Animation in eLearning: How to make your course from good to great

Learners attention span nowadays is shorter than goldfish. People do not have patience to watch through your content if there is nothing catching their eyes and ears. So how could you actually do to improve your eLearning course quality? Let’s dig down what are the elements affecting your KPI and see how animation in eLearning now becomes an up-rising trend.


Elements affect eLearning course quality

First and foremost, let us apprehend you a quick but comprehensive look at what decides the success of your work. It’s because to stand out an online course, every single aspect of your course will matter. If you just miss one, even it is course title or the technique applied, all of your efforts couldn’t make sense. 

Therefore, here is a list of aspects that you should take care of when improving your online course:

1. What speaks for your course at the first time?

  • Course title, course cover, and course introduction
  • Promotion activities

Before taking into any online course, first things learners look at your course is its appearance. Specifically, the term ‘appearance’ here includes the title, the cover, the introduction, and how your course is promoted to potential audiences. Just a couple of second, but it matters them by giving a strong answer on “Why do they need this course?”. Then, it could evoke an emotional need to sign their name on your registration form.

Therefore, what will happen if your course title couldn’t be clear enough to tell learners what is in it for them? What if your marketing work doesn’t show the true value of the course to learners? Well, you know the answer! So why not improve it now?

2. What makes your learners browse your online course?

  • It’s effectiveness
  • Learning materials

There are various reasons why learners don’t come to a physical class and choose online learning. However, the most important thing is still course effectiveness. While traditional learning with pen and paper, or even slides easily make it boring for learners, online courses show its time-saving and cost-efficiency to attract learners. 

Especially for some courses that integrate innovative learning materials as visuals, video learning, animations, VR and AR. With this new teaching aids, learners find it more interesting to try and learn. So, the content could be the same, but with the different delivery method, your course will enticing more learners towards it.

3. What creates your unique online learning experience?

  • Design and style
  • Course structure

Besides content course, the way you design and organize your course is what builds up a personal learning journey. In recent years, instructional designers are putting more effort to make not only effective but also a beautiful course. Thus, give a more attractive look is essential!

Moreover, it’s appreciated to structure your course to encourage active online learning experience. How about letting learners pull the content by applying Pull Structure? In other words, changing the way learners get information will create a new learning experience for them.

Animation could help create Pull Structure Solution in eLearning courses
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4. What engages your learners in learning?

  • Interactions
  • Communications

Increasing interactions helps to spark engagement when learning online.  It’s because, in online learning, participants usually lack chances to communicate with instructors. Therefore, if you could create rich opportunities for learners to interact with the course materials, it will naturally engage them more into your lesson.  

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How is animation beneficial in improving eLearning courses?

In the Journal of Research in Science Teaching No.32, Vickie M Williamson and Michael R Abraham point out: Animation helps students learn in two ways. It facilitates the creation of mental representations of concepts, phenomenon, and processes and it also replaces difficult cognitive processes (ex: abstraction, imagination).  Dig down for more understand, shall we?

Animations enhance online learning experience

If you want to add fun elements into your course that doesn’t distract your learners, animation definitely is your best choice! Why? 

  • Firstly, animation brings the fun experience to learners when they could learn in the way as they watch cartoons to entertain. However, the cartoon they watch is for educational purpose and it provides useful information they need. 
  • Secondly, animations could enhance the instructor’s presence when people learn remotely. The instructors could record voice-over by themselves to keep the animation informative but still evoke emotional learning. 
  • Thirdly, animations convert everything into bite-sized clips that provide multiple ways for students to engage with the content.  

In a nutshell, applying animation in eLearning is a good way to create a positive environment for online learners. First, this environment diversifies and deepens the learning experience. Also, it creates an atmosphere that learners feel more motivated. Because it allows your learners to be the first ones who try the innovative learning method nowadays: education with animation. 

Animations increase learning outcomes

A lesson when is presented by animations gives a better result for learners than others. To be more specific, animations in eLearning act well thanks to the following features:

  • Excellent explanation skill 

Even the most expert educators has problems in explaining difficult topics. So, it’s when animations use its visualization power to simplify complicated or abstract topics to explain the content. From that, learner would better understand the concept. 

Also, animations make things easy to understand by telling a story. For example, this video below that applied storytelling methods introduces a sophisticated system of machines in a new engaging way. In parts, telling a story makes the content more relatable to learners that boosts their learning process to get higher outcomes.

  • Awesome audiovisual learning materials 

Aside from explanation advantage, animated videos are also a perfect combination of audio and visual learning materials that’s super effective in facilitating better learning. In fact, human brain processes visual information quickly and efficiently. Indeed, the scientist has proved that people process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Moreover, learning with audiovisual materials support for a long-lasting impression that leads to recall knowledge easier.

Animations improve retention and completion rates

Adding animations in eLearning course does great help in keeping learners’ concentration and engagement when learning. When learning by watching animated videos, learners could find the lesson is more relevant to them. Thus, it engages them to stay focused and go through sessions to finish the course. 

Apart from the engaging matter, animation in eLearning could be an additional unique point for your course. So as a learner, do you want to drop out an eLearning course that is fun, informative and outstanding than others?

We have an in-depth article that explains how can animation improve completion rates for online courses , you can check it out!

Animations benefit marketing and promoting activities

As mentioned above, having animation in eLearning courses is an advantage that attracts learners when promoting course. When the gate to join eLearning industry is more open, your course will stand out from others if it could show new creativity in education. Therefore, the benefits of animated learning video are key materials to speak to your learners how great your course is!

Besides, do you know that animation is an effective marketing tool for your course? Nowadays, animated advertisement videos are appearing as a trend. As it’s friendly with social media platform where are home of marketers. Since animation proved to be useful to tell a story, it’s applied more to convey marketing message to potential learners. More importantly, you’ll never worry if your course annoys audience cause animations always bring nice feeling that people love to see!

This is an example of Pro Cloud  a software company which use animation to promotes their new product. In this video, animated materials visually demonstrate the great features of a cloud service provider and set a positive tone for the video.

So how to start using animation in eLearning?

When you come to educational animation, chances are you have to make a series to cover the whole topic rather than just 1, or 2 videos. The budget will be huge for the 1st trying and it is unnecessary. Here are how you can start with animation in eLearning with more affordable price.

cheap animation tips

When it comes to animation making, you will have 2 options: make it your own or hire someone makes it for you.

Cloud-based animation tools like GoAnimatePowToon or VideoScribe could help you create beautiful animated educational videos without mastering any skills in designing or animating. They provide a huge library of ready-made characters, objects, backgrounds, and even music as well as special effects! You can drag-and-drop to customize your own stories. And these tools are cheap, starting from $30 a month subscription.

However, these tools have some noticeable downsides such as lack of versatility and diversity; take many hours to make and no guarantee for final product quality. To avoid that, you can hire an animation studio to make it for you. They would give you authentic animation materials that fit your audience and they are fast (because they are professional).

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To sum up, it’s always hard to improve your online course at a new level of excellence to satisfy your learners more. You’ll have lots of work to do, and you need to do it strategically. In this case, animations come as an all-in-one solution that both advance the quality of the course and enrich the learning experience as we’ve mentioned above. So if you are ready into the idea of animation in eLearning, contact us to get inside this innovative teaching aid! We’re glad to go along with you to inspire learners better!.

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