Animation as an effective tool to promote your eLearning course

Whether you’ve finished building your online course or planning to, the last crucial step will be marketing it! That’s right, promoting your eLearning course is as important as it sounds. Nowadays, you can see people putting huge investments in marketing and advertisement everywhere. And in a world full of awesome ads already, what can make your eLearning course stand out? Especially, it’s no easy job when it comes to promoting educational work! But don’t worry, this is where animation can help you. Today, we will show you how it can be used as an effective tool to promote an eLearning course.

Why do you need to promote your online course?

Every marketing strategy and promotion activity lead to one purpose. That is let the world know about your work! .Most of the time, people judge your course by how it was branded. Indeed, there is no doubt that an effective course usually goes along with a good marketing campaign. Aside from the branding matter, marketing will help you attract your potential learners. Simply, think of it as a warm greeting to your audience, where you would make a good first impression to them.

To sum up, marketing is fundamental to any businesses. In a word, always remember – “Great content is fire but marketing is gasoline”. So, now that you’ve known the importance of promoting your eLearning course. Another question arises – “How can you have an effective marketing campaign?”. Well, have you thought of animation? Cause it can be a useful material to get you there!

The advantages of promoting eLearning courses that integrate animations

Recently, there is no denying that animation has made its mark in the eLearning field. Specificly, it has brought a new breeze of creativity into education. In fact, some even consider animation to be the gem of eLearning. Why? These awesome features of animation can make you see the benefits of having it in online courses.

1. Time-saving and cost-effective 

Learners comprehend visual information faster

Did you know 65% of people are visual learners? Also, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. In other words, learners perceive visual knowledge quicker than just plain text ones. For instance, it takes less time to understand this landscape picture below than having to read about it.

Similarly, animation is visual-based. As a matter of fact, it illustrates content through moving images. Therefore, with animated videos, the learning process will be easier and much faster. It is one of animation’s strengths, especially when people are familiar with the quick pace of information flows.

More cost-effective than classroom learning

In a traditional classroom, there are infrastructure and travel cost, etc. But in an online course, you don’t have to worry about them. Because, no big textbook is needed, everything lies there in the course’s lively videos. Plus, animation in eLearning courses isn’t expensive as some people assume. In fact, animated videos are made just as the same rate as live shots and other techniques. But, they are far more flexible and truly efficient. Sounds good, isn’t it?

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2. Engaging video-based learning

Anyone who has seen an animated educational video (for example, like TedEd or School of Life), know that they worked like a charm. Indeed, video-based learning that integrates animation inspires and keeps learners motivated. Here are a few reasons why

Simplifying complex knowledge

By demonstrating the subject visually, knowledge is easier for teachers to explain. And therefore, learners can understand better.

Particularly, with animation which is limitless in creativity, teachers can express any complex subject they want. Such as cosmo learning, it’ll be extremely hard to imagine if there are only plain texts to read. On the contrary, if teachers have animation as their visual aid, learners explore the whole universe for themselves. Imagine how fun and easy that will be! 

Creating new learning experiences

We all know there’s this wonderful power lies in images that can really touch us emotionally. Indeed, with animated online courses, you can bring personalities into learning. Make it interesting and enjoyable, in order to create a special bond with your learners.

Naturally, humans are visual creatures. Thus, we relate to imagine comfortably, especially when it carries stories or knowledge. Given these points, they are what make animated video-based learning different from talking head videos or traditional learning. Because animation can captivate audience’s empathy easily. Therefore, give them new, exciting learning experiences that are hard to forget.

In essence, these advantages proved that animation a great material to included in and to promote your eLearning course.

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How animation can be a helpful tool in promoting eLearning course?

Now we know how animated eLearning courses can have a great benefit to marketing campaign. But it would become more effective if we can use animation elements in promotion directly. Here are distinctive features of animation, that have won people over!

Age-friendly, platform-friendly

Let’s be honest, everyone loves animation! From kids to elders, no one will mind a little animated video that brightens up their day. While other commercials can be annoying, animation appears to be the nice, extraordinary kid that everybody just loves to see!

Moreover, not only it is age-friendly, but animation is also the favorite child of social media platforms. Nowadays, people prefer video content to articles. Hence, they would likely to share them and make them become viral.

Powerful visualization

With animation, learners can have clear and transparent information about the course. Such as, learning objectives and achievements. Because it will take less time to comprehend and definitely is more entertaining than text-based ads.
Take this video, for instance, very simple but direct and clear.


In a sea of ads, good design is what makes your work stand out from the rest. Thus, animation can really make heads turn with its colorful feature and unique style.

But not only can it catch people’s attention, animation also manages to secure it for a long time. Since animation evokes sentiments that resonate with the viewers. Hence, it sparks conversations and makes your audience want to follow the story.

Provoking good emotions

Speaking of emotions, animation advertising videos can bring good feelings toward the audience effortlessly. Of course, it also depends on the content, but undoubtedly, animation is a positive medium to convey any messages.

Check out this video below! It’s a good example of creating calmness and relaxation to the viewers.

Just like that, your animated ads should be short, simple yet heart-warming. As a result, your brand will leave a lasting impression in people’s heart. Let’s create fun, inspiring ad video, because what is better than making your audience feel good and motivated?


Did you know that images have a longer impact on our memory than texts? Hence, as you are creating your animated ads, you are creating a recognizable face of your eLearning course. But not only colors and designs that can make your course memorable. As we mentioned earlier, the story, the emotions that come with your animated ads are helpful factors as well. Combine all of these elements together, your course will be unforgettable.


In short, promote eLearning course with animation elements is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies. There are two ways that you can use animation effectively. The first is to integrate animation into your course. Second, you can make animated advertising videos in promoting activities. Either way, animation proved to be a useful tool which can attract your potential learners with impressive looks and feel-good vibe!

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