Explainer Video Sales Funnel Guide: How To Build A Strategy That Drives Conversions

When done right, an explainer video sales funnel can be a powerful marketing tool to bump up your conversion rate. However, not all businesses can figure out the optimal way of incorporating explainer videos into their strategy. There are just so many unanswered questions. When should you reach customers with the explainer videos? What should the video content be about?  What kind of people should you target? The list goes on. 

So, here we are today to share with you some insider knowledge and tips to help you build your very own explainer video sales funnel strategy. All of your head-scratchers right in one article. Let’s get to it!

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. What’s a sales funnel exactly? By definition, a sales funnel is the progression that potential customers make or the path that leads to the sale. In other words, it’s a simplified model of a customer’s psychological journey.  

A marketing or sales funnel has three basic main stages. The top of the funnel is wide, and this is where lots of leads come in. The funnel gets narrower and narrower as leads travel to the bottom. This is where you convert your prospects.

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Three Main Stages Of A Sales Funnel

Here’s a gist:

The Awareness Stage (Provide Information)

The awareness sits on top of the sales funnel. It marks the beginning of a customer journey. At this phase, potential customers acknowledge their problems and seek possible solutions through available information. The source of information may vary depending on customers’ previous experience or preference. In most cases, the information comes from search queries.

The Consideration Stage (Offer Solution)

We’ve arrived at the middle of the funnel, which is known as the consideration stage. At this point, customers clearly understand their problems and are still searching for the best solutions. They will weigh the available options provided by different vendors/companies to find the most logical one. 

The Decision-Making Stage (Convince)

At this bottom stage of the funnel, customers weigh all the pros and cons of the chosen solution one more time. This is a phase of doubts and considerations. To stimulate customers’ purchase decisions, a brand must convince them why this company is the best option. Credibility can be gained by showcasing the product’s strength, awards, testimonials, company rankings, and more.

How To Create An Effective Explainer Video Sales Funnel Strategy?

Now that you know the basics let’s advance to the steps that lead to a powerful marketing campaign using explainer videos!

#1 Stay Align With The Overall Plan

Coherence and cohesion are the two key characteristics of a proficient marketing campaign. Before jumping into making the explainer video, determine its role and impact on the overall scheme. If it helps, list out what you want to gain and how the explainer videos aided you in the long run. Should the cons outweigh the pros, consider another approach. 

Take inbound marketing, for example. The explainer video sales funnel is a perfect fit for this strategy. It increases the effectiveness of your campaign by providing relevant information that meets the needs of your prospects. You’ll be organically attracting customers, giving them exactly what they are looking for. If you can influence them in the right way during the later stages of the journey, increased conversions are guaranteed.

#2 Know Your Customers

Getting hold of your customers’ persona and insight is the next step in the process. Ask yourself the following questions: Who are your prospects? What do they want? What do they need? Establish a clear understanding of which content to deliver in the explainer videos that are useful and appealing for your prospects. 

Remember, it always goes back to the basics: your buyer personas. These ideal customers will help you identify your prospect’s pain points and adapt your video strategy to address them. Once you know what’s to go after, it’s time to design the appropriate content. That leads us to step 3.

#3 Use The Right Explainer Video Content At Each Stage

Each stage of an explainer video sales funnel requires a different content approach. It has to coordinate with the nature and goal of the stage itself. 

Awareness Stage

In this stage, potential customers are identifying their problems or the opportunities they want to pursue. Hence, focus on providing as much information as possible. Your explainer videos should be educational, not oriented to sales. The reason is simple. Your prospects are acknowledging that they have a problem, and they want to know more about it. By offering them the information they need, you attract them to your brand organically and naturally. 

To plan your content in the awareness stage, ask the following questions: How would buyers describe their problems? What sources would they use to educate themselves about it? If they decide to do nothing about it, what are the consequences they’ll face? Put yourself in the prospects’ shoes to find out what they need. That way, you can offer them value and earn their trust.

Consideration Stage

By now, your prospects have already identified their challenges and want to address them. In this stage, your goal should be to convert visitors into leads (that and to inform them about your product/services. Of course, there will be competition. Prospects will inspect the options they have and look for the solution that serves them best. You want them to choose your brand, but don’t be biased. You want your customers to make an informed decision willingly. Let them see that you understand their struggles and that you’re offering them the best solution!

In the consideration stage, ask yourself: Who are your competitors? What categories of solutions do buyers can access? What are your strengths? How can your services/products help the prospects? Will the customers value what you offer?

Decision-Making Stage

This step is where it matters the most for all businesses. Here, your prospects will be making their purchases. It’s the last step towards closing a sale, so choosing your video content wisely is a must. Review the options that customers have, then pinpoint your strongest selling point. 

Here are some questions to trouble yourself: How are your prospects evaluating their options? What may or may not appeal to them about your product? Who needs to be involved in the buying decision? These questions should help you determine the last doubts that prevent prospects from committing the buy. Once you have identified the stump, address it. Your buyers need to trust you. For them to believe that your brand is the best, they first need a foundation.

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Make Sure Your Content Is Helping

There’s no point in creating explainer videos just because it has to have a purpose. What’s the use of an explainer video if there’s nothing to explain? Before you start, think carefully about what your customers can benefit from the information you provide. Try to address their most burning questions with accessible content and engaging delivery. These elements will pitch your content to a wider demographic and present appreciated value to the audience. 

High-Quality Production Always Pays Off

Always invest in top-quality video production. Paying more attention to the delivery ensures engagement, limits bounce rate, and gets the message across. Once you locate the content, think about the type of explainer video you need. Make a list of the elements that you want to be included (the writing, style, graphics, colors,…).

Yes, there’s an option to tackle all of these things yourself. But something you can do doesn’t mean something you should do. Allocating resources to produce a video may not be a good idea, that is, if you can manage the production. The best thing to do is to reach out to a vendor. Have experts take care of the creative process and enjoy the results. Of course, a decent explainer video will set you back by a bit, but it’s worth it. If done well, the videos can help push conversions for years to come.

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Use The Videos When It’s Appropriate

Consider embedding the explainer video anywhere you believe it will be beneficial. Perhaps you could embed the video on your site or somewhere else. Videos that explain products/services should go on product pages with a link to YouTube. Brand-explaining video, on the other hand, can be used on your about page and also throughout your social media profiles.


Making an explainer video sales funnel is more than just writing a script and making a video out of it. Take into account marketing and strategies to take full advantage of the video. Use the appropriate type of content at each stage of the funnel to guide leads from top to bottom and convert them into sales. Place your goal to provide customers with the information they need, earn their trust, and advance! 

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