Healthcare Animation: How to Use Animated Explainer Video in Health Industry

Having problems attracting patients to your newly opened clinic

Looking for ways to expand your existing healthcare services

Then what you need is a powerful marketing tool to educate clients and attract them to use your services. Healthcare animation is exactly the tool you’re looking for!

In this article, you will find all the information you need to start your own healthcare explainer video.

What is healthcare animation?

Healthcare Animation (or healthcare explainer video) is an explainer video used in the Health industry to explain medical and healthcare terms. In real life, healthcare animation videos are used for many purposes such as medical products/services introduction, training, public awareness, marketing, etc. 2D animation is the most common and favorite type of healthcare video in this industry.

Animation as the best tool for medical and healthcare marketing

There are three major challenges that medical and healthcare business owners face whenever they attempt to plan a marketing campaign. These include the scientifically complicated nature of their expertise, large expenses, and efficiency. 

Medical and healthcare are both difficult, even for professionals. It’s a constantly evolving industry that deals with numerous abstract and complicated concepts. Therefore, in order to educate customers about medical-related matters, course providers or clinic owners have to find a way to simplify the knowledge.

However, it’s not always easy to find an explicit means of knowledge delivery that doesn’t come with a steep price tag. Spending big money on a marketing campaign is not something everyone signs on for. What medical service providers need is a proficient marketing strategy that achieves the delicate balance between cost and performance

A great marketing campaign should educate consumers about the product, establish trust, and build up expertise in the industry. By providing the information that patients demand, medical and healthcare businesses expect to attract more people to use their services. 

Believe it or not, animation checks all the boxes above. We’ll show you just how efficient it is as a marketing tool. 

Benefits of using a custom animated explainer video in medical and healthcare businesses

Medical explainer videos help you save tons of time and resources when you need to communicate with non-professional people. Its benefits include: Simplify Complicated Knowledge; Establish Consumer Trust Through Education; Demonstrate Customer Care; Boost Sales And Branding; Pinpoint The Delicate Balance Between Cost And Efficiency

1. Simplify complicated knowledge

Medical and healthcare are two of the trickiest fields to explain. For the average consumers, they are full of fancy terminologies and abstract information that seems to be coming from an alien language. This is why doctors and healthcare workers find explaining medical-related knowledge so difficult. 

And when patients don’t understand what they see or hear, educating them about an illness or an operation procedure is nearly impossible. They won’t know the symptoms, the danger, or the treatment for a disease. Thus, as customers don’t realize how bad their conditions are, they will not turn to doctors for help.

But with animation, even patients with zero medical background knowledge can take in the knowledge. A medical explainer video can simplify even the most challenging surgeries by breaking down the complex and abstract information into digestible bites. See the abstract comes to life in the most vivid and lively form with seamless motions, beautiful graphics, and captivating story-telling!

2. Establish consumer trust through education

Trust is a precious commodity in the medical and healthcare industry. It allows patients to confidently stake their well-being in the hands of doctors. Hence, establishing consumer credibility is crucial. Businesses can do so by producing comprehensive and educational animated videos for consumers. Build up your expertise and image in the industry with an enticing yet informative medical marketing method. 

3. Demonstrate customer care 

Patients want to be able to access resources on their own time. In order to accommodate them, medical businesses can create animated video explainer campaigns and use them to gain an advantage. By helping customers access the information they need, you show your appreciation and care.  

4. Boost sales and branding

A custom animated explainer video is a great tool that can convert potential consumers and executives. It’s just a psychological thing! It’s a fact that more than half of executives would rather watch a video than reading text. We believe that most patients have no interest in reading voluminous material. Videos are the complete opposite of this. They allow you to say more in less time

Patients will know about your services since they are now actually taking in information from your marketing campaign. Keep producing a series of educational and useful videos to establish consistent branding.

5. Pinpoint the delicate balance between cost and efficiency

Animated videos are one-time investments that will last for ages. The explainer video cost may seem like a lot at first, but we can promise you that it’s worth every penny. The results you get out of an animated medical explainer video are incomparable to the old lecture-based talking-head and whiteboard videos. Animation fixes the drawbacks of conventional methods and makes the lessons intriguing

Plus, the animation will benefit your business in the long run. Customers can access the information online anywhere, anytime. You’re investing in a versatile material that is capable of various applications. You can use the videos in your medical marketing campaign, on your website, in your training courses… The sky’s the limit! 

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When can healthcare businesses use a healthcare explainer video?

Animated videos are as versatile as things go. It’s an ideal tool for conveying difficult concepts to the masses and educating audiences. 

In the medical and healthcare industry, these videos are particularly useful for:

  • Explaining A Product: Explain in detail (down to a molecular level) how medications work to customers.  
  • Educating About A Disease: Communicate with doctors, nurses, or patients and share knowledge about the symptoms, management, treatment, and prevention of illnesses.
  • Guiding Consumers: Instruct consumers, including nurses or doctors, on how to use medical products and operate devices.
  • Consult Patients: Educate patients on overall well-being, how to make healthy lifestyle choices and treatment options.
  • Marketing and Branding: Use the custom animated explainer video as material for TV broadcast, online marketing to demonstrate expertise in the industry and gain customer trust.
  • Boosting Sales: Convert sales through representatives by providing them with multimedia materials to incorporate into presentations.
  • Training New Employees: Convey internal messages and transfer corporate values to new employees

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How much does a healthcare explainer video cost?

An explainer video generally costs from $5,000 to $50,000. The more detailed the medical concept is for healthcare topics, the higher the price. The overall cost may include creative ideas, unique styles, and concepts if you make healthcare animation videos for marketing purposes. However, there are many prices between the cost range. Thus, you’d better break down the cost into minutes to get clearer what you actually pay for.

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Seeking ways to explain your medical concepts to mass audience? Then this Handbook is definitely yours!

E-book: Kick Start Your Medical Explainer Video

Recipe for success: How Simple Nursing attracted 200.000+ nurse students to download their app?

Simple Nursing (SN) is one of the pioneers in American nursing educational technology. The company focuses on producing informational courses for online study. You can find their products on mobile applications or YouTube.

SN understands that medical and healthcare are tricky to explain thoroughly to customers. Even professionals sometimes find them overwhelming to take in. So, to attract customers to use the courses, the company must develop a simpler way to deliver the knowledge. 

Simple Nursing faced two major difficulties :

  • How to make complex and abstract medical concepts more comprehensible?
  • In what way can they add entertaining elements to make the lessons more memorable?

From SN’s story and requests, we can pinpoint some scenarios in which animation proves to be greatly beneficial. 

  • Intensive Knowledge Explainer: The number one goal of Simple Nursing is to make nursing simple! They want to educate aspiring nurses about diseases in a more comprehensible way than just lecturing. The company also seeks to leave a strong impression on learners and speed up memorization. 
  • Sale Booster: Nothing makes a better marketing strategy than using actual results. And by simplifying the knowledge to help more nursing students complete their tests, SN built up a reputation in the industry. In return, this attracted more potential customers to their services.
animated explainer video production

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