a partner supporting Intelycare in the first stage, when this company started to transform nursing courses into animation, F.Learning understands Intelycare’s first priority is quality, second is budget, and then the timeline. So we decided to control the process and timeline followed Intelycare’s opportunity cost concern. However, in case of any change, we can change the project management way. F.Learning’s project management process is flexible. For example, during the COVID-19, Intelycare considers quality and time as the first priorities to reach unexpected demand, then F.Learning fixes the project management process to support them. 

That’s the story of how animated nurse training videos transformed the business scale of Intelycare. Here at F.Learning, we firmly believe that animation is the key to the future of education and training. When done right, it could deliver just about any form of ambiguous knowledge in such an exciting and enjoyable way.


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