Learning Design – Leverage HR Strategy Communication for Guardian Group

Guardian Group Headquater

Guardian Group, a leading Caribbean financial services and insurance group, boasts a rich history dating back to 1847. Through acquisitions and mergers, Guardian Group has grown into a single brand encompassing various insurance and financial service entities across the Caribbean. In 2019, a major acquisition further solidified their position as a regional leader.

The Challenge: Effectively convey new strategy messages in a clear, captivating, and informative way by learning design

Guardian Group, a leading Caribbean insurance and financial services provider, embarked on a transformative journey. They were revamping their HR strategy to foster a creative culture, simplify interactions, and create a long-term engaging work environment.

Guardian Group were also introducing the new version of employee evaluation system to improve employee performance. Those actions show their concern for employee experience during work, performance and creating a healthy collaborative environment for them.

However, a critical roadblock emerged: their innovative strategy was presented in dense, text-heavy documents. Those materials suffered from:

  • Low Engagement: Text-heavy content can be dry and disengaging, leading to poor information retention.
  • Knowledge Gaps: Employees may struggle to understand complex concepts without clear explanations.
  • Lack of Motivation: Traditional methods fail to inspire and motivate employees to embrace new initiatives

Guardian Group needed a solution that transcended simply conveying information. They needed a way to bridge the gap between their innovative HR strategy and employee understanding, ultimately fostering a more engaged workforce.

The Learning Design Strategy: A Collaborative Solution

The ability to transform “tons of information” into a concise and engaging script, along with engaging visuals, is a cornerstone of the Learning Design Strategy.

As Mrs. Hamlet, a client, so aptly stated “You’ve made my job incredibly easy. Condensing a vast amount of information into a concise two-page script is no small feat, and I truly appreciate that. This aspect is crucial as it can make or break the entire video production process. Your team’s ability to transform tons of data into a coherent and meaningful script stands out as one of the strongest features of this production, alongside your excellent service and dedicated team members.”

Mrs Hamlet – Guardian Group

F.Learning Studio’s Learning Design Strategy goes beyond animation – it’s a streamlined process focused on transforming complex information into engaging and easily digestible content. So, what did we do to help Guardian Group and how we do it?

Increases audience relevance by tailoring video based on the needs and goals of the project

We focus on identifying the information most critical to employees’ work lives and tailor content to address specific learning objectives. This ensures employees gain a clear understanding of how the new HR strategy directly impacts them.For example, to achieve the desired learning objectives – remembering and understanding the company’s People Strategy, fostering motivation, and building employee buy-in – we’ll leverage the Learning Design Strategy with a focus on Bloom’s Taxonomy Model:

Bloom’s Taxonomy Model

To cater the need of remembering and understanding the HR strategy to both new staff and managers. The video will strike a balance between:

  • Authenticity & Realism: Illustrations will depict relatable workplace scenarios that new staff can easily imagine themselves in. These scenarios can showcase how the People Strategy supports professional growth and fosters a positive work environment.
  • Cheerful & Fresh Visuals: The animation style and color palette will be bright, engaging, and visually appealing, capturing the attention of both new staff and managers. Upbeat music can further enhance the positive and motivating tone.

We can proceed to the following phases with enthusiasm and assurance thanks to the content and visual direction, as we have all the evidence to back the solution.

Help the audience easily understand the message through Content Structure & Materials Chunking   

Based on Adult Learning Theory, we ensured the content catered to adult learners who prefer practical applications and real-world scenarios. We transformed “tons of information” into a concise and engaging script (praised by Mrs. Hamlet) that focused on the most critical elements of the HR strategy. 

Simple and concise information with clean visuals helps employees quickly grasp message and deeply absorb the spirit of HR Strategy.

The key-words for the HR Strategy after filtering tons of information

Enhancing Learner Engagement and Retention with Eye-Catching and Culturally Appropriate Animation  

With the Learning Design Strategy, we leveraged animation strategically, not just for entertainment. We used visual metaphors, color psychology, and character design that resonated with the Caribbean cultural context and the target audience’s preferences. Every visual element, from character expressions to background details, was carefully chosen to support the learning objectives – deeply understanding new HR strategy and captivating attention to increase engaging retention.

““Our main characters maintain consistency throughout the storyline we’re presenting. Your team has done an outstanding job creating these characters with a Caribbean look. I can see elements from the photos I provided reflected in the organisation through these images.”

Mrs Ranuca’s feedback

Specifically, with this project, because the learners are from the Caribbean, skin color and ethnicity are very diverse, and this is a multicultural region, so the colors, character designs and vibe of the images are also created in vivid, colorful ways.

The characters in the frame are typical of the area, and we employ Brand Colors for the videos: several skin tones and ethnicities

The Result: From Frustration to Engagement

Implementing the Learning Design Strategy with the project helps Guardian Group totally transform their HR communication strategy. The engaging videos delivered significant benefits:

  • Reduced Absorption Time: Reading, viewing, and comprehending dense documents usually takes a lot of time. Using brand-new videos, F.Learning efficiently conveyed the updated HR strategy and new features in the evaluation system in a fraction of the time needed before—from a ton of information in around 20 text pages to 2 short videos (each lasting two to three minutes). Employee training time was shortened as a result, freeing them up to concentrate on using their other acquired skills.
  • Enhanced Engagement & Retention: Employees were more engaged with the HR strategy thanks to the captivating and informative videos. This led to better information retention, ensuring employees understood the new initiatives and how they impacted them directly.
  • Smoother Implementation: By replacing dense documents with engaging videos, Guardian Group significantly reduced employee training time. This allowed employees to spend less time learning about the new HR strategy and more time applying their newfound knowledge and skills.

“Each element within the frame is precisely chosen to appear in the videos.” This meticulous approach ensures that every visual element – from character expressions to background details – contribute to the overall learning experience.

As Mrs. Hamlet mentioned.

Final Thought

By partnering with F.Learning Studio and leveraging the Learning Design strategy, Guardian Group transformed their HR communication strategy. The dense documents were replaced with engaging and informative videos. The use of learning design principles ensured the content resonated with employees, fostering excitement and motivation around the new HR initiatives. This shift towards a more engaged workforce will undoubtedly benefit the company’s long-term success.

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