What is behind high-quality animation?

The success of an online course is often gauged in 3 things: course design, learning outcomes, and the brand’s awareness. Nowadays, educational animation is the first choice for those who are looking for a solution to create effective online learning courses. However, most people think that animation, especially tailor-made one, is costly so they can’t handle it. In fact, there are various ways to make an efficient investment in animated videos that fit your budget. And another important thing is high-quality animations could save you the cost of doing marketing and branding. In this article, we will figure out what it is behind high-quality animation that brings various miraculous benefits to your online courses.

Tailor-made animation to wholly customized to your brand

Instructional designers have applied high-quality animations as better learning materials that increase students’ retention rate and outcomes. Besides, tailor-made animated videos could give a professional look for the course as well as strengthen your brand awareness.

1. Custom-made animation look better than template animated videos

First and foremost, animation that is tailor-made always looks more professional than one created from pre-made templates. The concept, style guideline, and even the tone of the animated video will fit your company branding.

Now, the lack of flexibility and diversity is not a problem. When using animation software, you often have to deal with situations where pre-designed characters are not what you expect them to be. Or sometimes, the samples are not infinite and can limit your visual design. With high-quality animation, illustrators will draw every new image to ensure it matches your content. And of course, there is no boundary for their creativity. You can ask the illustrators to add more specific symbols or edit the characters any way you want to.

2. Unique animation, unique brand image

The critical element of tailor-made animation is the unique design for the brand image. Everything is original and created from scratch to fit your branding. You don’t need to worry about the brand identity being damaged. What you have in your video are the animation’s materials that are only for your course, your brand. No one can use the same elements as you, from illustrations to audio tracks.

Authentic artwork means you can achieve a certain look, a distinctive image, and position on the market, which strengthens your brand name. The animated learning video that is different from others means one has more chance to attract learners.

An example of our tailor-made animation for a healthcare training course.

3. End-to-end service 

With high-quality animation, you will be provided with end-to-end services. You don’t need to hire individual freelancers who are specialized in one aspect of animation only.  All you need is to find a studio that you can trust and let their team do everything for you.

An animation studio has expertized scriptwriter, a storyboard artist, an illustrator, and an animator. Your job now is to communicate with one person, the project manager, who is in charge of the whole team. Tell him/her what you want for your course. Give them the most detailed requirements possible so they can meet your desires. As a result, the workflow will be much smoother and save you time and money.

4. Give consultation for online courses all matters related

Full-package service of a professional studio doesn’t stay at just making animation on your demand. Some studios, as F.learning Studio, are willing to give you free consultation from beginning to end on all matters related. We help our clients choose the type of animation would be the best fit for their course and branding. Sometimes, we suggest how to upgrade the voice-over for a better combination with animation, and so on.

If you are considering a long educational animation series, you should opt for high-quality animation in term of branding benefit. A professional studio can provide you with pieces of advice for your business in the production of animated online courses. The consistency of the animation style, the tone of videos could strengthen your brand images as well as expand your brand awareness. A learning course that could equivalent to thousands of dollars saved from additional marketing.

Your animation project is too hard to be tamed?  Let us help you.

Handle Animation Project with Ease

- A Simple Toolkit for Success

High-quality animation doesn’t always mean high producing cost

You may think that custom design is expensive and never has a low price. However, have you ever thought about high-end animation created from small studios at affordable prices? Can quality be assured with tight budgets? Take a look, and we’ll show you the details of each situation.

Situation 1: Professional studio – high quality of animation – high cost

Needless to discuss further, of course, it’s true. Why?

Professional studios ensure high quality of visualization and animation

Animation studios are full of professionals who know what they are doing. There is no doubt professionals have experiences and expertise. You could get the best quality of the storyboard, illustration, animating.  These professionals will not only bring a better look of visual but also make your video fit the brand guideline in term of color and style.

High producing cost for high-end animation

Everything has its price. Since everything is tailored, so is the price. In term of a perfect animation, it certainly can’t come at a low price. In general, a 60-second 2D animated video could cost from $3,000 to $50,000. 3D animation is much pricier, starting from $10,000 with basic models.

The price also depends on where the studio locates. For example, studios in developing countries like Vietnam could offer animations with the same quality but more affordable price than professional studios in US-UK.

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Situation 2: Small studio – premium animation – affordable price

How can a small studio bring premium animation at an affordable price?

You probably never thought of this before because it seemed impossible. However, small studios can bring video animation for great quality as well as large studios in the US-UK for less than 5 or even 10 times. They can provide authentic artwork with unique animations that follow your courses’ style and branding demand.

You also get end-to-end service from a small animation studio. Working with a small studio, you wouldn’t have to hire a scriptwriter, a storyboard artist, an illustrator, and an animator separately. The difference here is that small studios may not have as many years of experience as big studios. But that does not mean their team is not as good at what they are doing. In fact, the lack of experience might open younger studio up to the newest and most effective animation design there is. Many factors can affect the overall price of an animation project, and the barrier of distance may be a typical element.

To help you have an accurate evaluation of what a small studio can do, we are giving you an example of our work below.

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The case study of IntelyCare

IntelyCare is building a program for nurses to expand the knowledge around their time with better engagement than learning in classrooms. However, medical knowledge is overwhelming to most people, even nurses with a healthcare background. They are looking for a way to break the traditional sense of healthcare training is long and tedious.

F. Learning Studio used animated training videos to step up the game by showing a new, fun and professional vibe to the courses. The information is quite academic, so we created characters following familiar concepts to reduce the seriousness of medical training. Medical animations then are not “something nice to have”. With sounds and visuals, they could significantly enhance the course with better training outcomes.


We have already finished answering the question “What is behind high-quality animations”. You must have understood the advantages of tailor-made animations by now. High-quality animation isn’t costly because it’s worthy of your investment. So, if you are interested in brand and style benefits, we sincerely recommend you contacting a professional studio. Based on your budget, you can find a small or large and famous studio. However, keep in mind that you can always make the most of your budget with a few certain low-cost animation studios, like F. Studio.

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