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Top 4 Animated Safety Video Companies For HSE Training

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Health, Safety, and Environment training, or HSE training for short, directly deals with the well-being of employees and workers. Therefore, it requires a concise but precise description of potential situations and the procedures to follow. That puts stress on choosing the right studio among the overwhelming number of animated safety video companies


Not only does the studio need to be proficient in illustration and animation production, but it also has to meet other criteria. Those include consistent quality, impeccable schedule management, and budget-friendly pricing. Get just one of the criteria wrong, and the whole project may crumble! So, if you’re weighing your options to find the best safety animation studio, the following list of different companies’ pros and cons will help you make up your mind. 


Best Animated Safety Video Companies To Hire For HSE Training


1. F.Learning Studio



Expert In Producing 2D Animation For Education And Training 

F.Learning Studio offers its clients hundreds of hours of experience in producing corporate training animation. The studio’s products rival those from the top animated safety video companies in the world. F.Learning Studio has created training videos for a dynamic range of fields, such as Health, Safety, Environment training, financial training, staff training,… 

The company has a team of experts that are well-versed in the dos and don’ts of HSE training. That means you can save your time explaining the details of the project. Just give F.Learning Studio the gist and see your ideas come alive with the best-animated videos. Every product coming out of the studio comes with custom art styles, vibrant color schemes, and voiceovers that compliment clients’ uniqueness.

Produce Videos In Large Quantity

HSE training programs often require a full animated series. The reason is that they deal with various complicated processes and safety regulations to ensure the well-being of workers and employees. However, companies cannot afford to have their staff spend too much time on training, which reduces their work proficiency. That puts forward the demand for a short yet informative HSE series to effectively train workers. F.Learning Studio can do that for you. The skilled animators at the company can produce up to 2000 minutes of animation a year. It’s more than enough to meet your need for a complete series. 

In the Simple Nursing project, F.Learning successfully produced 150 minutes of training animation in 4 months


Proficiency In Managing Big Work Scope And Schedule

F.Learning Studio can produce roughly 80 minutes of animation per month. And with plenty of experience of making animated series with various clients, your projects are in good hands. The studio excels at time optimization, minimizing the duration of consultation, production, and feedback. On top of that, F.Learning Studio also offers a flexible working process to fit the characteristics of each project.  

Reasonable Pricing

With F.Learning Studio, you will be able to make the most out of your investment in animation. They offer flawless animation that rivals top animated safety video companies at jaw-dropping price points.  Based in Vietnam, the studio has an advantage in operating costs, which helps them keep the expense down. F.Learning Studio also optimizes the working process, skipping unnecessary steps to minimize opportunity costs.

Ask your questions NOW and get answered within 12 hours!


Location & Time Zone

The one and only catch to F.Learning Studio is their location. Though it gives a budget advantage, it also puts forward the problem of communication. You may often find yourselves in an 8 to 12-hour time zone difference. To tackle that, F.Learning Studio offers a 24/7 communication service so that you can reach them from across the globe at your convenience. On top of that, the consultation call is free!


2. Studio Rossiter



Speaking of industrial safety animation, or just HSE training animation in general, Studio Rossiter may pop up as a prevalent choice. They are experts in producing both marketing and safety animation videos. Each and every one of their video comes with an end-to-end service, including scripting, professional voiceover, storyboard, music & sound fx. The studio is also capable of creating videos in large quantities with a transparent working process for clients to control every stage of the production. 


Studio Rossiter is one of the top animated safety video companies, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Their safety animation pricing will drop your jaw; it goes for almost $1,800 for every 1 minute of runtime. However, that price does not buy you a major difference in video quality. Other safety animation studios, such as F.Learning Studio, offer the same performance at a fraction of the price.


3. Stormy Studio



Stormy Studio is very competent in both 2D and 3D animation. They can create amazing animation for various fields, including electrical safety animation and safety PPE animation. Stormy’s trademarks are 2D and 3D art concepts with vibrant colors and unique styles that will catch your eyes. 


However, due to their location in the United Kingdom, Stormy Studio cannot provide a good price point for customers. Their staggering operation costs, including human resources, equipment, facilities, and overheads, prevent them from competing in prices with studios in other parts of the world. Therefore, if you wish to stay within the budget for a project, this may not be the choice. You can still get animated videos of the same quality without the gigantic price gap.


4. Creative Drop



Creative Drop is an animation studio that can do it all. They provide a wide array of services, ranging from logo & web design, photography, video production, and, of course, animation. The studio excels in 3D animation, especially for architecture and construction. So if you want to make 3D construction safety animation videos, Creative Drop can be the place to go. They produce great quality work with top-tier teams and equipment.



However, Creative Drop is only proficient in 3D animation, which means they may not be the right choice if you want to go 2D. On the experience side, they also seem to fall off a bit. The studio has little experience in HSE Training animation since they focus on more than just animation. And the price to hire Creative Drop is also pretty steep due to their location in Dubai.  


Above are the pros and cons of the best-animated safety video companies as of now. After going through the list, we hope you can make up your mind on which studio is suitable for your project. But do keep one thing in mind: find the animation studio that offers the most value, and the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best!


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