Animation Price Calculator: Get A Draft Quote for Your Project

This animation price calculator will give you an initial assessment of how much you need to pay for your project, especially when producing animation series. Besides the tool, this article also provides some useful criteria when calculating the cost. They might help you trim off unnecessary services if you have a really tight budget.

4 main factors that affect animation price calculation

Usually, the animation budgeting subject may be addressed in two ways:

  • Start with what you want: When collaborating with an animation studio, start by explaining what you want your animation to look-like, then ask them for the budget.
  • Start with a fixed budget: Approach a studio and ask them to make a product that fits into the budget you have set.

Whether you go to a studio with an open or fixed budget, you still need this animation price calculator to comprehend the relationship between quality and cost. Before we start our price guide, you need to know the 4 main factors that affect animation cost: Animation type, animation style, duration of the video, and the deadline for the project.

1. Animation types

The animation type definitely alters how much an animation would cost. There are various types of animation for educators to choose from, but the most important thing is that the type should suit your needs and be charged at a reasonable price point. In the education field, you might see these 3 types of animation as the most common:

  • Whiteboard animation
  • Motion Graphic animation
  • Hand-drawn animation

So what’s the price difference between these types? 

Generally, whiteboard animation is the cheapest because of its simple and straightforward style. Hand-drawn animation will give you the artistic visual, and this unique movement requires complicated hardware and software like Wacom. Therefore, it comes with a much higher price. This might fit if you want something that’s one of a kind or if you are building a brand for your course. The motion graphic animation is in the middle, with its smooth movements and understandable visual

For further understanding, you’ll need to examine other important aspects as well. The more detailed the job, the bigger the budget you might need to pay. For instance, the effort invested in a detailed character is enormous. Therefore, the animation studio will charge you for the number of character designs. Next, the color scheme, the more complex the color palettes you choose, the more expensive they will be. Also, you should pay attention to frames created for only one scene too. 24 frames/s creates smoother movements, but they certainly are more expensive than 12 frames/s.

2. Animation style

Yes, just as you suspected, there is a price on style! Take an animation series, for instance, the cost for a concept development depends on the style. So, here are three kinds of it and the average cost that come along:

For this health & safety at workspaces project, you can see that the simple concept contains equally simple character designs. They are based on basic shapes, and there are no facial expressions. The same goes for objects, they’re fundamental shapes and lines with no details.

Same project, but with the standard concept, the animation design is definitely enhanced. Though the characters’ facial expressions are still limited, they now have had simple clothes and even some accessories. Also, there are more colors following the brand color and objects have begun to have small details with 1-2 colors.

Finally, with this complex concept, the character has detailed clothes and explicit facial expressions. We can also see the body parts distinctly. In addition, shadows and strokes now appear on detailed objects with multi-color schemes.

As shown above, you should choose the desired style that best fits your budget!

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3. Duration

Video length –  This is another factor that will affect your animation price calculator. Usually, the prices are measured minute by minute. The longer the duration, the higher the cost. An animated video is tailor-made, so the price will be flexible, $2,000 per minute, and likewise.

4. Deadline

Last but not least, the duration of time you need the studio to complete your video. Usually, creating a 2D educational animated video will take about 4-7 weeks. But, if you want to make it faster, the cost will increase accordingly. Keep in mind, the shorter the time, the higher the price.

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Now that you know the basic guidelines of the animation price calculator and perhaps the budget you need isn’t small. Why don’t we dig down deeper, to see how to make a minute of educational animation and how the studios charge you at each step.

1. Concept & Style Guide

For this service, there are 2 main factors that impact the cost estimation of concept design creation. One, it’s about how the studio finds the style that suits your content as well as your brand. In this step, they will provide you with advice and style options. For the most basic job, just following your branding colors, would be excellent. On the other hand, if your demand is higher, they will dig into the core of your brand to find the most fitting custom style for you.

And two, it depends on the expectation of clients. If they require unique styles or deeply detailed ones to build their brand images, certainly the price will be higher than typical demands.

2. Script processing

Every video needs a script. Basic or complex, there’s always a cost that comes from creating a new script from ideation. Although in this process, it’s not a bad idea to send your own voice-over or to write your script. By doing this, the scripting costs can be saved and reduced. This is highly advisable, particularly if the budget is limited.

3. Storyboard

Making storyboards is relatively cheap compared to other categories. But it is definitely necessary for new projects. Indeed, storyboards help clients visualize the script on screen. Therefore, most of their feedback is given during this step. However, you may skip it or combine it with the illustrating step to save cost, only if:

  • The concept/content is not too difficult to be visualized and animated
  • Quick delivery is needed
  • Remaking the animations with small changes is required

4. Illustrations

The illustration price varies according to different styles. As said earlier, you can consult our cost estimation of 3 animated styles: simple, standard, and complex. Also worth remembering is that due to the number of characters, the cost of illustrations can be increased.

5. Animations

Finally, the most essential part of the animation price calculator. The price of animation is reflected in these factors

  • The level of difficulty in motion: Does your animated character has complicated movement? Do you want everything to have a smooth and smart motion? Well, prices can be changed due to these elements. Undoubtedly, basic motions are less expensive than complex ones. But watch out for anything underpriced, the result might be a jerky, bumpy animation that won’t not worth it.

Below are 2 examples of basic and complicated animation. Clearly, there’s a big difference, right?

  • Complexity of concept design: More complex concepts take more time to animate. Hence, it takes a lot of your budget. Why? Because they may contain highly detailed objects and backgrounds. Or, special requirements in the character’s movement and emotion.
  • Video quality: Rendering quality also affects animation price. SD, HD, or 4K? Different types of video resolution come at different costs.
  • Numbers of videos in the project: One last handy tip for you: animation cost can be reduced if the project is large and consists of many videos.

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When estimating a price for animation videos, always remember to check the main elements that affect the cost and examine expenses in every working process. There you go! Now you have the guidelines on making your own animation price calculator, let’s take the next step in creating animated videos for educational purposes. But, if you find this price calculating process too complicated, let us know! Just tell us your ideas or your project’s details, and we’ll consult you from beginning to end, including estimating the price quotation for you as well.

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