3 tips to promote eLearning courses using animation

There are many suggestions from Google on how to promote eLearning courses. You and your company have tried most of the way and have invested a large amount of time and money to attract new learners. However, it did not bring out the expected results. Do you wonder what went wrong? F.Learning Studio will share 3 useful tips through the time working with many clients.   

Why is animation an effective way to promote eLearning courses?

From early childhood, we watched animated movies. There are famous animated movies such as Ratatouille, Despicable Me, Up, Kiki’s Delivery Service, etc. We saw it as both educational and entertaining at the same time. Animation is everywhere. Besides that, the animation is also a helpful way to transform complex information for both children and adults. Moreover, it helps its content be more creative and diverse. 

To promote eLearning courses, you must catch the attention of audiences about your course in a short time. People are able to perceive information through videos faster, instead of reading and listening to information. How about applying animation? Animation can connect to the emotion of the learner, to help learners relax, or to inspire learners to work harder till the end of the course. It is a magical, powerful and effective way to share, promote and educate for a wide range of audiences. 

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3 tips to promote eLearning courses using animation

After working with many clients, from the medium to big-scoped animation project, F.Learning Studio suggests 3 tips to promote eLearning courses: 

#1 Animation is a way to define the USP of an eLearning course. 

#2 Use animation in the chosen social media channel.

#3 Leverage the power of animation with F.Learning Studio.

#1 Animation is a way to define the USP of an eLearning course 

As a Digital Training Manager, you may understand that some USPs are not easy to describe by words, images, etc. However, using video is quite complicated or too expensive. Is there any particular choice that is more suitable? So, animation can help you to visualize invisible or difficult elements that come to reality, of course with a reasonable price. 

The main point that attracts new learners is to prove your courses can solve their problems or learn something new. To do that, you can use animation to demonstrate the target audience’s portrait. Let’s make them feel that you understand their struggles and concerns while learning online. The animation will create closeness and familiarity. 

To define the USP of your eLearning course, let’s start with some basic questions below: 

  • What do they want? What do they need for their online courses? 
  • The economic impact of the pandemic has led to people rethinking their career paths. What benefits do eLearning courses bring to them?
  • What makes your courses different from the other courses? 

For example: In nursing education, it is not easy to teach or learn through books or images. Learners can misunderstand the way to do it. Therefore, IntelyCare knew their USPs and cooperated with F.Learning Studio to make interaction nursing education by using animation. Learners can study step by step easily. Lessons are more interesting, attractive, and interactive. Then, IntelyCare used this animation introduction to promote eLearning courses. It is both simple and saves cost. 

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#2 Use animation in the chosen social media channel 

Many people use social media every day. Therefore, enterprises also use social media as a way to engage with audiences. If we use animation for the chosen social media channel, will it bring more engagement and interaction? Do you want to know the reason? 

Animation can improve the experience of watching videos on social media because it is fun and enjoyable. It can make a lasting impression on your target audiences. Using animation, you confidently consider yourself as a strong competitor, compared to those who only use texts or images. Sometimes, texts or images can not display full content and meaning. That is the reason why you need big support from animation. More importantly, animation can be used on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc). It is convenient to run paid advertising on all platforms to promote eLearning courses.

Animation helps you to demonstrate complex ideas, information, or concepts.

#3 Leverage the power of animation with F.Learning Studio 

There are many animation services in the market, from the small ones to the big-scoped companies. How can we convince you that we are reliable and trusted animation partners? 

Because F.Learning Studio starts from the angles of online learners. Not only learners can learn something new from the course, but also they find learning is something exciting. Animation can help a hand to make learners happy and comfortable with learning, especially in medical or technical fields. 

On the other hand, F.Learning Studio starts from the angles of business model. Then, we came up with the right animation solution. The chosen animation solution and style fit with the brand’s direction and target audiences. 

As we work with clients, we understand that they are stressed out about deadlines, price, and quality in using animation services. Clients may worry about whether partners can commit to the quality and deadline? Can they handle big-scoped animation projects? F.Learning is a trusted and experienced partner in animation service. High quality, committed deadline, and reasonable price – that’s what we commit to you. Every month, F.Learning Studio produces 80 minutes of animation. This is an impressive number for any animation vendor. 


Animation can be considered a great way to hook the attention of online learners from the beginning. You can use animation as a part of your online course, then use it to promote eLearning courses also. If you are struggling in choosing an animation style that works for your eLearning courses, or do not know how to make a complete animation video, we can help you overcome this exhausting challenge. 

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