Animated Corporate Training Video Production

Improve learning experience

with animated corporate training video production


Break down the complex concepts into digestible contents

Keep learners engaged while ensuring that they absorb accurate information

Better experiences for learners than the “talking head” videos or “non-instructor led” online courses

Learners are likely to remember visual content much better than texts


Animated Corporate Training Video Production

Integrity & Values case study – Animated Corporate Video for Leadership Training


Their problems:

Integrity & Values is a global provider in leadership profiling and coaching. Their topics, for instance, evaluation of scale systems, are so abstract that it takes time to understand how to apply. Whereas learners, who are leaders or managers, have limited time to go through lots of text.

For a long time, they provide training in talking-head videos, and Learners give feedback that they lose interest and engagement over time. The final effectiveness, therefore, is under expectations. 

Integrity & Values wants to partner with an animated training video company to innovate its course materials in order to keep being competitive. They need them to be professional and beautiful while remaining within their budget.

Our Solution:

Firstly, F.Learning works closely with Integrity & Values to find out some metaphors that can simplify definitions and visualize evaluation. To give you an idea, we describe the vision as radar to make it understandable and remarkable for learners.

We then encapsulate the key ideas with real-life illustrations to save the training time. Every video is short, simple, and fun yet has professional and formal vibes. This makes the abstract topics more engaging while minimizing stress during the training. 

Furthermore, F.Learning offers the best-quality videos at a reasonable price compared to a professional studio in Australia. On account of this, the training courses become more profitable. 

OneQBE Case Study – Animated Corporate Training Video Production for Remote Training


Their problems:

One of the world’s leading general insurers and reinsurers, One QBE has a presence in all key global insurance markets. They have more than 14,600 employees across 37 countries. 

One QBE needs to develop an internal training session to introduce new internal project management software quickly and effectively. As a multinational corporation, their training must be consistent so that all employees can access the same content at various locations. 

Besides, the instructions need to be detailed, simple, and precise to ensure that every staff understands and performs them with ease. 


Our Solution:

To adapt One QBE’s culture and working style, F.Learning consults to deliver knowledge in One QBE real-life scenario. We apply a culturally neutral style to avoid multicultural-related conflicts in their workplaces.

F.Learning also follows One QBE’s branding guideline to ensure consistency in the training videos. We keep essential parts of the guidelines such as color, font, logo, and basic shapes. Based on these elements, F.Learning creates new characters and backgrounds that correspond to their brand color. 

Animated corporate training video production is one of the most cost-effective ways to cope with eLearning development. Unlike other types like live-action videos, 2D animation production requires fewer resources, which saves your company a lot of money.

IntelyCare – Employee training video production for HSE course


Their problem:

IntelyCare provides high-quality nursing personnel for hospitals. To meet the increasing supply demands, IntelyCare plans to accelerate the training for 15,000 medical professionals with busy schedules. They adopt eLearning, but they do not know how to illustrate hard topics in an easy-to-digest way. 

For example, one session in the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) training is about fire safety. A qualified instruction needs to deliver the key steps most simply and exactly. It aids nurses in remembering how to apply in an emergency. Since the situations are too dangerous for live-action, they are developing another safer way to illustrate.


Our solution:

As a professional animated training video company, F.Learning offers using 2D scenario-based animation for the best demonstration. The illustrations include all basic medical concepts such as doctors, patients, and devices, which makes the instructions more real-life and engaging. 

Moreover, scenario-based animated video requires fewer resources than live-action videos, which saves costs for the production.  

F.Learning has completed a large number of videos for IntelyCare without missing a deadline. It’s due to a transparent and flexible collaborating process that minimizes the back-and-forth time. We manage to follow their training and qualified nurses supply as scheduled.

Aviassist – animated explainer videos for drone training


Their problem

Aviassist provides aviation expertise through professional drone training courses and consultation to Australian businesses. Drone operators are required to take classes in order to have a deep understanding of drones and the regulations for flying them. 

Their training content is quite technical and multiplexed to demonstrate precisely, for example, details of heights and dangerous areas. They also require delivering the same quality of knowledge, which is difficult to achieve when the number of classes increases.


Our solution 

We consult Aviasissist using animation for explanation sessions. Having 5-year experience as a corporate training video company, we know how to visualize explanations to be understandable and memorable. Learners remember information better and are thus well-prepared before practicing in real life. 

Moreover, F.Learning’s animated videos help Aviassist to shorten training duration. The class takes about 5-6 minutes when it’s in text, while it’s just 1 minute to finish with animation. This helps to leverage Aviassist’s training operation scalability to meet the high demand of businesses. 

ProCloudanimated corporate training video production for technical knowledge 


Their problem

ProCloud is a Switzerland-based company that provides cloud services and cyber security. The company wants to make changes for regular employee training, especially onboarding training. And they refer to using videos instead of their previous presentations. 

Even in a savvy-tech company, some topics like service structure are still quite hard for non-tech officers. They struggle to illustrate the knowledge that every employee can understand.


Our solution

In this case, F.Learning takes advantage of the animation style of graphs and mind-maps to visualize the process. The animated illustrations are always more memorable than texts so that employees know how and when to apply their knowledge.

Animation also provides a neutral learning environment, which is suitable for different employees of cultures and generations.

Besides, ProCloud has integrated animated videos with monitoring tools to help L&D conductors collect the completion progress data. It’s a great way to show an employee’s learning progress. 

Bid Opsanimated corporate training video production for process explanation 


Their problem

Bid Ops is a predictive software that keeps your sourcing & procurement ops team ahead of the market. They plan to provide training on strategic sourcing, which is a process of developing supply channels. 

The process has lots of steps with great details. Missing any steps can lead to poor performance or negative results when applied in reality. So Bid Ops expects the training content to be easy to understand and memorize for newbies. 


Our solution 

For instructional videos, F.Learning illustrates a chart of all steps first for a whole process overview. Then we go into the details of each step. A clear and smooth flow prevents learners from any distractions or disruption, enhancing the learning experience and effectiveness.

With experience in employee training video production, we believe using colorful characters with sound effects keeps learners much more engaged. Those elements support them to absorb information more accurately and easily.