How F.Learning Studio Works with Clients to Control the Animation Review Process

From the sharing of our big clients, they shared that they always prepare their business plans before 1-3 years. Whenever making any plan, every small plan must meet the timeline and prove its quality. When working with clients, we realize that they still consider a few things in hiring an agency to handle the big-scoped projects: 

  • How many projects does the agency handle at once?
  • Will the agency commit to the tight timeline and bring out the highest result? 

Here’s sharing from F.Learning Studio’s real experience on how we control the animation review process well to meet clients’ expectations. 

How can F.Learning Studio handle your big-scoped animation projects?  

With many years of experience, we understand that large projects help us grow rapidly with enriching experiences and less time. Moreover, it also brings us good chances to work with big clients. We know about the concerns and worries of our clients, we try hard to comfort our clients through our work and finished products. 

On the journey of handling big-scoped projects, we always keep the project on track and deliver high results. Do you want to find out F.Learning’s secrets in managing big-scope projects? 

Keeping your project on track with the timeline

We provide a timesheet and links/ folders so that the clients can check the animation review process anytime they need. For example, F.Learning completed the Simple Nursing project with more than 700 minutes of animation video in the medical field. We finished 150 minutes of the project impressively in only 3 months. You can find out more about the project Simple Nursing:

Being able to adapt to any changes and deadlines  

Through time working with clients on big-scope projects, we recognize that adaptability and flexibility are essential for an agency to manage big-scoped projects. After planning a perfect plan, sometimes clients may want to input or remove something. It will affect the process, timeline, and deadline. With F.Learning, we are always ready for changes in the project. More importantly, we must handle the changes while staying on track with the original deadline.

After receiving feedback from clients, F.Learning quickly makes a change and adapts it to projects. If a client requests a change in the middle of a project, we will assess the change request in all aspects. After that, we will present our recommendation on how to proceed with the changing request. 

We are sure you will be stressed out about how to give the right feedback to the agency, especially if you do not have animation knowledge. In the beginning, F.Learning advises clients about what to expect and what to review for each production stage. It will help to minimize the number of changes and edits. 

vendor selection process timelines
F.Learning Timeline Tracking Template

Your animation project is too hard to be tamed? 

Let us help you.

Ebook: Handle Animation Project with Ease- A Simple Toolkit

Having an invoice tracking system for long-term cooperation

Because big-scope projects contain many complicated steps, it may take a long time. As a trusted agency/ vendor, we have an invoice tracking system so that the clients can follow up and make the payment on time. 

Clients are concerned about whether an agency can maintain the best quality within the deadline whenever they see an agency handling multiple big-scope projects. F.Learning owns a large production team and has a simple and effective process. Besides that, we also can adapt to any changes from the client. We are confident in handling big-scope animation projects with satisfaction from clients. 

The animation review process of F.Learning is divided into 3 stages with many small steps. F.Learning makes sure that clients can review and give feedback for every step. We aim to maintain quality consistency and keep the project on the right track.  

What makes the F.Learning Studio’s animation review process different from the market?

Working with clients and understanding their concerns about keeping the project on track, F.Learning comes up with a transparent review process in detail. We focus on defining core problems to prioritize editing when having feedback.

Before diving in, here is a short description of F.Learning animation production process that you may want to know:

#1 Pre-production 

What makes F.Learning stand out from others

Because this is the most important stage, we ensure clear communication between clients and F.Learning’s team members. The pre-production stage is divided into 3 rounds:

Free Consultation Call: We use a direct way (phone call, face-to-face meeting) to understand the clients’ requests and requirements. Not only do we want to fulfill the client’s request, but also we want to advise them on the best-fit solution. From the viewpoint of business, F.Learning provides flexible consultation on how to make quality products within a suitable budget. 

  • In the consulting round, we will find some general information about the client’s target audience, budget, goal, and objective of the project. 
  • If a client has a fixed budget, we will advise which types of animation project is suitable for them
  • If a client has a big idea and wants to make, it come true, no matter how much it costs. We will move to the brainstorming stage. 

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Brief: We will develop a brief for clients throughout the research and brainstorming. Important members from F.Learning, such as the Account Executive, Project Manager, and Art Director, will be involved in brainstorming a final brief.

Proposal: A proposal will include style frames, illustration/ animation demos, and a quotation. Once the clients approve, we will immediately set up a production calendar.

#2 Production

What makes F.Learning stand out from others

Once the client approves the demo, F.Learning will continue to unify each style and frame of the storyboard. Every member of F.Learning must understand the requirements deeply and coordinate them smoothly with each other to finish products ahead of time. 

We use efficient tools to optimize feedback channels and allow clients to give feedback as soon as possible:

  • ClickUp to monitor each phase of the project. 
  • Email and allow clients to feedback directly about the product. has great advantages, such as instantly getting footage from cameras to team members, viewing feedback on a precise video frame, and getting real-time comments and approvals. 
  • Google Drive to deliver finished products. 

The production stage is divided into small steps: 

  • Script: From the clients’ rough materials, we will develop a script in detail. We believe that a good script comes from great ideas and engaging stories. 
  • Storyboard & Style frames: Easily choose between 2 options or more. 
  • Illustrations: We illustrate all the details, from character design to background elements, after the style is selected.
  • Voice-over & Animation: We ensure the voice will match with motions. 
  • Sound design: We add some background music and FX (if any). We revise until the client has no feedback for us. 
  • Delivery: The animation video is ready for delivery. 

#3 Post-production 

We make sure that clients always get what they want.

“We were delighted with the service that we received from F.Learning Studio. We were very keen to leverage the use of animated informative videos so that our patients could better understand the treatment for their conditions. The whole process with the team was smooth and efficient, and we were delighted with the result. We have had much positive feedback from our patients who commented on how well the information is explained”.

Manish Chand

Chief Medical Officer at AIS Channel, Professor of Surgery

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We hope you will find it useful sharing on how we manage big-scope animation projects. From the experience of working with many prominent clients, we are confident to develop a transparent and detailed animation review process. To meet the deadline, avoid conflict and exhaust editing, let us bring you the best quality animation products!

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