5 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are Essential for Your Business

If you’ve heard about “explainer video” and ask yourself, “is it worth investing?” this article will break down the benefits of explainer video in different real-life scenarios.

Let’s see why explainer videos are worth investing in.

Why do you need an explainer video?

Explainer videos are a form of business or marketing communication that uses animation to communicate a message from the company. The benefits of explainer videos vary based on the type of website they’re used on, as well as how they’re marketed as a whole. Though businesses usually turn to explainer videos as a means to improve conversions, there is much more behind them than what meets the eye. Here are some benefits that explainer videos offer:

  1. Explainer videos deliver messages faster, in an engageable way
  2. Explainer videos optimize the video sales funnel
  3. Explainer videos improve conversion rate
  4. Explainer videos improve SEO ranking
  5. Explainer videos show the brand’s culture and personality.

1. Explainer videos deliver messages faster, in an engageable way

Most of our digital marketing specialists said that, even though they understand their products, they still find it hard to convince customers to buy. The problem here is not what to talk about; it is HOW TO TALK. Think of your website as if it were a public area, such as a cafe or library. There’s no reason to talk at length since you don’t want people walking away, and there is limited time to engage with them. Here we see an analogy: these digital marketing specialists find it difficult to talk with their customers and convince them to buy because, like many of us, they fail to make the best use of their time and resources.

Since your visitors have a few minutes to understand the product before leaving, don’t make them read a wall of text. Instead, an explainer video creates a context of using a product that makes customers easily understand. Moreover, the storytelling technique, stunning visual and fun characters in explainer videos helps the audience to shift focus and enjoy the whole video.

Note: Customers have different concerns throughout their buyer journey, so make sure you understand the video sales funnel to craft the right message for explainer videos.

Watch the below example – an explainer video of The Wilmers Integrity Prize. This video explains a meaningful prize for individuals that are working anywhere in the United States to make a positive difference in the world around them. In the video, F.Learning utilizes storytelling techniques to describe the life of Robert Wilmers, for whom the prize is named. With the support of visuals, this video easily attracts audiences for the first time. 

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2. Explainer video optimize the video sales funnel

Every company has its own sales funnel with different customer behavior. Explainer videos can join as a part of your sales/ marketing strategy to guide the customers to the next stage, depending on the role of video in each stage. Generally,  explainer videos have different roles in each stage: 

  • Awareness stage: Your explainer video will raise brand awareness with clients. You’ll also have a chance to explain the basic needs of using your product, as well as your business structure and opportunities involved. First impressions are essential, so take this time to let potential customers know what you do and why you’re reliable and trustworthy!
  • Consideration stage: In this stage, the customer is researching you and other brands. They’re interested but still deciding whether or not they see a fit for you in their lives. In this stage, it’s crucial to address the pain points your potential customer base faces and show your USP, i.e., what makes you unique from others who might be doing the same thing as you are. Additionally, make sure to highlight how using our product will make things better or different in their lives.
  • Decision stage: The aim of the explainer video here is to convert customers. The true test of an explainer video is that it should get your customers wanting to click the link you place at the end of your video. As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to get traction before launching your product – therefore, your job is to get people interested in what you have to offer so you can get off the ground quicker!

Note: Although an explainer video helps optimize the sales funnel, keep in mind that having a video doesn’t mean that it will boost sales. You must ensure your sales funnel first.

Below is the explainer video F.Learning made for MODO – A platform that helps and delivers clear insight for the energy industry. This video is created for the consideration stage. Since the tech concept is abstract; and the product is hard to explain, we describe the pain points of disconnecting with data sources and put the MODO platform in a context to clarify the usage. 

3. Explainer videos improve conversion rate

When a customer enters your channel and takes action, there are many things happening in between, such as time, distraction factors, visuals, content, etc. And an explainer video has its own strength to control those things. 

An explainer video can spread your message further and wider. With the power of delivering information quickly, an explainer video allows customers to make more informed decisions, then boost conversion rate. Also, an explainer video itself is a standalone marketing tool. Instead of creating a lot of content, you can use an explainer video for different sales channels to expand the source for conversion rate. 

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The below healthcare explainer video describes a patient’s pain when suffering colorectal cancer and provides surgeon treatment. Everything in the video is tailored with a friendly vibe. Thus, this video brings positive feedback from customers.

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4. Explainer videos improve SEO ranking

Many digital platforms love video, and so does Google. If your brand gains customers via Google, you definitely need explainer videos for your business.  That’s the reason why videos easily appear in google search results. Also, when people start playing videos on your website, it is a chance to reduce bounce rate and increase time on site. Explainer videos attract the audience’s attention and keep them stay in the web longer. 

5. Explainer videos show the brand’s culture and personality

The common obstacle that most digital marketing specialists suffer is how to express the brand value via products. “Brand is an abstract concept.” – said one of our customers. That’s the reason why companies find it difficult to express brand culture and personality. While other formats may be more static, explainer videos allow you to make the most of certain kinds of interactivity. Explainer videos have many characters that can interact with each other or reflect a playful attitude that allows them to interpret the information conveyed in the video content. This means that visual storytelling can be very effective in explaining to your audience what makes your brand great! 

Final thought

Maybe you think: “It doesn’t make sense to hear a marketing option that has a lot of benefits.” Well, we understand. Just keep in mind that the core solution of explainer videos is to understand the customers’ pain points and then provide them with a pain reliever.  If you have a clear marketing strategy and know where to place your explainer videos, other benefits will come automatically. Partner with F.Learning to create explainer videos that match your business needs. 

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