How an animated healthcare explainer video breaks down these 8 challenging topics to extend your target reach

To understand complicated medical and healthcare knowledge, the average consumers need a short, concise, and clear explanation. Animation can be the perfect medium to bridge the gap between medical businesses and customers, bringing the information to a wider age range. An animated explainer video for medical breaks down the industry and condenses it into a single digestible bite. 

But how exactly does animation do it? What can it bring to your business? Stay with F.Learning Studio as we unveil the real potential of medical animation videos. Build up your expertise and start converting sales through patient education

What’s An Animated Explainer Video For Medical?

It’s a short explanation video that uses animated motion to simply and clearly describe complex medical science concepts such as Cardiology and Neurology.

Animation can simplify even the most difficult topics by combining visual, voice-over, and storytelling elements. It’s a great medium to deliver complicated medical knowledge to patients of all age range and provide the information they need.

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8 Challenging Topics That An Animated Explainer Video For Medical Can Help You Break Down

Let’s see how a medical explainer video can help you break down the 8 following medical topics: 

1. Patient Education

Patient education refers to the process before medical sessions, where doctors or operators explain the procedure to patients. It also showcases the services that hospitals provide to their patients. This process allows patients, as customers of medical businesses, to understand the products (drugs, services, operations,…) before actually buying them!

Thanks to its ability to deliver content clearly with engaging visuals, the animation is the perfect tool for the job. Detailed and precise visual aids of the human body are way too scary sometimes. Instead, 2D animation, with a jolly tone,  can easily avoid worrying patients and create a better feeling that drives them along.

F.Learning Studio has tons of experience working with this type of video. One of our top projects is iCareBetter, which explains heart failure in whiteboard animation.

2. Pharmaceutical

A pharmaceutical explainer video displays the mechanism of a new drug. This kind of video, also known as drug MOA animation, explains how the medicine works and binds to cellular structures. Pharmacology and Molecular Medicine manufacturers can use this to help customers understand the product.

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3. Nurse Training

An animation is also a great tool for training. An explainer video for medical training demonstrates the procedure as well as the responsibility of nursing care to students. It’s about time we replace those old and outdated nurse training methods. Engage your learners with life lessons and speed up the training process!

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4. Physician Training

Specialized physicians may take years to train. For example, fields like Cardiology, Neurology, Urology, and Gynecology could take anywhere from 2 to 5 years. But it’s not always the case if they have much hands-on experience right off medical school. Using medical animation videos, schools and institutions can introduce valuable practice time in specific scenarios.

5. Cellular and Molecular Animation

Much like the pharmaceutical explainer video, this type of animation helps explain what seems impossible to the naked eye. It describes the microscopic and sub-microscopic processes that you don’t normally see. Patients now have a clear idea of how the medicine or disease affects them at the molecular level. 

6. Medical Simulation

Whether in Dermatology, General Medicine, or Orthopedics, we can not take the element of experience for granted. Medical and healthcare are constantly evolving industry that requires persistent practice. Animation can solve healthcare organizations’ headaches by virtually simulating real-life or potential scenarios. And this gives medical practitioners valuable first-hand experience and hones their trade. 

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7. Emergency Care Instruction

Even a simple ENT/Maxillofacial disease can kill without the right treatment. Create practical scenarios to better prepare non-professionals and novices for emergencies. Put them in a possible medical situation and show them exactly what and what not to do. Medical and healthcare professionals will be able to save more lives than they usually could by providing such priceless knowledge to the general public. Start minimizing risks and unwanted health problems through community education.

8. Surgery Training And Planning

During operations, surgeons can not afford to make even the slightest mistake. That’s where animation’s ability to create detailed illustrations comes to save the day. It precisely describes each step of the procedure or a part of the body, helping surgeons visualize their upcoming operations. By doing so, animation can help minimize this through precise surgery training and planning.

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