8 Best Explainer Video Examples for your Next Project

Customers making purchases can increase by up to 85% after watching products or services’ explainer videos. That’s why they are the best tool to demonstrate the key features of a product in marketing strategy. Thanks to its great power of storytelling, explainer videos help to create brand impressions sticking to customer’s memory. So how do those various types of explainer videos work in practice? We list down some best-animated explainer video examples for you in this article. Let’s watch and find out how they’re successful. 

We also have introduced an overview guide on animated explainer videos. Take a look at it first if the concept of explainer videos is still new for you. 

8 best animated explainer video examples that give you great ideas for the next marketing campaign 

  1. MODO platform 
  2. Bid Ops
  3. FreightSnap
  4. Dr. Manish Chand
  5. Med Mart App
  6. CarePredict
  7. Amazon Go
  8. PayPal

1. MODO – data platform for the energy industry 

MODO is an independent data platform focusing on the energy industry. They collect required data from trusted organizations, analyze them, and provide the industry’s insights as quickly as possible. 

The company wants to introduce MODO via a video that can visualize how the platform works for better understanding. As their production partner, F.Learning believes that motion graphics is the best type to go for in this case. 

We make the video short and sharp. It shows the pain point of energy corporations in data management and how MODO gives them the best solution. Motion graphics use simplified visuals to allow viewers to focus more on the ideas and features of the platform’s operation.

We also use graphic elements to simulate the interface of the platform. The appearance visualization is still understandable for users, and it is more interesting than the actual screen-captures. 


Complex ideas and difficult concepts can become easier to digest for viewers with the explanation of motion graphics. So when you need an explainer video for an abstract product concept or a service’ process, go for motion graphics. Particularly, many tech-savvy companies are likely to use motion graphics to demonstrate the platform’s basic interface.  

You also should consider motion graphics without characters if other animation types seem to look cartoonish for the brand. 

Notice that the voice-over is a must for a motion graphics explainer video. It takes the leading role that tells the story behind the video. 

2. Bid Ops – predictive procurement software

Bid Ops is a market predictive software for procurement ops & sourcing teams. They use this explainer video both as an introduction for potential customers and training material for software usage. 

This is among F.Learning’s best explainer video examples of a clear and smooth flow of content. The video comes with the whole process overview first by illustrating an all-step chart, then goes into detail. There is no disruption or distraction for viewers throughout the video. 


When the service’ process or product has great details to introduce, an animated explainer video might work best. It can deliver a large amount of information in a short time via graphic designs and motions. This makes the content easy to understand and memorize for newbies right at the first watch. 

Utilize colorful characters with sound effects to keep learners much more engaged. Those supportive elements allow customers to absorb information more accurately and easily.

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3. FreightSnap – automated technical solutions

FreightSnap provides automated freight dimensioning and weighing solutions in modern warehousing operations. Their sale materials must convince why and how FreightSnap’s measuring system is beneficial for customers’ warehouses. 

The document is quite lengthy and complicated, with numerous steps. Thus, they decided to transform the text materials into an engaging animated video. 

2D animation manages to illustrate high-detailed technical descriptions to help viewers comprehend the system’s workflow. The explainer video examples deliver content in real situations so that customers can link to what happens in real life. Precise figures, along with funny characters and friendly vibes, make the video more engaging and easier to memorize.


The flexibility of graphics and motions enables 2D animation to cover almost all instructions, either it’s basic or complex. The cartoonish visuals, as well as the sound effects, make the explanation more lively and appealing. 

We recommend creating characters that are in a scenario where customers will recognize some common traces. See what we’ve done in FreightSnap’s video. That makes the video more engaging and makes the best use of 2D animation. 

To choose the most suitable type of explainer video, here’s the article for you:

4. Dr. Manish Chand

Dr. Manish Chand releases this video for the “Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month” campaign to raise public awareness about colorectal cancer. He knows that patients do not understand their symptoms or conditions because the knowledge is too complicated for non-professionals. 

The animation video has solved the problem. The animated explainer video visualizes medical information to help patients clearly understand their treatments in the easiest way. Besides, treatments like colorectal surgery may frighten patients. Animation can address their pain points, giving them the solution in a friendly manner by using colorful design elements. 

The video has gained a great result. It does not only helps Dr. Manish Chand to promote his treatment services but also his personal branding. 


Animation is always the best animated explainer video type with a reasonable price for medical and healthcare topics. It simplifies complicated information, making them easier to understand for both professionals and the public. 

Additionally, the fun vibe of animation, with less bloody and scary design, can remove patients’ fear. Consequently, audiences feel more comfortable while watching. 

5. CarePredict – technology kit for seniors’ safety

CarePredict provides a kit for seniors to stay safe in their own homes. Let’s watch their video to know exactly why you need their kit and how it works. 

The video develops a story of Carol and her mom Betty for why and how they use CarePredict’s product. The plot is straightforward that keeps the video short and concise. The visual design is also simple but professional, with the black-and-white concept to emphasize the main content of narration. 


If you try to clarify complex things with many details or features, a whiteboard animation video is an effective way. It’s also often used to outline the company’s development process or tell the brand history. Many startups love whiteboard animation because of its clearness and fun, and most importantly, its cost-effectiveness. 

Notice that almost all whiteboard explainer videos focus on storytelling with simple narration and one clear message. Besides, as a storyteller, the tone of voice-over plays an important part in supporting the attractiveness of the story.  

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6. Med Mart App – healthcare app for cosmetic procedures

Med Mart App offers users a whole new way to find the best local doctors and plans a cosmetic procedure.  Its explanatory video above breaks down the steps of using the app. 

The script of the video is quite similar to many other explainer video examples.  It includes the problems of its users and then explains why the Med Mart solution can help. A character is used to lead the storyline. By using unique 3D animation, the pictures are more life-like and stunning. 


3D animation is an upgraded version of 2D animation. 2D animation video employs flat design, while 3D videos use three-dimension design to create a realistic image. 

3D animation explainer videos can also cover various services or products, especially those that require a high level of detail. Of course, it comes with a much higher price and longer production time compared to other animation types. So, consider your budget and timeline for the most suitable choice. 3D animation is expensive the most, but the outcome is worth your investment. 

7. Amazon Go – advanced shopping store

Amazon Go introduces one of the best explainer video examples that uses live-action.  This video is simple and straight to the point: introducing a new kind of store featuring advanced shopping technology. It clearly describes the product’s essence and demonstrates how it can help the user solve their problem. With real people, the video shows how shopping happens in the store as a realistic situation. 

NOTE #7 

When you want to show how customers react to products or services, take a live-action for the best demonstration. In practice, brands are likely to use live-action explainer videos in videos that include testimonials of real customers.

To shoot a live-action video, you need decorations and actors. That’s why many companies hire a professional team responsible for casting and shooting, which can increase production costs. 

8. PayPal – online payments system

If you are finding more creative explainer video examples, take the “People Rule” campaign from PayPal, for example. There is no rule for creativity. In this specific video, they mix live-action and animation for lively explainer videos. The humorous country tune expressing PayPal’s core message of payment efficiency is a nice touch as well.

To sum up

An explainer video is undoubtedly an effective tool for branding communication. You can tell stories while presenting products and services creatively and sometimes bring entertainment to your customers. There are various types for you to choose from, depending on your audiences, goals, and budget. It’s challenging, so make a wise choice to get the highest effectiveness. 

We hope our list of some best explainer video examples can give you helpful suggestions. Contact us for any further questions you may have for creating an explainer video from start to end!

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