Top 12 eLearning Blogs and Resources for eLearning Enthusiasts (updated 2020/2021)

Good eLearning blogs provide you with the most updated and informative eLearning knowledge. Among a hundred sources of eLearning blogs, it has become so challenging nowadays when you need to find those valuable solutions with the credibility that you are really searching for.

We will introduce the best 12 eLearning blogs that can support your needs. Hopefully, these can help eLearning influencers, L&D (learning and development) professionals and beginners filter the best resources, that are always up-to-date for their long-term uses. 

Top 12 eLearning blogs and resources you don’t want to miss

1. eLearning Industry

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eLearning Industry is the largest community of e-learning influencers with unlimited online storage on e-learning resources. Contributed by many writers, eLearning Industry’s articles provide the latest knowledge and news about e-learning. While its ebooks and webinars supply you with insightful e-learning tips and tools. Nonetheless, this platform equips you with the information for top e-learning content providers, top LMS software, and top authoring tools.

We can simply say that the eLearning Industry is the “Google” for the e-learning community, and it presents itself as a great mix of all e-learning related content. Of course, in top Google rank articles, there are contributions from F.Learning’s writers such as “How to make animation for Educational Purposes?” and “Creating Animation For eLearning In A Nutshell: From Choosing Style To Production Process.”

2. F.Learning Studio

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F.Learning Studio is a training video production offering insightful e-learning blogs and variable forms of other free resources like checklists, ebooks, and e-infographics for e-learning. The topics in these resources are widely covered for different e-learning groups: including the e-learning community, higher education, and corporate training professionals.

Overall, its website content is a great mix of educational resources and L&D materials. E-learning articles on F.Learning’s e-learning blogs are well-updated information for e-learning content creation tools and detailed instructions. Meanwhile, their free ebooks are powerful mediums that help instructional designers and e-learning professionals solve their problems.

With their writers providing top articles in the eLearning Industry, F.Learning presents clear blog writing styles with many links to insightful external pages.

3. eLearning Infographics

eLearning Infographics is a project created from the idea of the eLearning Industry. Made by the founders of the eLearning Industry, its difference lies in the type of media that it presents. All infographics on this platform are divided into 16 different categories for search convenience. They also claim to be the number 1 source for educational infographics. With the available sources collected from the eLearning Industry, there’s no surprise that the platform has infographics for all types of e-learning topics.

4. Learning Pool

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Different from other e-learning blogs, Learning Pool‘s resources focus on knowledge for L&D and online training. Also, its blogs target a lot of business-related insights, such as business development through training, corporate machine learning, etc. 

Not only do they have a strong profile in L&D articles, but Learning Pool also provides other downloadable content and connect types of content (webinars, lives, events). With these, you can discuss ideas with e-learning influencers on live sessions.

5. The Learning Guild

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Unlike the eLearning Industry, The Learning Guild focuses itself on being an online library for the L&D and e-learning community. The Learning Guild centers on being the community and resources for most professionals. Its featured content is usually research books and publications.

Most of the resources on this platform are free, and it has a substantial resources library for the people who are fond of education, learning, and development research. You just have to join the guild to contribute as a part of this community. The platform offers space for sharing ideas and experiences (webinars, conferences, podcasts); also, e-learning professionals have the chance to share valuable information. TLG is also famous for webinar and podcast hostings with L&D professionals. 

6. ATD (Association for Talent Development)

ATD‘s e-learning blogs target training and development of talents since the association also provides courses and certifications for HR training professionals. Its online resources are divided by solutions, topics, roles, industry, and types. They are solving the problems of training and development for different types of business.

ATD is famous for providing certificates and courses for HR experts who are seen to be an essential part of their organization. Or they are simply offered to HR professionals who are ready to step up their games in the field. ATD’s most famous e-learning blogs’ topic is technology application in e-learning.

7. Leo Learning

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Leo Learning provides its audiences with all types of resources: e-learning blogs, webinars, ebooks, infographics, podcasts, etc. Mainly, its e-learning blogs cover the topics of strategy, content, and technology. However, articles are not the main strength of this page. The webinars that it holds earn the advantages of having lots of e-learning influencers. Since most of Leo Learning’s members are experts in the industry, its content holds a high credit position among others.

8. Shift eLearning

Shift eLearning‘s blogs are among the top-ranked blogs of e-learning on Google search. The platform only provides one type of resource: blog. On the other hand, these blogs’ content is enriched with useful information on all educational topics. And if you are lucky, you will run into hidden ebooks around the platform. 

9. iHasco

iHasco‘s blogs cover enormous resources for L&D. iHasco has the same method as Shift eLearning, where its main resource is articles. The blogs on this page are usually about the latest updates on training solutions and work safety. While its core resource is only blogs, it is well divided into tags and topics, making it very easy for web visitors to find what they need. They might not have other media to provide, but they do offer some free courses for product experiences.

10. Rapid Learning Institute

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Since Rapid Learning is a division belonging to BTS, a big corporation, it’s no surprise that its e-learning resources are all well-done and well-written. Not only do they nail the e-learning blog contents, but their resources are also different in the form of articles, webinars, training videos, and cheat sheets. “Best sales training blog articles” add great visual aids to their blog posts. Blogs belong to three main categories: sales, leadership, and training development.

11. CommLab India

CommLab India is the top provider for LMS and authoring tools worldwide. That’s why corporate training and learning technology articles are its main themes that cover the whole page. With some touches of e-learning blogs, the platform provides useful tips and tricks for instructional designers and e-learning professionals. White papers and ebooks are also listed in its downloadable resources. “All Our Resources, in One Place!” is put on top of the page to ensure users don’t get lost in their unlimited resources library.

12. AllenComm

AllenComm is the leading corporate content provider in the US region. While promoting their products, their articles cover L&D trends and workplace training solutions. They mostly put their efforts into articles with strong on-point topics and useful information for the L&D industry, especially. However, their blog modules are relatively hidden from their homepage; they play the role purely in providing information.


There are millions of eLearning resources online nowadays, and we just helped you pick out the best resources based on ratings from top eLearning influencers.

And based on your needs, you can choose a few suitable ones to be in your daily news mailbox.

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