4 Tips to Hire an Animation Studio that Ace your Corporate Training

Hire an animation studio for an organization’s training videos is a great step to upgrade the training and save your employees from boredom. However, we understand that it is quite challenging for you to pick the right commercial animation studio. There are hundreds of criteria to evaluate the perfect one that matches your projects. But to make things simple, just keep these 3 most important ones in mind. Let’s find out how to hire an animation studio and save your time:

1. Check the studio’s portfolio for the training-producing experience.

Training video production requires specialized technical skills and experience. Vendors with previous experience in working with organizations will know how to finish your project with the most innovative solutions. They can break complex topics to bite-size so that the content is much easier to digest. Besides, an expert in producing staff training videos knows which styles are suitable for the organization’s culture. To know if you should hire an animation studio or not, just scan through their portfolio

A portfolio is the collection of artworks and the final animated training video of the studio. It is not only a place to showcase the works but also where the creators tell visitors about their persona and art styles. Going through the portfolio, you get the first impression, most important information, and previous experience of the animation studios for hire. In the portfolio, the key parts you should review are the animation minutes of training videos for employees they have created. Knowing the amount of time they spend on a particular project and their animation styles will help you a lot in the next steps. In addition to seeing the studio’s ability to manage complex projects, you should watch the previous training videos that the studio produced for other corporations. In case you cannot find any case study, hiring animation studios straight away is extremely risky, and contacting them directly is a wise choice.

At F.Learning, we created training animation videos for different business model and different workplace training topics
animation review process

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2. Look for company scale and project handleability.

It is very important to see if the commercial animation studios’ scale is big enough for your training video series project before contacting them. It is a nightmare if you hire an animation studio with insufficient resources to handle your huge projects. Don’t just focus on headcounts; focus more on important criteria such as technical skills. The completed projects’ quality, studio’s partners, and time to complete a particular project should be taken into consideration.

One way to easily check the scale and project management efficiency is going through their case studies of previous projects. The most important criteria to look for is their ability to produce video duration that is long enough and on different topics. A 2D animation studio for hire with a scale that matches your needs can help save time and provide better quality.

In this training project, F.Learning produced 150 mins of animation within 4 months

3. Review the price and final products’ quality

When hiring an animation studio, the biggest question is always, “How much does it cost to hire an animation studio?”. Here is the answer: Animation video series have different price ranges varying from $30 to $3,000. Clients are provided different services at different prices when they hire an animation studio. You are charged for the basic animation, and if you want more special effects, you will have to pay more. The quality is compatible with the price; however, it doesn’t mean that you get low-quality videos if you pay less. 

It is possible to hire an animation studio in the mid-range that can produce high-quality products at reasonable prices. Charging only $300/minute, the studios can produce outstanding animation for internal training in time. To make this possible, studios cut down unnecessary expenses and focus on important parts. Having a studio that knows how to adjust the projects based on your budget helps save a lot of money. No expense will be spared, and all your spending will be worth every penny.

Scanning through the case study of previous projects, you can see if a studio can optimize their clients’ budget or not. Professional animation studios for hire for training video production are experts in tailoring video features based on clients’ budgets. Commercial animation studios will surprise you by giving you the final products that go beyond your expectation. 

4. Contact the studio to evaluate the customer service quality

You will work directly with the studio until the end of the training video series; therefore, hiring animation studios that are professional is as vital as the stated criteria. A professional studio will bring delight to you during the whole process, and you can notice this right when you communicate with them.

The most efficient way to evaluate commercial animation studios’ professional level is directly contacting them. Their response speed and consultation will give you a view of their sense of professionalism. A studio suitable for you will discuss the best style that matches your training video series project and workflow. Before hiring an animation studio, search for one with a high level of transparency and lets you know about their working process and workflow beforehand.

With considerable experience producing animated training video series for well-known corporations from all around the globe, F.Learning team always guarantees to provide high-quality products to clients. Every year, the team fights off all challenges to produce 2000 mins of animation. They manage all projects, regardless of the scale, creatively and professionally. F.Learning studio always optimizes clients’ budgets while delivering products of the highest quality. 

All the secrets have been revealed, and the first-rate service is just one click away. Don’t hesitate to contact F.Learning and turn your ideas into training video series right away.

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