Pharmaceutical Explainer Videos: Drug MOA animation for dummies

Medicine can be a tough topic. However, with the help of Pharmaceutical Explainer Videos, or drug MOA animation, the viewer demographic is no longer limited to those in the medical field. One specific topic that requires the understanding of such a wide variety of audiences is the pharma mechanism of action, or MOA for short. Being packed with information, it requires a thorough visualization called drug MOA animation, which is what we will be discussing today. 

So, what exactly is Pharmaceutical animation?

Pharmaceutical animation is essentially a visual representation of the reaction between our body with the drugs (drug mechanism of action) on a microscopic level. It’s considered a tool aimed at the middleman to help them understand the interaction, that’s why a key feature expected in MOA animation is simplicity.

pharmaceutical explainer videos talk about antplatelets

Animated explainer video brings pharmaceutical knowledge closer to the mass

The interaction between the drugs and molecular properties in our bodies is invisible to the naked eye and also very complicated. Textual information can only be accessed by pharmacologists, doctors, nurses and remains incomprehensible jargon to those who don’t study medicine. 

Pharmaceutical Explainer Videos break the process down to a compelling narrative with stunning visuals. This helps engage anyone with the slightest interest in learning about it, even those without any training in pharma study. 

Here is an example of videos about the use of Heparin and Warfarin. which were animated by F. Learning Studio. This pharmaceutical explainer video keeps the viewers entertained by making funny references that are relatable and familiar. So, with the help of the medical animation, the content is friendly and as accessible as can be. 

3 ways to use pharmaceutical explainer videos 

Educating patients, customers, and public awareness

Patients are extra hesitant before taking new prescription drugs because they don’t really understand what they’re about to go to. Pharmacology animation helps bridge the knowledge gap between the patient and the doctor, deepening the trust between them. 

Animations can be very intuitive and informative, which can help increase the patient’s comprehension and save doctors the trouble of explaining it (which subsequently also saves their time). 

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Influencing pharma professionals’ efficiency

By rendering the drugs’ mechanism of action easier to grasp, animations save researchers a lot of effort, so they can spend more time on more meaningful work. Now scientists can properly identify the best method to limit the time and costs of producing new drugs considerably. Moreover, pharma students can adapt to knowledge quickly. 

Boost business sales and marketing 

Pharmaceutical Explainer Video helps explain what medicines do when they enter the human body. This kind of visual aid is specifically beneficial to pharmaceutical companies’ representatives in sales meetings or meetings with investors. Before buying something, don’t you want to know all you can about it? There’s no trust when the buyer understands how the product works, that’s why drug MOA animation can act as an incredible marketing tool and helps sell the medicines. 

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Types of Medical explainer video for pharma

Whiteboard animation

Audiences love to watch whiteboard videos because they are clean and academic-looking, making them suitable for multiple purposes. It’s also the most digestible of all as it contains no distraction. 

Here is a typical example of whiteboard animation for drugs’ mechanism of action explaining.

2D animation

For this style, animators add in 2D characters or motion graphics to spice things up. It’s more colorful than whiteboard animation and usually presented as a story. 2D animation’s content can be diverse, subsequently becoming more appealing when used in discussing with patients and educating children. 

Here is a typical demonstration of a 2D drug MOA animation.

Medicine is a painfully tough topic to study, but now everyone can have a try at it, thanks to animation videos. At F. Learning Studio, we also create other educational videos on different topics regarding health, including trending matters like the Coronavirus or the physiology of emotions. Take a glance at our medical animation services here!


Drug MOA is undoubtedly a complicated matter that requires a certain level of specialty to understand. Textual information can make it appear too repulsive that we subconsciously stay away from it, even when we need to learn about it. But worry not Pharmaceutical Explainer Video is your trusted sidekick that can help bridge the comprehension gap and help more people understand how drugs work.

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