Tips To Make Corporate Training Videos Interesting

Content marketing is getting to its next phase with video presentations as numerous companies are teaching their employees with the use of corporate training videos. However, as many employees see corporate training videos as one of the awful work obligations, they dread to take part in. Often is the case where the corporate videos are so dull or uninspiring.

To overcome such hardship, here are some practical tips that may help you in creating corporate training videos that your viewers will genuinely look forward to and try to learn from.

Tips To Make Corporate Training Videos Interesting

Familiar Faces

People are eager to see their idols appear in a movie, a poster, or a 30-minute training video. During the making of your training videos, if you can afford it, hire a celebrity to make an appearance (even just a brief cameo) in them. Otherwise, a friendly and well-known employee in the company will work just as wonderful, too.

After all, it’s much better to see and hear from someone they know than a stranger. Your guiding videos will be more interesting, and the trainees can relax and focus with this element of intrigue.

Welcome Videos

Also known as orientation videos, this kind of training videos can help new employees feel at ease in their new working environment. Welcome videos are more interesting than other types of training videos because they contain lots of motivation dedicated to the new trainees. What with all the brief, general introduction, code of conduct, policies, etc. about the company.

It’s advisable to use specialized video production to archive the best outcomes to boost the viewers’ spirits.

Short, Clear, and To the Point

Corporate training videos have been deemed tedious by default. So apparently, shorter videos are more favorable. After all, your employees have work to attend.

The ideal length for a corporate training video should be 2-9 minutes. Even if there are a lot of notes to cover, the duration should not last longer than 30 minutes. It is the perfect time limit to best retain information for employees. Any longer than that (say, 1-2 hours) and they may feel demotivated about the whole training session (and possibly flee the room prematurely).

However, sometimes a lengthy instruction video is unavoidable. In such case, try breaking the content up a bit by offering some time for Q&A.

The next point is keeping your words clear regarding the intention as well as the speaking manner. Choose the wording carefully, then give a slow and clear speech. All the while, don’t forget to be succinct and reinforce the key points thoroughly.

Be Creative with Your Training Videos

Here’s a piece of advice: trainers who are also producers of corporate guiding videos should consider mixing up the video types to archive effective visuals. It means, for variety, your videos should include some of these options: animations, slides, screencasts, video clips, etc.


It is one of the most interesting ways to present guiding material. In fact, corporate videos using animation effect are most fruitful in instructing people about safety or compliance training.

When employing animation videos, makers may have more control over their characters. Animating characters is, however, not a speedy process. But once you get a hold of it, you can create a stable character, as well as some modify effects, to attract viewers.


It is one of the conventional yet very efficient ways to make your corporate training videos interesting. When attending a virtual video training, each slide plays the role of a virtual blackboard. You can freely use one single slide, add a slide, or switch to a slide-show to further demonstrate a point that can be manually written on the actual board in a live context.


This is an easy method to record your screen. Trainers mostly use screencast videos in where they want to show their viewers the process of something that is occurring on their computer screen. Such virtual courses can be software and website guidance, math and statistics, etc.

Video Clips

Another easy way to make your corporate training videos attractive to the employees. The video clips can be from your self-recorded videos or those of other sources. It is refreshing, and may even be entertaining, for the watchers to see something/someone else for a change – besides the speaker.

This type of training video can serve many purposes too, from reinforcing a notion of providing an example to give viewers a break only.

Fluid Shifting

Change the screen’s content often can help draw viewers’ attention, too. But note that this doesn’t mean you should switch the screen continuously like you do the TV channels. Only change over the screen after a specific amount of time – preferably every 5-7 seconds.

And don’t forget to combine the shifting with different communication ways, including music changing, altered voiceovers, various camera perspectives, and even new titles.

Refresh the screen make the viewers feel excited, and they’ll look forward to what is to come next in the lengthy corporate training video.

Sense of Humor

Don’t underestimate this aspect! It can be helpful in easing up the situation and make the whole training session via video more enjoyable.

In fact, it is proved that if trainers employ humor in their training videos, they can make even the most mundane tasks and information much engaging for the trainees.

Q&A Time

Of course, if you have to sit for hours on end listening to one person only, you would be tired, too. So Q&A time in the middle of a video training course helps renew viewers’ focus and interest to the current training video.

Also, the Q&A time not only offers a short break for viewers from the constant video training, but it also helps enhance the teambuilding skills for your trainees, as well as a chance for clarification. It’s especially helpful during an hour-length training session, where instructors must pause after a while to ask their watchers and get some feedback to see if they have got the picture so far, how much and how well they have digested the information, what’s needed to be further explained, etc.

Script to Connect

Another way is scripting. The noteworthy thing here is that both the video makers (i.e., trainers) and the spectators can employ this method to make the corporate training videos interesting.

For the video maker, scripting is crucial as it is time-saving and will help you deliver your ideas more efficiently. Specifically, you can estimate your video timing and select the right visuals with the scripts. The key here is to keep the sentences short, the words friendly, and a conversational tone. You can evaluate your messages this way, and so won’t lose much time during the shooting. And to help your employee viewers more loosen up so that they can pay more attention to the interesting training video, you should add some engaging language, humor, or lively skits to the script.

As for the viewers, the trainers can ask them to get involved by script writing for the said training video. Trainees can work together in groups or in pairs to script the video from different training documents – issued beforehand by the trainers with the help of some explainer video creation tools. This way, not only you can make the corporate training videos interesting, ensure the trainees have a grasp of a particularly tough topic; you can encourage teamwork among your employees as well.

Storytelling Tactic

During your school days, the teachers must have told you exciting stories at some point when teaching, didn’t they? Sure. Those must be some of the most intriguing moments where the students would listen with rapt attention. So now, why not apply such tactic as training tools in your corporate training videos to make them more interesting?

In the end, stories are what the human race has been craved for since ancient times. Storytelling is one of the oldest, but exciting and approachable, ways that help people socially learn about the world without any forced feelings.

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Know Your Spectators

Making your corporate training video interesting meaning, you have to give the viewers what their need. There’s no point in carefully producing a training video just to let it be unused, all because you have employed the wrong types and information.

Remember, each group of viewers has different requirements and expectations for your training video. So, always take your trainees’ characteristics into consideration – regarding the driving forces they seek, their preferred types of presentations, and their attention span according to their ages.


Attracting the employees’ attention in video training courses may be one of the biggest challenges for any corporation. However, with the suggestions mentioned above, we hope that they can be useful for you to create interesting corporate training videos. Those that, once watched, your employees will be able to find them fascinating and engaging, rather than just boring, obligatory chores.

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