8 Best Animated Training Video Production Companies (2023 updated)

There are many challenges when it comes to producing animation corporate training videos such as long video duration, strict deadlines, effective projects, and risk management skills. Therefore, choosing the right animated training video companies that can manage your project is extremely important. However, you might be drowned in the thousands of options and don’t know which one to choose. The list of the top training video production companies below will save you, just take a look and make your own decision. The training video companies in this list are evaluated based on: expertise in corporate training, service, pricing, communication, and project management skill.

Top 8 corporate training video production companies

  • F.Learning Studio
  • Studio Pigeon
  • Stormy Studio
  • Creamy Animation
  • Blue Carrot
  • Yum Yum
  • Sharpeye Animation
  • Dar Video
  • Idea Rocket
  • Explainify

1. F.Learning Studio


High production capability to handle big projects

We have a feasible amount of in-house staff to support multiple training modules in parallel over a prolonged period of time. When partnering with F.Learning, you have your own team. It includes a Project Manager who designs an easy-to-follow process and a team of training consultants, animators, and illustrators. With flexibility in communication, the production team can eliminate back-and-forth and handle the big scope of work well.

Moreover, F.Learning is an expert in the animation series production field. The animated training video production company can produce up to 2000 minutes of animation per year. That even makes the process stronger to keep your schedule stay organized, in case of external changes.

Below is the Simple Nursing project. F.Learning helps this client produce 150 minutes of training animation series within 4 months.

Add-in services: Interactive quizzes and branched-scenario questions

We can create learning pathways to fit the level of understanding of users. In the below examples, the video contains a knowledge check, based on the answer given, learners would be looped to the different parts of the video. Everything in the design is fully animation video, not powerpoint-like slides or green screen. This service can be flexible based on your current LMS.

Professional in producing corporate training videos

Since each business model is different, you have your own online training problems. F.Learning’s consultation aims to understand the business and its online corporate training problems first. Then, we provide a customized animation solution. Each element, from style, and music to the narrator’s voice are chosen carefully, based on business culture, employee learning styles, branding guidelines, and current training materials. All to ensure your learners can go through the corporate training with ease.  

With hands-on experience in creating corporate training animation for many organizations, we basically can animate any training type such as health and safety training, financial training, onboarding training, new employee training, etc. The other part is how deep we can understand your training problem to craft an animation solution. Read our Intelycare case study for a better understanding.

First time managing animation project at large scale? 

Don't worry! We worked with a client that uses animation to train 15,000 audience. See how F.Learning Studio controls production to help our client nail their scale-up training strategy. 


Location & Time Zone

The only weakness of the studio is that it may have a different time zone from you, which may be a little inconvenient. With experience working with companies that have a 12-hour time difference, the studio knows how to respond to you as soon as possible. Regardless of the location and time zone, you will still receive the same quality services as the clients in the same country with the studio.

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2. Studio Pigeon



Studio Pigeon is the training video production with powerful storytelling. The studio believes in the power of storytelling in training and entertainment. With more than 100 in-house storytellers, Pigeon always owns the most unique ideas.


HR-focus only

Corporate training includes many fields including training program series, online recruitment, employee development, etc. Pigeon focuses strongly on HR content. Therefore, when it comes to training program series and other corporate training fields, to ensure your training schedule, other training video production companies might be better matches.

3. Stormy Studio


Focus on HSE training

This training video production company goes for HSE videos (animated health and safety training videos). It helps to educate many employees about safety in the workplace. The stormy studio may be the choice for companies that follows many safety rules.

Vibrant and colorful styles

The studio is quite different from other best-animated training video companies as they focus on providing the most vibrant and unique style videos. Complex concepts will be illustrated in the most creative and colorful ways. The unique themes of this studio will impress every learner of the courses. 


Not a strong player in medical or financial training fields

If your medical business needs animation training videos, you should look for other studios. One drawback of having experience in every field is that the studio cannot be an expert in some fields. In the medical and financial fields, other employee training video production companies are much stronger than Stormy Studio.

4. Creamy Animation


High-quality videos

Creamy Animation is one of the top players in the animation explainer video field. It focuses on producing explainer videos that simplify all concepts, regardless of the topic. With 12 years of experience in the field, the studio has been the partner of various well-known companies. They deeply know how to satisfy their clients, even the most challenging ones. 


High price

Creamy Animation is one of the studios that charge the highest prices for 1 minute of animation. Therefore it is suitable for you if you need a team to complete a 1-off project. As corporate training usually needs a series of videos, working with the studio costs you much more than planned.

5. Blue Carrot


Easy-to-follow process

Blue Carrot is the training video production expertise in eLearning. They are good at designing production schedules that save time and energy. That’s the reason why this studio meets the client’s deadline easily.


Focus on students only

With content providers and eLearning agencies as main clients, Blue Carrot understands students – the learner group which is extremely different from employees. When it comes to employees who have busy schedules, it would be better if you choose another vendor that focuses on employee engagement.

6. Yum Yum


Experience in a wide range of fields

The studio can meet the needs of every client as they can provide animation explainer videos, animation series, educational videos, or even commercial ads. This helps the team be more flexible in generating new ideas, no matter which fields that clients require. Yum Yum teams can always provide their clients with impressive themes and plots that help deliver clients’ messages.


Long production time

Yum Yum has the strength of providing sophisticated animation. However, this makes them a little bit slower than other studios. Long production time may have huge negative impacts on clients’ plans. If your deadline is quite close, Yum Yum is not the best studio to cooperate with.

High price

Time is money. When unnecessary steps are not minimized, communication between clients and the studio or even within the teams takes much longer. This leads to an inefficient production process which is inconvenient for clients. Yum Yum usually needs a long time to complete a video, and this leads to a higher price.

7. Sharpeye Animation


Technology expert

Sharp Eye Animation is an award-winning animated video production company founded by ex-Googler. The studio provides premium services for the clients and the founder of the studio works directly with every client. Working with this studio, clients have the chance to experience top-quality consulting services and perfect-to-each-detail videos.



It is unarguable that the animation video explainer provided by Sharp Eye Animation is decent. However, it also comes with an extremely high price. Normally, corporate training sessions need a series of animations to explain the whole concept. One explainer video cost produced by the team may exceed your budget for the whole series. 

8. Dar Video


Diversity in field

If you look at Dar Video’s service list, this training video production provides services on a wide range of fields (from insurance to finance). That means they quite understand different business models – one of the important factors when creating online training content.


Turnaround time

An animated training video from Dar Video takes 5 weeks to produce. So, you need to have a clear plan with many milestones to ensure the production process won’t break your training schedule.

Conclusion about training video production

We hope after going through the list of the best-animated training video companies, you have finally made your decision. Just remember, you need the most suitable studio, not the most expensive one. If it is still too challenging for you, we are only one click away and always ready to help you choose the most suitable studio for your corporate training videos.

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