Top 5 Healthcare Animation Studios in Toronto

If you are looking for the best healthcare animation studios in Toronto, you have come to the right place. This bustling city is home to some outstanding companies that excel in healthcare animation. They offer a wide range of services, such as surgical animation, medical device animation, and pharmaceutical animation. In this article, we will help you round up the 5 best healthcare animation companies in Toronto that promise to suit your needs.

healthcare animation studio toronto

The article collected the top 5 healthcare animation studios in Toronto

Partner with F. Learning Studio for Healthcare Animation

F. Learning Studio is a healthcare animation studio, specializing in surgery, nurse training, pharmaceutical animation, and more. With 8 years of experience, we have worked with leading healthcare organizations and companies worldwide, such as Simple Nursing, Intelycare, and iHeed, to offer the best high-quality animation.

Despite being based in Vietnam, our team is committed to providing great service and creative solutions that fit your needs, no matter where you are.

1. Help Minimize Your Cost

At F. Learning Studio, we understand the importance of cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Our services help you minimize your expenses, offering up to 30% budget savings compared to US-based medical animation companies. However, the true value is that the animation enhances learning and patient outcomes, creating trust between the audience and your institution.

flearning medical animation studio

At F. Learning Studio, you can find creative and customized animation at an affordable price

2. Offer Tailored Solutions with Flexible Prices

Besides cost optimization, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions with flexible pricing for medical and healthcare animation. We understand that each client has unique needs and budget constraints. Therefore, we work closely with you to develop customized animation projects that are budget-friendly, and use modern technologies, but still align with your objectives.

3. Effective Collaboration & 24/7 Support

When partnering with us, you’re likely to experience a hassle-free production journey. Each project is supported by a full-functioning team of experts who work collaboratively to maintain the highest quality standards while minimizing the need for excessive back-and-forth feedback. Moreover, no matter where you are, feel free to contact us anytime through our 24/7 hotline. We are here to address any queries you may have regarding animation.

Now, the next step is to reach out to us to get a quote and consultation from our experts.

5 Best Healthcare Animation Studios in Toronto

1. AXS Studio

axs medical animation studio toronto

AXS studio has a team of medical writers, medical illustrators, animators, interactive developers, designers and producers

AXS Studio is a Toronto-based healthcare animation studio that excels in creating 3D medical animations. They cater to the biopharma and medtech industries, providing educational and marketing solutions that make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging.

  • Website:
  • Address: 111 Peter St, Toronto, ON M5V 2H1
  • Specialities: Medical device animation, scientific animation, interactive experiences, illustrations

2. Twisted Frame

twisted frame healthcare animation studio toronto scaled

Twisted Frame offers healthcare animation service integrated with AI

Twisted Fream is a creative media agency specializing in digital video production for the healthcare industry. Like F.Learning Studio, their video strategies combine both emerging and established techniques, including the use of artificial intelligence.

  • Website:
  • Address: 192 Spadina Ave., # 300, Toronto, ON M5T 2C2
  • Specialities: Promotional or clinical medical education videos, virtual reality interactive platform, research filming, surgery training, public health presentations

3. Digimata

digimata medical animation studio toronto

Digimata produces medical animation for educational and promotional purposes

Digimata has created animation and illustration since 1991, offering services in both 2D and 3D animation. Sharing the same vision with F.Learning Studio, they aim to translate medical stories into clear, engaging animations that serve educational and promotional purposes.

  • Website:
  • Address: 901 King Street West Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3H5
  • Specialities: Technical animation, medical animation, video production

4. Artery Studios

healthcare animation company toronto artery

Artery Studio is a healthcare animation studio with over 20 years of experience

Artery Studio has over 20 years of experience. They focus on producing medical illustrations, animations, and interactive media for various markets including medical devices, advertising, pharmaceutical, broadcast, publishing, medical-legal, and patient education.

  • Website:
  • Address: 120 Carlton Street, Suite #202, Toronto, On M5A 4K2
  • Specialities: Drug actions, anatomy, medical devices, health conditions

5. Kryski Biomedia

healthcare animation studio toronto kryski scaled

Kryski Biomedia offers services for clients in North America and abroad

Kryski Biomedia is another healthcare animation studio in Toronto. Their clients are mostly in North America and even abroad. They specialize in producing illustrations and animations suitable for both print and digital formats, covering different fields such as biology, medicine, science, and technology.

  • Website:
  • Address: 120 E Beaver Creek Rd Ste 200, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 4V1, Canada
  • Specialities: Biology, medicine, science, and technology illustrations and animations

Tips for Better Collaboration With a Healthcare Animation Company in Toronto

how much medical animation cost

Tips for Better Collaboration With a Healthcare Animation Company in Toronto

Before the Project Starts

1. Define clear objectives

First and foremost, clearly outline your goals, target audience, and key messages for the animation project. A comprehensive brief is essential to ensure your vision aligns with the animation company’s capabilities. 

Plus, the platform where the medical animation will be uploaded is also crucial. Therefore, at F.Learning Studio, we always clarify whether the animation will be on YouTube or TikTok, in hospitals, or at conferences.

2. Research and select healthcare animation studio

When searching for healthcare animation companies in Toronto, you should consider their portfolio, expertise, and client reviews. The best partner is a studio whose style and approach align with your project needs and values.

3. Establish a budget and timeline

Before the project starts, discuss your budget and timeline with the animation company. This helps set realistic expectations and ensures that both parties are aligned from the start.

4. Prepare relevant materials

Any existing content, such as research papers, graphics, or branding guidelines will aid in the animation process. By doing this, it is better for the medical animation studio to comprehend your needs and incorporate your current assets into the project.

before work with medical animation studio toronto

A comprehensive brief and relevant materials help the studio understand your needs better

During the Project

1. Maintain open communication

It is crucial to maintain an environment of open communication, where we encourage feedback and welcome constructive criticism. Regular check-ins and updates are also important to address issues quickly and keep the project on schedule.

2. Provide timely feedback

You should be proactive in providing feedback on drafts and milestones to avoid delays in the production process. When providing feedback, mention both positive aspects and areas for improvement. Plus, make sure to reference the project goals and target audience to guide your comments. 

3. Be flexible and collaborative

Adjustments during the animation production may be necessary based on new insights or unforeseen challenges. Therefore, be active when sharing your own insights and ideas, as well as be open to their suggestions and expertise. 

After working with clients on big-scope projects, we understand that you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to providing feedback, especially if you’re not familiar with animation. Therefore, at the start, F.Learning Studio provides guidance to clients about what to expect and what to review for each stage. This approach aims to minimize the need for extensive revisions and edits.

during the project with medical animation studio scaled

Be open and active when giving feedback and receiving suggestions from the medical animation studio

After the Project

1. Review the final product

The animation was delivered to you. Now it’s time to review the final animation, ensuring it meets your expectations and aligns with your objectives. All you need to do is to check for accuracy, quality, and any necessary revisions. 

After revision, the animation studio will take on any areas that need improvement. However, during this phase, F.Learning studio goes one step further by sending the output file to the audience for further feedback. By doing so, we can guarantee that the final video maintains an exceptionally high standard.

2. Plan for distribution

Your animation is ready to be shared on various platforms. It can be integrated into presentations, marketing campaigns, or educational materials. However, if your project requires more than animation for marketing or educational activities, F. Learning Studio can give you a hand. We can support your distribution plan by offering visual materials, such as interactive quizzes, infographics, and brochures…, which ensures consistency in your brand identity.

discuss with healthcare animation studio toronto scaled

You should conduct a thorough evaluation of the animation project before distributing


1. How much does it cost to make a healthcare animation in Toronto?

The cost of producing a healthcare animation in Toronto can vary based on factors like the animation studio, style of animation, project complexity, duration… However, it is estimated that the price can range from $3000 to $25000 per minute.

2. How much time does it take to produce a healthcare animation?

The time required to produce a healthcare animation varies depending on the project’s length and complexity. For example, a two-minute medical animation may take approximately 12–16 weeks to complete, including script and storyboard development

3. How is an animated healthcare video produced?

The process to produce an animated healthcare video can include 6 steps

Animated healthcare videos are produced through a process involving several stages, including:

  • Concept development: This phase involves brainstorming ideas, defining objectives, and creating a concept for the animation.
  • Scriptwriting: A script is written to outline the storyline, dialogue, and key messages of the animation.
  • Storyboarding: Visual representations of each scene are created to plan the sequence of events.
  • Animation production: Animators use software to create animated characters, environments, and visual effects.
  • Sound design: Sound effects, voiceovers, and background music are added to enhance the viewer’s experience.
  • Editing and finalization: The animation is edited, refined, and finalized before being delivered to the client.


We hope that our list of healthcare animation studios in Toronto is helpful to you. Through our guide, maybe you have found a suitable studio to collaborate with for outstanding projects. 

By partnering with a premier studio like F. Learning Studio, you can ensure that your message is effectively conveyed to your audience, whether it’s for educational purposes, marketing, or patient communication. Contact us to book your consultation call right now.

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