Top 5 eLearning Video Production Companies (2024 Updated)

Encounter risks and quality management challenges while outsourcing an eLearning Video Production company? Managers are usually busy handling other in-house tasks, so you want to pick a long-term partner to save precious time and energy! Whether studio or freelance, project managers must carefully choose a reliable animation partner. 

Here are the TOP 5 eLearning animation production studios specializing in creating high-quality animation:

AgencyAreas of expertiseExperiences
Kino BinoEducation
4 years
F.Learning StudioEducation
8 years
White animationTraining
10 years
Shy guysMarketing & Explainer
TV & Film
8 years
Animate your scienceEducationScience5 years

1. F.Learning Studio

8-years experience in eLearning animation production

F.Learning Studio is a young company focusing on a specific eLearning niche for education and corporate training. F. Learning Studio is a trusted partner of many reliable education organizations or corporations worldwide, such as UNSW or Simple Nursing.

The experiences help F.Learning give insightful consultation regarding choosing the most suitable animation styles for learners and simplifying difficult subjects.

F. Learning Studio specializes in eLearning for education and corporate training
F. Learning Studio specializes in eLearning for education and corporate training

150 minutes of animation produced per month

Since eLearning courses need training modules as soon as possible to serve learners’ demands, F. Learning Studio understands that production capacity is important. Each project has a Production Manager, a feasible amount of in-house staff, and a smart communication strategy.

Our team will design a crystal clear process and timeline, customized to each client before going into production. The communication is smooth throughout all steps so you can save much time from back-and-forth feedback. Thus, we can manage big-scoped projects without hurting video quality and timeline.

Look at one of Simple Nursing’s videos below. With a supportive collaboration, F.Learning managed to produce 150 minutes of animation within 4 months in 2019,  and 600 minutes of animation within 9 months in 2020. As a result, Simple Nursing has acquired more than 200,000 nurse student users looking for Healthcare explainer videos. 

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Smart budget option

eLearning businesses always have to upgrade their core value of products for a higher price and greater customer acquisition. Animation is such an innovative way to do that, as it makes content more engaging and memorable but still accurate. F.Learning is an animated eLearning video production company that you can trust in this transformation strategy. 

More importantly, their highest-quality animation comes at a reasonable price. F. Learning Studio is based in Vietnam, one of the most affordable-spending regions in the world. That’s why the cost is often lower by 30% than in other regions. So, you can be assured that your most economical investment can bring huge benefits beyond expectations.

animated eLearning solutions
We offer high-quality, cost-effective animated eLearning solutions

2. Kino bino 


Overview: Kino Bino offers its animated video production service for education, explainers, healthcare, and others like exhibitions and short ads. Their audiences can be varied from adults to kids. This animated eLearning video production agency has strong expertise in creating explainer and animated videos that combine with educational content.

Example: Kino Bino is famous for being a Ted-Ed animation partner. The following video is one of their highlight projects from them:

Abilities & budget: Kino Bino certainly has the qualifications to create animation in time and efficiency. However, amongst the listed animated eLearning video companies, their budgets can be a little higher compared to other animation studios for education. The rates are considered reasonable because they have credits for big clients and their products are highly customized.

3. White animation


Overview: White Animation is an eLearning video production agency based in Israel. They create animation for training, education, explainer, and marketing. Even though they offer various styles, their expertise lies in whiteboard animation. Moreover, the showcase of their website is highly interactive.

Example: One of their educational videos was made for Israel’s center of education technology. The animation is concise and consistent in illustrations, motions, and content.

Abilities & budget: This eLearning video company had 8 years of enriching experiences, they are likely able to handle great scopes with strict timing. The rates they offer are reasonable for an experienced animation studio. You can also find them on Fiverr under the name silueta_pro.

4. Shy guys


Overview: Shy Guys Animation Studio works in three main areas: Marketing & Explainer, animation for Learning, and graphics for TV & Film. They specialize in 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, illustration, and CGI. This studio is a perfect pick for partnering in marketing and explainer animation.

Example: Amongst eLearning video production companies listed here, their portfolio of learning services offers varied styles that are flexible between vector and hand-drawn. This animation video from them can be a great example to look at.

Abilities & budget: Shy guys studio is a young animation studio with high abilities in making animation. They created a series of animations and they have satisfied many of their partners. The rates that they charge are about similar to other animation production houses in the UK.

5. Animate your science


Overview: Animate Your Science was born to solve the problem of continuous mass releases of academic papers. They aim for the solution of using animation to recreate science subjects in a fun, creative way. The studio is functional in animated videos and graphics. 

Example: What makes Animate Your Science special is their research before creating insightful graphics and motions on different topics. They used to work for Roche on a project that covered tumor testing and sampling.

Abilities & budget: Their ability to understand and research for each animation project is outstanding. Not to mention their products’ qualities are shown in illustrations and motion videos. The studio is based in Australia and the rates are average.

Benefits of animation studios that focus on educational content

Animation for education is distinctive compared to the usual animation. Outsourced eLearning video production companies must deeply understand education and e-learning to create animated videos.

For e-learning, the techniques might not be as important as the conciseness of content transformed into animation.” 

The greatest benefits of choosing a focused animation studio for e-learning:

  • The time they spend on educational content creation is more compared to normal animation studios, which gives them more experience in creating learning content.
  • Styling for education videos is directed to distinctive audience groups (K12, HigherEd, corporate, NGOs), more unique than styling for explainer or marketing videos.
  • The project management flow of specialized animation studios is similar to e-learning agencies and aligned with the needs of e-learning partners.
  • Their knowledge of education can support their clients in e-learning projects.

Even though eLearning companies can be much easier to manage than freelancers, choosing the best eLearning companies that can match your expectations & styles is important.

eLearning video production companies
Animation studios that specialize in educational content offer unique advantages

Risks in choosing an unsuitable animated eLearning video company

  • Delayed deadlines: this is dangerous and can slow down the e-learning project production process
  • Bad communications: if your chosen animated video production company doesn’t understand e-learning products, it can lead to unexpected styles, wrong tones, voices, etc.
  • Poorly applications of tools and technologies:  this is uncommon but possible, some studios are unfamiliar with special project management tools

Always carefully choose a reliable partner that can cooperate on a long-term basis and has experience in e-learning to avoid these risks.

How to Choose an eLearning Animation Provider

best animation education examples for elearning
  • Services they offer. Find the eLearning video production agencies with an education module within their portfolio!
  • Core of their services: Your chosen eLearning video production partner should understand their market! Choose the ones that provide insightful resources. Then, they can create more value for you.
  • Communications and project management skills: These decide the efficiency of the whole process. Is their account supportive? Can they use project management software?
  • Style variations: This factor is usually overlooked, sadly. Style variation indicates that the animated eLearning video production company can match the style requirements of different clients and ain’t back down if your request is quite specific.
  • Experiences in e-learning: This takes place when it comes to choosing between many different studios with similar qualities.

Overall conclusion

For the e-learning industry, it is suggested to choose eLearning video production companies focusing on educational content.

Time-consuming is the biggest problem in project management. Hence, PMs must carefully pick their long-term partnership with the most suitable eLearning companies to avoid sudden changes and consume much more effort in the future. Take time and go through all the criteria that we suggested.

For example, if you are looking for a 2D animation studio that creates handcrafted animation for e-learning, it’s recommended to choose F.Learning Studio or simply book a FREE consultation call with us for more insights.

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