5 Ways to Ensure Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a key index to achieve successful business growth. Marketing strategists always find ways to raise it, and none of them pass by the tool of explainer videos. That 99% of marketers use video makes it the #1 media content type for marketing of all industries. You might be wondering how explainer videos increase conversion rate and how you can apply it in your case? Let’s break it down to find your answer.

Explainer videos in business and marketing strategies

As its name suggests, an explainer video provides content that describes an idea more simply and engagingly via video. For sale – marketing purposes, you can explain your business idea, show how products or services work, or announce new features. Companies often use these compelling videos to address their customers’ pain points and then offer them solutions. 

An explainer video is usually between 1 – 3 minutes long. It can come with various types, in which animated explainer videos are the most famous. 

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Can good explainer videos increase the conversion rate?

Marketers claim that using explainer video content helps them get 66% more qualified leads each year compared to traditional content. 

So the answer is yes! A good explainer video can significantly boost your conversion rate. But how can it work? 

1. Explainer videos are practical and easy to understand

With visuals and motions, explainer videos can easily illustrate what a product is and how it works to benefit customers. Imagine that your business offers a complex product or service. It’s not a handbook but an explainer video that allows you to introduce it in a clear and precise way.

Look at this explainer video for an introduction to the MODO data platform. Simplified visualizations can still help viewers to understand basically how the platform looks and how it works. 

When things become easy to understand, it motivates customers to learn more about your products or services. That surely helps you drive more traffic and conversions. In reference to this, 90% of customers say that they made purchasing decisions faster after watching the video. 

2. Explainer videos grab more attention. 

Motions always attract human eyes. That’s why videos can naturally draw your customers’ attention more than a static image can. 

Statistics show that people tend to click on a video ad over 27 times more than on a static banner. And users also stay on a page longer to watch an explainer video. The video can hold their attention long enough to convince them. That makes your explainers video increase conversion rate. 

Besides, viewers retain 95% of the message via a video, compared to 10% when reading them in text. It is thanks to the visuals, motions, sounds, and stunning narrative of the video type. 

3. Videos touch your customers with emotions. 

Most explainer videos use storytelling to share their customers’ problems. The video then puts the customers in a situation where they can use the product to solve the problem.

This is how your brand can establish and strengthen an emotional relationship with customers, thereby increasing the brand’s recognition and interest. As a result, it encourages customers to take actions or conversions. 

4. You can use explainer videos on various digital channels

As a digital form, explainer videos undoubtedly can work well with the overall digital marketing campaigns. You can easily use an explainer video on different online sales channels, such as websites or online advertisements. By increasing the chance to reach your potential customers, you are expanding the source for conversion rate. 

Accordingly, you can use explainer videos at every stage of the sales funnel to guide your customers to the next stage. They can join in the stages of awareness, interest, conversion, retention, depending on your objectives and strategies. 

5. Videos help to increase the Google ranking 

In the digital marketing world, search rankings can determine your business’ success. A website including explainers videos of all types will rank higher in Google Search than an all-text web page. 

According to Brightedge, adding video content can result in 157% more organic search traffic to your website. And the more traffic you have, the higher the explainer videos increase conversion rate. 

5 effective techniques to use explainer videos increase conversion rate

1. Address the right pain point

We all know it’s tough to catch customers’ attention to your message among many competitors doing similar things. And this is the most basic technique to go for. 

Firstly, you need to remind your customers about what they’re struggling with, showing that you understand their problem. This step might require you to research carefully about your customers and their insights.

Once addressing their pain points, you can confidently talk about your product and its benefits. If your explainer video delivers a proper message, it triggers a thought in customers’ minds that your solution is trustworthy.

See what FreightSnap has done with their explainer video. They put customers in a real problem situation so that they find some common trace without using their solution. 

2. Always be fresh and unique.

You follow a successful script formula with well-executed messages for an explainer video, but it still doesn’t sell. Well, it’s probably because the idea is used up by many others, and it’s getting old. The cliche of “our product is the best that can save your day” and might be the most famous example. It indeed can not make yours stand out. 

Your message, as well as video type, always needs to be original and unique. Only in this way does it make a strong impression so that you can get customers to hear you. 

3. Emphasize your competitive advantages first

In case you’re entering a popular market, talking about the problems or pain points seems to waste your time. Everyone knows about them. 

You should go straight to the point of your unique proposition. Emphasize the unique feature of your product or service, how it’s different and why it makes your solution better.

For instance, your service offers a much competitive price. So, explain to customers that they can get the same features in their current tool at half the cost.

Or you can simply show why other current tools aren’t effective and then showcase your service. You shouldn’t mention the name of your competitors, just the problems. Viewers can get it all and consider your offers. 

4. Use multiple CTAs (calls to action) for different channels

After customers watch the explainer video, will you ask them to click on “Learn More” or download a free trial? Or can they make a purchase right away? This depends on your products or services and when you put an explainer video in your sales funnel. 

Regarding this, it’s highly beneficial to test multiple CTAs to decide which works best in your sales funnel. Besides, different channels also require different CTAs, which makes explainer videos increase conversion rate. For example, “Learn More” is to encourage viewers to visit your website. Whereas “Sign up” or “Free download” is used to get registers when they’re already there. 

5. Optimize video ranking in Google

Last but not least, you always have to optimize the explainer video’s ranking in the search engine. Appearing on the first page of a Google search means that your video has more chance to reach your audience. 

A good SEO video must include an impeccable title and description. The compelling ones should be short and tight while still catchy. Do not forget to make both of them search-relevant with keywords. You can use Google Trends to see the potential of keywords. Additionally, use the proper tags and categories so that customers can easily find your videos. 

Take a look at some great examples for more ideas:

Where to use explainer videos increase conversion rates

You can utilize explainer videos on almost all channels you’re running digital marketing. The higher chance to reach potential customers, the larger source for increasing conversion rate. 

Those effective channels can be: 

  • Website Homepage

On the homepage, you can use an animated brand story video or a product demo. The average conversion rate can rise from 2,9% to 4,8% with a video on the homepage. 

  • Landing pages

Similarly, a landing page with an explainer video will convert 86% higher than a landing page without it. 

  • Emails newsletter

You can send an explainer video as a demo for subscribers who still haven’t paid for your services yet. Or you can use an explainer video to give instructions for popular questions from users. 

With a video in your emails, you will achieve a 96% higher click-through rate. 

  • Social media channels

Note that 64% of users decided to buy a product online after watching its explainer video on social media.

Many brands upload explainer videos on Youtube channels to build their video libraries and promote their influence. In fact, when the product is going wrong, customers are likely to watch explainer videos and fix it by themselves. 68% of users prefer to do that instead of calling customer support first. 

  • Online advertising

Engaging explainer videos with motions can convert more sales by 66% than static images, carousel, or slideshow ads. 

Wrapping it up 

Explainer videos are one of the most compelling ways to talk about your products or services to your customers. Many F.Learning’s partners have claimed their successful business growth with the help of our explainer videos production. We hope that this article can help you know how to use explainer videos to increase the conversion rate for your particular case. 

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