I&V corporate training videos: Use Animation to BOOST Competitive Advantage in Training Industry

Apply animation in corporate training videos: update USP for core product, create competitive advantage

About Integrity and Values

Integrity and Values (I&V) is known as the global leader in behavior change, executive coaching, and team development. Through corporate training videos, Integrity and Values’ goal is to successfully train the top managers and leaders who produce extraordinary results for companies.

Follow this mission, they work hard to provide great training courses that’s not only effective but also interesting to their clients. At first, Integrity and Values has chosen talking-head video as a main educating method for a long time. However, when learner’s demand is rising as nowadays, it is no longer an optimal option for them anymore. 

In the training industry, education content improvement is not enough, you need to make it different and interesting to get more pay. As a business working in the leadership training industry, I&V understands this strict and competitive market. Especially when every competitor uses talking-head videos as their main knowledge delivery tool, it’s hard for I&V to show off its new content if this company follows the same route. That’s the reason why I&V chooses animation. Animation not only helps this company create competitive advantage but also allows them to deliver more kind of leadership knowledge that talking-head can’t. For example, when talking-head only shows theory-based knowledge, animation can show both theory and practice-based ones. 

Apply animation in corporate training videos: effective abstract knowledge delivery, improve the learner experience

The main problem of leadership training is learners know the knowledge but fail to practice. I&V solves this problem by designing a course that helps learners to practice and evaluate their improvement. Animation is the best option to show the idea:  

F.Learning’s solution: Animation corporate training videos for I&V

1. Style consultation to fit I&V’s learners and contents

Based on I&V’s target audience – everyone interests in learning leadership (staff, students, and others), F.Learning provides a friendly style that fits popular’s taste but adds some formal vibe of leadership. Take a look at this character style, a mixture of the fun and friendly character and formal uniform:

Also, F.Learning understands the strength of I&V courses is focus on practice-based knowledge and evalutaion, we provide a collection of icon to adapt their content.


2. Voice-over (VO) consultation to help attract I&V’s learners

Since I&V’s learners are diversified and general, F.Learning suggests the voice with a bright and happy tone. Also, the voice interacts with learners to keep them focus. 

corporate training videos

A part of the storyboard for Integrity and Values project


In the strict training industry, a competitive advantage can skyrocket your success. F.Learning Studio expertise in making animation training series that optimize your opportunity course. If you have an idea to be outstanding, just book a free consultation with us. 

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