ShinShin Tang case study: Animation empowers mental health education for adolescence

Ms. ShinShin Tang – Creator of Child Mental Health Training Project

At our very first start, Ms. ShinShin Tang contacted us to propose her incubated mental health training project for adolescence-centric between 11 – 13 years old, as her lasting captures on educational perspective and projects F. Learning Studios have worked on.

Shin Shin held a Ph.D. in psychology. She proves a rich experience in wide areas of psychology care and helps different people address their inner problems and stand up boldly, happily. But to this training project, her approach must be different because her objects are very sensitive and vulnerable, who about to go through physical and mental ‘evolution’.

The Problem

Shin Shin’s targeted object nowhere but very ‘sensitive’ adolescence, those born the end of gen Z – the gate of gen Alpha: the onset age of puberty, living in the U.S, learning in a bit ‘chaotic’ public schools, where mental health education was not properly focused. There was a fact that even their folks and intimate teachers confessed they have never been trained properly on such ‘psychology’ subject, it’s reasonably not having enough confidence to sort out their students’ turbulent emotions, strange and neither – understand- why behaviors.

Such the challenge has imposed, Shin Shin was reflected on her next mission, giving herself an opportunity to educate adolescent children to positively face both physical and psychological chaos within self, and pass her expertise knowledge on teaching mental health to their daily teachers on Child Mental Health Training Project.

“Why animation? The reason was pretty simple and couldn’t be more suitable: Kids love cartoon. Let’s use cartoon then”

She was right, we used to be kids grow up seeing animation, it’s so dearly and feel-like-home, let alone lovable, simple and warm-felt, which considerably impacts the outcome of psychology training.

However, all the floating mental health educational videos she found on the internet either too dry or delivered inaccurate information, which can never satisfy her. She sought a studio with tailored animation to really capture her vision in terms of what the animation for mental health training looks like and share the same value on education.

The Solution

After comprehending her problem, we offer her a friendly, delightful but educationally effective ‘visual plan’, impacts directly on students’ emotions. Shin Shin never thinks of animation as a touching medium and amazing “1 picture worth 1000 words conveying”, as motion pictures not only to touch eyes but ears, mnemonic, as the most efficient training ware for her project. After seeing the reel, she was totally impressive. F Learning Studio’s animations talk small, but it works.

By far, she was persuaded by our expertise knowledge, experience. (shown in prior educational animation projects), and very competitive pricing, F.learning Studio – can never be a more perfect match!. Shin Shin was paired up with F.Learning Studio to design a mental health training course using character animations.

“F. Learning Studio helped me see the usefulness and potential of educational animation that I couldn’t find from what I have seen. I liked the way the company shows their expertise and passion for education on their website, both from the blogs and previous works. Moreover, the price was so competitive when coming with the tailor-made animations service.” 

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The Actual Process

Step 1. Wrote an impressive animation script

“I had no idea about animation before. The producer of F. Learning Studio has directly contacted me and helped me a lot in writing an animation script. He supported me to deliver the information needed delicately but also make the script be able to do the illustration and animation effectively .” 

– Shin Shin.

F.learning Studio has supported ShinShin in writing the script that turns her lessons into an engaging story that was ready for animation. We knew that not everyone was a player in writing an animation script, it should have taken from both the in-depth narrative knowledge and understanding about animation. Therefore, working with the producers of F. learning Studio was truly beneficial for ShinShin because it helped to avoid misunderstanding or errors in the motion pictures that occurred because of scriptwriting.

Step 2. Figured out a beautiful style frame

It was where the magic happens! To encourage children, regardless of their genders, to identify with any of the characters in the animated series, Shinshin wanted to use monsters as the main characters in teaching mental health. And she found that F.Learning Studio has really captured this through the attractive designs we offered. In the process of designing style frame, F. learning Studio:

  • drew out idea and turned it into beautiful characters
  • provided 3 options for style frame to decide, including: character design, color, background, font.

Notably, Shin Shin highly appreciated that we provided 3 options for her to choose. Because 3 is a number that professional studios usually offer for clients which you can’t find it when working with freelancers.

animation for mental health education example
From the first design to the final style frame.

 Step 3. Created the storyboards

One more exclusive experience in the production process was checking the storyboard. Creating a storyboard was part of a hard job. It served as a visualized version of the script that includes everything children were going to see on the screen.

ShinShin was offered to see after every step of the process: from sample to full storyboard. She was also a member of the production team. Moreover, she always felt assured as the studio was able to make quick changes according to her revisions of each step.

A part of a storyboard that shows how the script is visualized on the screen.

Step 4. Involved in the illustration process

After the storyboard, the team moved on with illustration. In a nutshell, it was to draw carefully every scene in the storyboard with the chosen style frame. It was not as difficult as designing the style frame, but it took lots of time and required the illustrators to be very careful and precise.

“F.learning Studio still offered me to make the revision when doing illustration. It made me feel the professional and premium quality of the end-to-end service that the studio provides.”

animation concept design for mental health education video
The difference between the storyboard and illustration for one scene.

Step 5. Designed and executed an awesome animation series

Went from knowing nothing about animation to owning an animation series, it’s very magnetic! ShinShin has successfully made an interesting lesson about mental problems for children with a creative teaching aid, its educational animation.

The outcome

After completing the first part of the animation series, ShinShin ran its trials in some health lessons. Although the project is still under preparation, it has achieved some impressive results.

It really works!

The children were actually watching the videos and paying attention! And also the teachers who watched the animated video, they felt it useful and interesting in explaining what they couldn’t understand before.

It goes viral!

Besides letting students watch it, ShinShin also published the animation on Youtube. What a pleasant surprise! The video has reached 5000 people without any advertising or promotion. It shows that the video has natural value and it really attracts the viewers!

The tailor-made animated videos that F. learning Studio produced for Shin Shin has done a great job to:

▶️ Effectively explain mental health knowledge

New and delicate topic that naturally is hard for both children and adults to understand it.

▶️ Creatively train teachers

It’s where the ‘teaching by learning’ strategy goes success. Now with animated videos, the teachers can learn about children’s problem first, then find a better way to teach their students what they’ve learned.

▶️ Tactfully teach students

Animations help to deliver sensitive and difficult knowledge to adolescent children by engaging characters and funny tone that students love to watch!

▶️ Potentially distribute worldwide:

With animated videos, ShinShin could easily transform this on-campus syllabus into an online course and deliver over the world to more children.

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