Top 12 Amazing Training Video Production Companies In 2023

Conventional training videos often have a lot of information and short duration. These videos try to explain the topic in the shortest amount of time possible. However, it proves to be counter-effective. By cramming too much data and material, these instructional videos overwhelm employees and learners. Hence, they end up not understanding any of the dull, dry knowledge. 

What you need is an interesting way to deliver the information. That’s where the animation comes into play. It will increase training quality by providing a more immersive and engaging experience for learners. With an animated training video, you can help your audience develop skills, boost productivity, and inspire their courses of action.

But how exactly can you incorporate animation into training videos? And more importantly, how to do it seamlessly and effectively? The following top 12 instructional video production companies will solve all of your inquiries. 

5 Factors To Identify Top-quality Training Video Production Companies

1. Expertise

This evaluates the company’s skill and knowledge of these animated instructional video companies. Clients can easily identify a competent potential partner by investigating its portfolio for past experience. Reviewing a company’s previous work should showcase whether it understands the procedure or how to produce top-quality training videos. 

A portfolio also reveals the “comfort zone” of a training video production company. This refers to the industry it has the most experience with or specialized in. If the company has satisfied clients from the same industry as yours, its team will have the insights and knowledge required to execute what you have in mind for your business. 

Another sign of expertise is originality. The company has to be creative with the way it transfers your knowledge. That means no recycling of familiar templates or styles for various projects. Looking generic will hurt your brand’s image as it is placed in the same category as thousands of others in the industry. Only a genuine custom animation can take you out of that group and make your project stand out.

Finding more ideas to make the best of educational animation in your training? Download this.

Animation Application in Employee Training - Preparation Guide

2. Communication 

Always put stress on responsive digital communication when you’re looking for a corporate training video production company. In most cases, you will find yourself and your partner working almost exclusively online. Therefore, without an effective way to communicate virtually, the quality of the project will decrease. The company should answer your inquiries in a fast and detailed fashion instead

3. Time Management

Professional animated instructional video production companies must be punctual. It needs to always stay on time and deliver products on schedule to keep your project in a smooth motion. Consequently, an optimized production procedure where there are no unnecessary steps in between is a welcome sign. On top of that, the company also needs to be capable of handling large-scale projects or multiple projects at the same time. This ensures even when it’s working with different clients, you will not be in the back seat

4. Customer Experience

The attitude of service is what separates a good training video production service from a phenomenal one. Prioritize companies who provide a customer-centric experience or place their customers’ benefits first. Make sure that your partners will dedicate all their talents and resources to help you achieve your goals. 

5. Pricing

Of course, companies issue different asking prices, but you’re the judge to determine whether it justifies the services they offer. This criterion requires a little consideration, meaning looking at the options you have. Find out which corporate instructional video production company is offering the most reasonable pricing for the best training video quality. You should also put the future into the equation. This is a long-term investment, so do think about its value in the long run. 

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Top 12 Training Video Production Companies In 2023

Here are 12 talented training video production services that are worth consideration in 2023:

  1. F.Learning Studio
  2. Studio Pigeon
  3. Cognitive
  4. Second Home Studios
  5. Darvideo Animation Studio
  6. Wow-How Studio
  7. Vermillion Films
  8. LAI Video
  9. Dream Engine
  10. PUSH Collaborative
  11. NANOBOT Medical Communication
  12. Explanimate!

#1 F.Learning Studio – No. 1 Animated Training Video Production Companies

F.Learning is a training video production company that specializes in everything animation. We provide clients worldwide with top-quality corporate training video services across all sectors. Our satisfied customers include leading companies in nurse training, education, and HSE training.

Here’s what we will offer your business:

  1. Extensive Expertise: As a 5-year experience training video company, F.Learning staff is familiar with in-field jargon from industries like medical, logistics, finance, banking, etc. That’s the reason why we can analyze your training modules and consult you on the best animation solution to fit in.
  2. Competent Timeline Management And Mass Production: F.Learning Studio can produce up to 2,000 minutes of animation a year. That’s more than 80 minutes per month. And to better manage our resources and time, we optimize every step in the animated corporate training video production. It includes smart communication processes, back-and-forth reduction, and planning ahead. Also, we have in-house resources to manage big-scoped projects that need to deliver multiple training modules in parallel.
  3. On-point consultation: Say no to upselling. Your benefits sit in the goal of our operations. F.Learning Studio always starts the training video production process with a free consultation call to get to know our clients. We want to understand your concerns, expectations, and priorities. From there, our team will sit down to evaluate the situation and then allocate necessary resources according to your needs and demands. 
  4. LMS-friendly additional services: F.Learning Studio creates flexible learning materials that can be incorporated into Learning Management System platforms for extra utility. We can also add interactive quizzes and branched questions in your modules.

Customers’ Testimonials

“The collaboration went well beyond the creation of a great cartoon animation. It can be difficult to explain, but Sean and his team guided us to find the essence of what we offer and helped us formulate a simple story that communicates it clearly.”, Geoff Lawton, Founder, Permaculture Sustainable Consulting.

Price Range (Per Minute): Not Published

Keen to learn more about F.Learning Studio’s training video services? Hop on over to our Animated Training Video Service Page right here.

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#2 Studio Pigeon – Instructional Video Production Company

Founded in 2012, Studio Pigeon is one of the industry’s best training video production companies. They major in producing materials for advertising and marketing campaigns as well as training animation. The company boasts an impressive portfolio with big-time clients like IKEA and McDonald’s.

Customers’ Testimonials

“We’re impressed with the team’s creativity to turn boring and difficult information into easy-to-understand materials.” Visual Communications Manager, Energy Company

Price Range (Per Minute): $5000+

#3 Cognitive – Training Video Production Company

Cognitive is one of the most prestigious animation studios in the world. The company had its breakthrough moment after working with global institutions and NGOs such as the Royal Society of Arts, Amnesty International, and the Bill Gates Foundation. Besides being an instructional video production company, they focus on whiteboard animation, explainer videos, marketing materials, and training videos. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“Cognitive are the only people who can use the unique approach that they originated, to tell such powerful, often quite complicated stories in such fresh and clear ways.”, Jonathan Calascione, Senior Partner, Deloitte.

Price Range (Per Minute): Not Published

#4 Second Home Studios – Corporate Training Video Company

Another experienced player on this list! Second Home Studios is a corporate training video company having years of expertise in animation. This instructional video production company worked with numerous broadcasters, super brands, and everybody in between. Their product animation takes on a wide variety and palette of styles, ranging from light to dark, serious to silly, and simple to sophisticated. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“They’re very professional and are easily accessible. The team is friendly and responsive. They went above and beyond to deliver everything we needed. Even with the changes that were made partway through the project, they still delivered. 

We met in person a few times, but we mostly communicated through conference calls and emails.” Group Creative Director, ITG

Price Range (Per Minute): Not Published

#5 Darvideo Animation Studio – Company Training Video Production

Darvideo has been in the business since 2010! This is one of the top animated training video production services and is now busy at work with the latest innovations. They place a major interest in clients from the mid-market. Darvideo Animation Studio will be a great option if you’re on a budget.

Customers’ Testimonials

“They were working just for us in the last couple of months, or at least it felt like that. They were very responsive and accepted a lot of changes from us. There are some very picky members in our team, but this didn’t deter them.

They continued to improve the videos. They came up with creative ideas that were better than ours and with solutions that were much better than we’d hoped for.”, Program Manager, The Conference Board of Canada

Price Range (Per Minute): $1,000 – $2,500

#6 Wow-How Studio– Corporate Training Video Production

Wow-How Studio is a team of creative professionals and enthusiasts who are masters of art and animation. The animated training video production company has the expertise it takes to carry out unique projects from scratch. They start by developing a concept then elevate it into the most complicated versatile execution. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“Wow-How Studio made visually engaging materials that we would have never been able to do on our own.”, Senior Instructional Designer, Amnesty International

Price Range (Per Minute): $5,000+

#7 Vermillion Films

Vermillion Films is an award-winning creative film production company that majors in creative comms consultancy and film production. Their portfolio is really impressive, with clients spanning a variety of sectors, including tech startups, scaleups, sport, agriculture, arts, defense, construction, energy, you name it! 

Customers’ Testimonials

“We got from selecting Vermillion to a final version of the film in less than 4 weeks. I think for startups like us, where speed is key, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner. All of the feedback we’ve had on the film has been amazing, and we’re driving leads as a result already.”, Co-Founder, Future Foundry

Price Range (Per Minute): $5,000+ 

#8 LAI Video

LAI Video is a boutique corporate video company with a mission for humanity. Their team of creative storytellers is trained in the art of being human. They dedicate their talents to produce something very real, moving, and capable of transporting people to a new state of mind. LAI Video believes even the ordinary can be extraordinary. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“What’s impressive about them is that they’re very down to earth. I’ve had the joy of working with all the production crews. They have been more than willing to share their expertise with me, and I’ve learned an enormous amount of production just from watching and talking with them. 

They are a class act all the way through, from how they treat our subjects, how they treat us, and even to how they treat their equipment and each other. It’s been pretty awesome working with them.” Senior Communications Manager, AIHA 

Price Range (Per Minute): $10,000+

#9 Dream Engine

Dream Engine is a Melbourne-based animated instructional video production company. Since 2001, they have worked with businesses, government departments, and the nonprofit sector to communicate their promotional, educational, or training messages more effectively. Dream Engine, with 20 years of experience, understands your needs and will deliver the right result.

Customers’ Testimonials

“The video they made created a sense of emotional engagement. I’ve shown it to 23 people on our management committee, including a range of academics who like to edit things, and they’re all thrilled. Many of them said it was inspiring. 

During the process, the professors kept sending it back to me for further edits. I really thought I was pushing it, but everything Dream Engine did was with a smile. Their team was generous with their time and effort.”, Manager Communications & Media, Australian Dementia Network 

Price Range (Per Minute): $5,000+

#10 PUSH Collaborative – Animated Video Production Company

PUSH Collaborative is a New York-based video production company. They specialize in providing more than animated instructional video productions, such as explainer videos, product demo videos, and live-action videos for businesses. Since 2010, the company has created over 450 videos across a broad spectrum of sectors. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs and small startups.

Customers’ Testimonials

“Two things stand out with PUSH. One, the way they treated me as a customer. Every communication was professional, friendly, and service-oriented. And two, the end result. I’m thrilled with the product and will use their services again.”, Marketing Manager, Cass Information Systems

Price Range (Per Minute): $5,000+

#11 NANOBOT Medical Communication – Training Video Production Companies for Medical

From the name, you may have guessed what industry NANOBOT Medical Communications majors in.  They’re the top choice in scientific VR/AR/MR, 3D medical animations, illustrations, training, and everything medical. The company training video production provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with innovative solutions to marketing and training strategies. If you want to find a creative production team and experienced medical experts to produce visually and scientifically accurate material, this is the place to go! 

Customers’ Testimonials

“The NanoBot team has a good grounding in our technology and our market segment, so they brought good baseline functional knowledge to the project when combined with their web developer skills made for a seamless process and high-quality end product.”, CEO, Basilard BioTech

Price Range (Per Minute): $10,000+

#12 Explanimate! – Corporate Video Production

Last but not least, it’s Explanimate! They provide animation services for corporations and government industries. Their products include character animation, motion design, 2D, 3D, mixed media, music videos, and whiteboard animation.

Customers’ Testimonials

“I have worked with Explanimate for over 2 years, and there is a reason I keep going back. Dave is fantastic to work with and really takes the time to understand our needs. Once the Explanimate team gets to work, they always find a way to create engaging learning despite the fact that the topics are often quite dry or challenging. However, what really sets Explanimate aside is their responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to deliver on time and budget, every time. Keep up the great work, Explanimate!” Learning Project Manager, Telecommunications Company

Price Range (Per Minute): $1,000 – $10,000

How To Choose The Right Instructional Video Production Services For Your Business?

Here are 8 easy steps to help you decide which animated training video production company is the best match for your business:

  1. Make A Brief: This should include all the objectives and relevant information about your business and your targeted audience. It also needs to note any key messages that you want to get across. Making a framework as such will give you a clear idea of the project. From there, you can direct your attention to companies that have the ability to do what you have in mind.
  2. Set A Budget: Create a feasible budget for the project based on your brief. The budget doesn’t have to be a specific number. Just a ballpark will do the job. The purpose of this step is to help you limit the options you have selected.
  3. List Your Options: Make a list of all the competent instructional video production companies within your expected budget. You can find the available options via references, website articles, or some good Google work. 
  4. Check The Portfolios: Take a good look at the portfolios of the instructional video production companies you listed out. Check the following aspects: quality of previous work, originality, strong sectors, and clients’ satisfaction. This step will narrow the list down further by weighing the pros and cons of the contenders.
  5. Request A Consultation Call: Before you make the call, come up with a list of inquiries first. When you ask the questions, note down how long it takes for the company to respond.  Also, whether they provide the information you need or not.
  6. Clarify Your Timeline: Share your expected schedule for the project with the training video production company. It’s always advisable to find out how they can handle the timeline and manage the project. The last thing you want is a rushed or incomplete product that comes out before it’s ready.
  7. Ask For A Proposal: The last piece of the puzzle is the pricing. Ask for a proposal from the standing companies on your list. Find out which one offers the best price for its services. 
  8. Make Your Decision: You now have all the information you need to make the call. Your choice will be rational and fact-supported!

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4 Tips To Achieve Cost-Effective Solutions To Your Animated Training Video Production Service  

1. Find Options Abroad

Animation production is a global business. Companies based in different regions or countries may provide you with a better deal for the same quality of services. Venture a little, and you may find your partner from across the globe!

2. Consider Opportunity Cost

Your business won’t have access to the training material until video production finishes. During that time, you cannot train or equip the staff with the skill they need to increase their proficiency. On top of that, an opportunity to gain more benefits may pass away, and it won’t come back. So, choose a company that offers an optimized production to fool-proof the project.

3. Choose The Right Animation Style

Each style of animation best suits a certain type of training video and comes with a different price. For example, whiteboard animation’s simulating black-line graphics is super effective in delivering complex messages while keeping the audience engaged, and it comes at a marginal cost. 3D animation can do the same job with more vibrant colors and stunning visual effects. However, it costs substantially more and may distract the audience from the main idea. Working with the right training video production companies helps you choose the right styles guaranteeing better value and effectiveness. 

4. Adopt Flexible Priorities

This might be controversial to say, but it does make sense. Sometimes, you have to put the financial problem at the bottom of your priority list. Do what it takes to scale when the moment comes. If there’s an approaching opportunity, prioritize production time to take full advantage. Of course, making a rush order will certainly be expensive, but it is vital. Besides, quality instructional videos will always pay in the long run.


Animation can deliver critical information to keep your employees up to date in the most engaging, fun, and educational ways. However, to fully exploit that power, you will need the best training animation video production companies on your side. So, before you head out there on the hunt for a potential partner, make sure you bring our guidelines with you.

If you really want to see a substantial change in the quality of your training videos, partner with F.Learning Studio right away. Let our teams of leading experts and creative animators help you achieve your goals! Contact us now for a free consultation call.

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