Animated Learning Videos for Preschool & K12


  • Convert any lessons into an entertaining, educational story
  • Set the tone and emotions of the courses
  • Grab children’s attention with funny characters and music background
  • Stimulate the juniors’ imagination and creativity
  • Develop the love for learning


We retold Math problems using engaging animated stories for children.

Their problem:

The Bar Model Company approaches children by illustrating parts of the problems with bars. This method allows pupils to learn Math using problem-solving scenarios and also displays the necessary procedure for finding answers. Hence this could make it much easier for the kids to learn Math. However, teaching is also about inspiring a love for Math and engaging children to learn more.


Our solution:

We started with what children love the most – animations. Animations inspire kids to explore the world, stimulate imagination, and develop a love for math. F.learning Studio has produced over 50 animated learning videos that fit kids friendly concept of The Bar Model Company. With detailed research on children’s interests, we created various funny and familiar characters to turn the most boring subject – Math into the most entertaining one.

To help young learners get used to the bar model approach, we also designed a pack of playing cards with 40 characters, which is a helpful and engaging teaching material for primary classes.



Light up educational value on interesting animation.

Their problem:

Child Mental Health is a project founded by ShinShin – an experienced psychologist in the mental health field. Since educating mental health for children is difficult and sensitive, many teachers get confused when teaching this subject. ShinShin is aware of that and realizes that animation could be an effective method to deliver mental health knowledge.

However, it’s hard for her to find an animation creator that could share her educational vision. There are various freelancers and animation studios out there, but not everyone could have expertise and passion for education, even professionals.


Our solution:

To keep the animation fun but educational, we joined hands with ShinShin to write the animation script. We must ensure two things. First, the script delivers the necessary information accurately. And second, it’s fun enough to create animations that attract children’s attention.

As a mental health expert, ShinShin provided us with most of the ideas using the monster concept to help visualize the script, then we drew it into a beautiful character. Through engaging story and funny tone, the animation didn’t only bring fun to the lesson but also tactfully explain complicated mental health knowledge for children. How about the result? You could read the detailed case study here.



Animation that delivers the message emotionally

Their problem:

ChildFund Vietnam is an NGO that works to reduce poverty for children in developing communities. They had more than 20 years of working with children, their communities, and local institutions to create lasting change and promote children’s rights. They run a fundraising project to help children grow, learn and reach their full potential in Vietnam’s minority areas. To send that message to the community, ChildFund decided to use animation, which is more appealing than a document or slide to raise funds.


Our solution:

First of all, we worked closely with ChildFund to design a visual style that is eye-catching and attractive to their target audience. The light color palette was chosen because it is nature’s colors and also to keep the vibe of the video optimistic and inspiring.

We used visual language to describe the difference between beautiful natural landscapes and difficulty in the living environment of children in minority areas. We added delightful motion to make ChildFund’s appearance in the video naturally. That helped a lot to highlight their mission in coming up with practical solutions for kids.


MNOP KIDS Case Study

In-budget animations with high quality.

Their problem:

MNOP Kids is a team of educators and designers with more than 20 years of experience in education and creative thinking. They soon realized that animated videos are an engaging tool to tell stories and teach children positive behaviors and values.

Despite the above fact, animations could be surprisingly expensive. Budget is such a huge matter, especially when they are planning on a whole series of animated videos. One minute of video could cost thousands of dollars via a professional studio, and relying on freelancers or templated software could result in slobby work.


Our solution:

We collaborated with MNOP Kids to create a series of engaging videos for children within their budget. We worked together at a 30% lower price than other studios based in the US, UK, and AU. Our animations are created from scratch with unique and authentic artwork. We don’t use pre-designed illustrations and movements. So why such attractive prices?

  • Trust and agreement on repeated business is the key
  • Mutual support in script and storyboard.