9 Best 3D Medical Animation Companies for Engaging Content

3D medical animation companies are behind cool videos that simplify the most intricate medical terms. If you’re searching for the best animation studios for educational or marketing purposes, we’ve got you covered. However, before we get started, remember that 3D medical animation can be time-consuming and cost-intensive, which requires you to choose the right studio.

To choose the right company, firstly, you should understand what is medical animation?

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Now, let’s check our list to find your potential partner:


XVIVO 3D medical animation company
XVIVO is a 3D medical animation firm with over 20 years of experience

XVIVO is a 3D medical animation firm that has been operating for more than 20 years. They are experts at creating intricate and eye-catching medical visuals, animations, and interactive experiences that vividly depict cutting-edge scientific discoveries. XVIVO provides a wide range of services to its clients, such as research, authoring scripts, animation production, editing, and final delivery.

  • Website: xvivo.com
  • Services: 3D Animation, Medical Animation, Science Promotion, Medical Illustration, Pharma Marketing, Science Communication, Scientific Animation, Medical Advertising… 
  • Experience and Testimonials: Their medical clients can be named Pfizer, the National Institute of Health, Havard University, Roche and more.

2. AXS Studio

AXS 3D medical animation studio
AXS Studio focuses on scientific and medical device illustrations

Based in Toronto, AXS Studio is a healthcare animation company that specializes in 3D medical animations. Their strongest areas of expertise are scientific and medical device animation, where they create captivating illustrations of intricate scientific ideas.

  • Website: axs3d.com
  • Services: Medical device animation, scientific animation, interactive experiences, illustrations
  • Experience and Testimonials: They are the partner of leading healthcare agencies and medical communication companies such as Astra Zeneca, Bayer Healthcare, Pfizer, Nature…

3. Ghost Productions Medical Animation + VR Surgery

Ghost Productions 3D medical animation VR surgery
Ghost Productions creates high-quality surgical and pharmaceutical 3D animations tailored for the healthcare sector

Ghost Productions is a New York-based business that specializes in surgical and pharmaceutical 3D animations for the healthcare industry. The business is well known for producing top-notch surgical animations that are suitable for marketing and instructional uses. 

  • Website: ghostproductions.com
  • Services: Medical Animation, Patient Education, Interactive and Web Development, Illustration, Medical Devices, 3D Animation, Virtual Reality, VR Surgery, Surgical Simulation…
  • Experience and Testimonials: Ghost Productions has partnered with some famous companies and organizations, such as 4C Medical, Astra Zeneca, Boston Children’s Hospital…

4. Microverse Studio

Microverse 3D medical animation studio
Microverse Studio offers tailored communication tools for effective technology explanations

Microverse Studio is a full-service production company that has been creating high-quality scientific animations since 2005. The team’s scientific background allows them to comprehend their clients’ technologies and develop a seamless production process. They provide clients with the communication tools necessary to effectively explain technologies.

  • Website: microversestudios.com
  • Services: Pharmaceutical Animation, Mechanism of Action, Disease Mechanism, Explainer Video, Biotechnology Animation, Scientific Animation, Medical Animation
  • Experience and Testimonials: This firm is praised for their extensive knowledge, engaging content, and professional working style.

5. 3D for Science

3D for Science 3D medical animation company
3D for Science specializes in virtual reality projects for training, education, and medical simulations

3D for Science provides excellent virtual reality projects for training, education, and medical simulations. Virtual reality, web design, interactive applications, scientific illustration, and medical animation are among the areas in which they excel.

  • Website: 3dforscience.com
  • Services: Medical Animation, Scientific Illustration, Interactive Application, Virtual Space, Medical VR, Augmented Reality, Web Design
  • Experience and Testimonials: They have worked with famous names such as Ogilvy Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Roche…

6. DG Medical Animation

DG 3D medical animation company
DG Medical Animations has specialized in 3D medical animations since 2015

Dave Grossman established DG Medical Animations in 2002 as a division of DG Interactive, LLC. The business has supported consumer product advertisements ever since it was founded. Since 2015, they have focused on producing 3D medical animations.

  • Website: dgmedicalanimation.com
  • Services: Product Marketing, Patient Education Videos, 3D Medical Animation for Physician Training, Spine/Orthopedic Animations…
  • Experience and Testimonials: This studio is well-know for their time management, high-quality animated video and reasonable cost.

7. Infographic World

Inforgraphic World 3D medical animation company
Infographic World (IGW) is a leading New York-based medical animation studio 

Infographic World (IGW), one of New York’s top medical animation studios, was founded in 2009. This firm specializes in producing medical videos, assisting the medical community in making easy-to-understand cutting-edge discoveries, treatments, procedures, gadgets, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, they provide services for developing graphic assets, implementing marketing strategies, and digital strategies.

  • Website: inforgraphicworld.com
  • Services: Medical Animations, 3D Medical Animation, Surgical Animations, and Scientific Animations.
  • Experience and Testimonials: IGW is trusted by leading companies and organizations such as WHO, California Department of Public Health, AmeriHealth…

8. Austin Visuals

Austin visual 3D medical animation company
Austin Visuals simplifies complex medical procedures for both experts and patients through educational visualizations

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio is a Texas-based company that offers 3D, 2D, and virtual reality medical animation services. They educate medical experts and make complicated medical procedures easier for patients with their animations.

  • Website: austinvisuals.com
  • Services: Orthopedic, Cardiovascular, Neurosurgical Procedures and Medical Device Animation
  • Experience and Testimonials: Austin Visuals are prized highly for great-looking animation, cutting-edge technology, responsiveness and pricing.

9. Nucleus Medical Media

Nucleus medical media 3D medical animation company
Nucleus Medical Media creates customized animations and visuals to simplify complex medical concepts

The primary focus of Nucleus Medical Media is developing visual solutions for a range of sectors, including healthcare, education, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals. Their area of expertise is creating personalized animations and visuals that make difficult medical concepts understandable to all.

  • Website: nucleusmedicalmedia.com
  • Services: Medical Device Animation, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Animation, Medical Animation for Education
  • Experience and Testimonials: The studio has gained prestigious awards for visual solutions, and is trusted by Nature, Boston Scientific, WHO…

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How to Choose the Right 3D Medical Animation Studio

1. Check their Portfolio and Track Record

The portfolio will also demonstrate the amount of previous work the studio completed and whether they ensure both accuracy and visual quality.  You don’t need to have expertise in animation to evaluate the work, just watch the videos and feel how smooth and engaging they are. Plus, a strong track record with good feedback and experience working with famous names also guarantees the studio’s ability.

2. Examine their Expertise and Technological Capabilities

Experience is a key factor when selecting a medical animation studio for hire. You should look at their past projects across different niches to examine their proficiency. However, don’t just focus on the number of projects. The important thing is their portfolio must showcase high-quality work that aligns with your needs. Additionally, check if they use the latest software and technologies to ensure high-quality results. 

Expertise and Technological capabilities of 3D animation
Choosing the right medical animation studio involves assessing their experience across diverse projects

3. Explore the Range of Services

It’s important to see if the medical animation studio specializes in different kinds of medical animation and has experience with projects similar to yours. A diverse portfolio showcasing various styles and complexity levels can indicate their versatility. Plus, don’t hesitate to ask about their process and timelines to ensure they can meet your needs. 

4. Look for Client References and Reviews

Have you reviewed their portfolios and had conversations with them to assess their communication skills and creativity? If you still feel uncertain, consider reading reviews of previous client experiences and feedback to further evaluate the quality of their work. This can help increase your confidence in the animation studio you are considering hiring.

Research feedback about 3D medical animation company
Exploring portfolio reviews, communication skills, and client feedback enhances confidence in selecting an animation studio

5. Check the Price

Checking medical animation cost is another key factor when deciding which 3D medical animation studio to hire, especially when it can cost you a fortune. On average, a professional studio can charge you from $5,000 to $25,000 per minute.

Therefore, it’s crucial to obtain detailed quotes and compare prices among multiple studios. Additionally, make sure to clarify whether you are being charged a fixed rate for the entire project or based on the duration.

Alternatives to 3D Medical Animation

After you finish researching or receive some quotations, you will find that 3D medical animation is a big investment in time, money, and effort. If you find this is beyond your budget, then consider 2D or 2.5D medical animation, which is the best option for projects with a tight budget.

These alternatives are typically more cost-effective, faster to produce, and still visually engaging. 2D animation offers simplicity and clarity, making it ideal for educational purposes. Meanwhile, 2.5D animation adds some depth and perspective without the higher costs of full 3D.

2.5D Medical animation
2.5D animation provides in-depth and lifelike visuals but at a more affordable price


While each 3D medical animation company in this list is unique, they all have a common dedication to producing high-quality medical animations. However, it’s worth considering other animation styles to choose the best fit. 

And if you’re still confused, F. Learning Studio is eager to help you choose the most suitable animation style for your project, ensuring both quality and cost-effectiveness. Let’s chat and we can show you how big names in the medical field use our animation to transform their projects!


1. How much does 3D medical animation cost?

The cost of 3D medical animation can vary widely depending on several factors such as the complexity of the animation, the level of detail required, the length of the animation… On average, costs can range from $5,000 to $20,000 per minute of animation. High-end animations with extensive detailing and longer durations can cost significantly more, potentially reaching up to $100,000 or more. 

2. How long does it take to create 3D medical animation?

A basic 3D medical animation might take 4 to 6 weeks to complete, while more complex projects could take several months.

3. What is the process of making 3D  animation?

The process of making 3D medical animation involves several key stages:

  1. Concept and Planning: Define objectives, target audience, scope, style, and length.
  2. Scriptwriting: Develop a detailed narrative and key points.
  3. Storyboarding: Create visual sketches or digital drawings of scenes.
  4. Modeling: Build 3D models of characters, anatomy, and medical devices.
  5. Texturing: Add color, surface details, and realism to models.
  6. Animation: Create movement and behavior of models.
  7. Lighting and Rendering: Set up lighting and render final images.
  8. Post-Production: Edit frames, and add sound effects, voiceovers, and music.
  9. Review and Revisions: Present draft for feedback and make revisions.
  10. Final Delivery: Deliver the completed animation in the required format.
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