Medical Animation Cost: 10 Essential Things to Know in 2024

We all know that medical animation is a fantastic way to make complex medical topics clear and engaging. But if you’re considering investing in one, you probably wonder how much medical animation costs. So, what contributes to the cost of a detailed, high-quality animation? Let’s break down the various factors influencing the cost.

Illustration of a person attaching a price tag to a medical animation video, representing the cost of production
There are many factors influencing the medical animation fee

How Much Does Medical Animation Cost?

In fact, the medical animation cost depends on whether you hire a studio or a freelancer. According to Nanobot Medical, a studio can charge you about $50,000 per minute of animation, depending on some factors such as script, storyboard, voiceover… 

Often, a lot of studios provide comprehensive services with a team of writers, designers, scientific advisors, and animators. This ensures a high level of coordination, consistency, and the quality of your final products.

For example, the following 30s animation video costs about $7,500 – $10,800. It offers a full 360-degree view of the heart’s anatomy and also includes the beating heart sound.

On the other hand, hiring a freelancer can be a more cost-effective solution. On Fiverr, you can find the price comes in a wide range, about $200 – $3000. However, its significant drawbacks are the limiting revisions and the potential lack of a cohesive team. These two factors can lead to issues with coordination and quality.

Illustration of a woman holding a dollar coin, representing the investment in medical animation video production
There is a wide range of costs when it comes to medical animation

The price of producing a high-quality medical animation can differ greatly, depending on some key factors presented below. However, if you’re unfamiliar with some expert terms, or want to jump on it immediately, the best way is to contact us for a quick quote

10 Factors Influence Medical Animation Cost

1Complexity of the animationThe level of detail and complexity required significantly impact the cost. Highly intricate animations with detailed anatomical structures or complex physiological processes will require more time and expertise to create, thus increasing the cost.
2QualityHigher-quality animations, including realistic rendering, advanced effects, and intricate motion, generally cost more due to the increased skill and time required for production.
3Animation style and techniquesAdvanced styles and techniques such as 3D animation can lead to high prices because they require more cutting-edge software and man-hours.
4Duration and number of scenesA longer animation means more scenes, requiring additional planning, storyboarding, animation, and rendering, which contributes greatly to the cost.
5Level of interactivityInteractive elements such as clickable features or user-controlled animations can add to the cost due to the additional programming and design work involved.
6Voiceover and audioHiring a voice actor and the process of ​recording, editing, and syncing of audio​ contribute to the cost of a medical animation.
7Revision and feedback processRevision ensures the quality of the final products, but more changes take more time and work, raising your animation’s price.
8Specialized expertiseAnimations that require specialized knowledge, such as medical or scientific expertise, may incur higher costs due to the need for skilled professionals who understand the subject matter.
9Competitive advantagesTo gain some competitive advantages in terms of branding, communication, and education, it’s necessary to invest in a high-quality medical animation. 
10Project management and  coordinationEfficient project management and coordination among team members are crucial for ensuring timely delivery and maintaining quality standards. These aspects may incur additional costs but contribute to the overall success of the project.

Below, we break down these factors to give you an in-depth understanding of how each affects medical animation cost.

1. The complexity of the animation 

When it comes to the complexity of the animation, we’re talking about everything from the script and the depth of knowledge required, to the graphics and realism involved. A simple animation has basic graphics and processes, while a complex one requires high accuracy, realistic textures, and detailed movements. 

Plus, if your project involves complex scientific concepts or requires high-quality visuals, be prepared for a bigger investment. The more complex it is, the more time and expertise it takes to get it right.

For instance, in terms of visual detail, when compared to a 2D animation video typically using flat images and simpler graphics, this 3D animation provides a more lifelike representation of the respiratory system.

2. Quality

When you aim for quality, you’re investing in sharper graphics, smoother animations, and overall more professional-looking end products. These require top-notch software, talented artists, and meticulous attention to detail.  All of these factors are necessary for a complex surgical animation as in the video below.

This definitely doesn’t come cheap, but it’s crucial for accurately conveying medical information. Most importantly, you don’t want your audience second-guessing what they’re looking at because the animation looks subpar!

Woman balancing money bags, representing the cost of medical animation production
When it comes to quality, you’ll get what you pay for

3. Animation style and techniques

Whether you want a clean, minimalist look or a hyper-realistic approach, the style you choose affects the workload. Different techniques, such as 2D animation versus 3D animation also play a role. ​

For example, explaining how the heart pumps, you can see that the 3D animation video below is more complicated and highly realistic than a 2D video.

3D Animation
2D Animation

Some might need advanced software and more man-hours, while others are quicker and simpler to produce. Your choice here will dictate the overall feel of the animation and, naturally, the medical animation fees.

Woman presenting medical animation videos depicting a syringe and a pill, illustrating the range of topics covered
A high-quality 3D medical animation is expensive but can showcase detailed anatomical structures

4. Duration and number of scenes

The longer the animation and the more scenes it has, the more work it involves. A 30-second medical animated video is way less demanding than a 10-minute animation with multiple, complex scenes.

Each additional scene requires planning, storyboarding, animation, and rendering, which all add up. If you want an elaborate storyline with detailed transitions and numerous visual elements, it will cost more to make your medical animation.

A student studying a medical animation on a laptop, illustrating its use in education and research
The cost of medical animation also depends on its length

5. The level of interactivity

Interactive elements like clickable features or user-controlled animations can be integrated into courses to enhance learners’ experience. Users could click on specific anatomical structures for explanations, control the animation’s speed, or take part in quizzes and tests to assess their understanding…

They require meticulous planning, specialized expertise, additional programming, and design efforts, therefore contributing to a higher production cost.

For example, this video helps students learn about bacteria in the mouth by zooming in to ​explore various bacterial species​, thanks to the integration of virtual reality technology.

6. Voiceover and audio

A professional voiceover can help explain complex processes clearly, while background music and sound effects enhance the visuals. However, hiring a skilled voice actor, sound engineer, and perhaps even a composer can increase your budget. 

Plus, you’ll need to consider the recording, editing, and syncing of audio with the animation. All of them can be time-consuming and make up a large portion of the animated medical video cost.

Doctor presenting a live medical animation of a hip bone on a computer screen
Recording, editing, and syncing of audio all add significantly to the expense

7. Revision and feedback process

The revision and feedback process is an often overlooked aspect that can significantly impact your animation project. Getting the animation just right usually involves several rounds of feedback and revisions. Each revision means additional work – tweaking graphics, adjusting movements, and re-syncing audio…. 

This process ensures the final product meets your expectations and accurately conveys the intended message. However, more revisions cost more time and effort, which can finally drive up medical animation video costs.

Medical animation cost: Request a free consultation
You should consider underlying factors, such as revision and feedback process in producing medical animation

8. Specialized expertise

When dealing with complex medical topics, you need animators who understand medical science and can accurately depict intricate biological processes. They are ​medical illustrators or consultants to ensure the content is both visually stunning and scientifically accurate. Though these experts can contribute significantly to the medical animation cost, this investment is crucial for creating credible and effective medical animations.

Specialized experts make up a large portion of the medical animation fee
Specialized experts make up a large portion of the medical animation fee

9. Competitive advantages

Investing in medical animation is a great investment, but it can offer you some competitive advantages in terms of branding, communication, and education. Undoubtedly, high-quality medical animations, such as one explaining drug mechanisms, can set your brand apart.

Furthermore, they can support training programs for medical staff and improve patient education, which ultimately build trust and credibility with both consumers and healthcare professionals.  Depending on your purpose, the animation cost may rise and add up your budget.

10. Project management and coordination

Project management and coordination are crucial in medical animation production to manage resources and timelines, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality animations.

Most medical animation studios have a dedicated production manager who ensures effective management and coordination. He or she is responsible for keeping everything on track, meeting deadlines, and ensuring smooth communication. The production manager is not directly involved in creating animation, but his/her role also contributes to the budget of a project.

Specialized expertise in medical animation ensures accuracy and quality
Specialized expertise in medical animation ensures accuracy and quality

7 Tips to Reduce Medical Animation Cost

1Use pre-existing animation assets or templatesTake advantage of pre-existing animation assets or templates can significantly reduce costs because of not creating everything from scratch.
2Opt for a simpler animation styleConsider using simpler 2D or 2.5D animations with less detail, as they are more time and cost-effective.
3Minimize extraneous detailsPrioritize simplicity and focus on the core message to minimize production time and cost and maximize clarity and effectiveness.
4Use simple interactive featuresChoosing simpler interactive elements over complex ones can help manage expenses while still ensuring quality.
5Streamline the processEnsure efficient project management, clear communication, adherence to a well-defined plan, and regular check-ins.
6Make use of AI voice generatorsAI voice generators offer a cost-effective alternative to human voiceovers by quickly producing high-quality and natural-sounding voices.
7Choose the right partnerSelecting an experienced partner for medical animation projects can lead to cost savings and enhanced quality due to their understanding of the field and efficiency in delivering budget-friendly, high-quality work.

1. Use pre-existing animation assets or templates

One great way to cut costs is by using pre-existing animation assets or templates. Instead of creating everything from scratch, you can leverage stock animations or templates that are already available. Many studios and animators offer libraries of pre-made elements that can be customized to fit your needs. 

At F.Learning, we have also developed ​a library with 10,000+ illustrations on healthcare topics such as pharma, organs, health staff, medical devices…. When partnering with healthcare and medical organizations, we realize that it can help save a ton of time as well as medical animation costs. This is because our clients don’t have to pay for the initial design and development. 

Utilizing pre-existing animation assets can significantly reduce production medical animation costs
Utilizing pre-existing animation assets can significantly reduce production costs without sacrificing quality

2. Opt for a simpler animation style

While highly detailed, realistic animations require a lot of time and resources to produce. So think about using 2D or 2.5D animations instead of 3D, or less detailed characters and simple graphics. For instance, if you want to explain basic healthcare procedures like CPR​, 2D animation is a better approach compared to resource-intensive 3D animations. 

Using basic graphics can also make your message clearer and easier to understand. Plus, it can save you money in the long run. 

Medical animation for pharmaceutical marketing materials
2D animation is less complicated and expensive than 3D animations

3. Minimize extraneous details

When planning your medical animation, consider minimizing extraneous details. Every additional element in your animation requires more time and effort to create and refine. Therefore, focus on the core message you want to convey and remove anything that doesn’t directly support it. 

This solution not only keeps the cost down but also makes your animation clearer and more impactful. In a nutshell, less is often more. This is completely true when it comes to delivering complex medical information. 

Medical animation video depicting a person wearing a mask and a virus, showcasing its use in explaining health topics
Avoid including too many small details in your animation

4. Use simple interactive features

To keep your expenses manageable, opting for simple interactive elements instead of complex ones can be a good choice. Basic interactions can still captivate your audience and offer a better learning experience without the high cost of advanced features. 

For instance, basic clickable areas that provide additional information can be very effective in medical courses without requiring extensive programming. Plus, avoiding more sophisticated interactions like full-scale simulations or virtual reality can also reduce medical animation costs.

Two people working together on medical animation projects, showcasing the collaborative process
Simpler animation styles and interactive elements can be both cost-effective and visually appealing

5. Streamline the process

A streamlined process involves efficient project management and clear communication from the get-go. To get the most bang for your buck, it’s best to have a well-defined plan and stick to it as much as possible. Regular check-ins and updates are also important to prevent miscommunications and costly reworks. By keeping the process organized and focused, you can avoid unnecessary delays and expenses, ensuring a smoother path from concept to completion.

A doctor discussing medical animation project details with an animator
Streamlining the process saves you a ton of time and money

6. Make use of AI voice generators

A cost-effective alternative to voiceovers is to use AI voice generators. Modern AI tools can produce high-quality, natural-sounding voices that are very similar to human voices. These tools allow you to generate voiceovers quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can easily make changes without needing to rehire a voice actor, making revisions simpler and more affordable. 

A nurse watching a medical animation video on a laptop, highlighting its use in healthcare education
Using AI voice generators is a cost-effective solution

7. Choose the right partner

Last but not least, choosing the right partner for your medical animation project can help save medical animation costs and improve quality. A studio or freelancer with a proven track record in medical animations understands the specifics of the field. They’ll know how to avoid common pitfalls and can provide valuable insights to optimize your project.

Most importantly, experienced partners are often more efficient, delivering high-quality work within budget and on time. 

A woman with a lightbulb idea watching a medical animation of a doctor explaining a heart condition
Choosing the right animation partner ensures your project stays on track and within budget

Why F.Learning is the Best Option for Medical Animation

We believe that F.learning is your best option for medical animation. Why? Because we can help you save medical animation costs with our prices at just one-third of the US average. 

However, the cost isn’t just for the animation itself. It includes niche-focused training solutions, effective timeline management, and a significant reduction of opportunity costs. Therefore, choosing F.learning is not just about a price tag; it’s a wise investment in your educational journey. 

Social media icons and pills, showing medical animation's use in healthcare marketing
We offer you the best animation with a price of just ⅓ of the US average

At F.Learning, competitive medical animation pricing comes with high-quality products. With 8 years of experience in medical animation, we ensure that every detail in the animation is meticulously crafted, accurate, and engaging, resonating with your target audience.  

And the best part is our solutions are custom-made to fit your needs. We’re always happy to find creative ways to meet your goals, ensuring you receive top-notch animations but still stay within your budget. 

They say a video speaks volumes. Check out our portfolio to see what we can offer you.   


In conclusion, the medical animation cost can vary widely based on different factors. Knowing and managing these factors can help you make the most of your budget for animation without sacrificing quality or impact. So if you are looking for superb medical animation that’s worth the investment, we are here to deliver the best. Contact us today and see how we can elevate your medical animations!

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