4 Things Should Be On Your Checklist When Hiring An Animation Studio For Training Video Series

Digitalization has become the next movement for corporations and companies around the world. The online transformation starts after COVID-19 struck, moving all processes to a virtual network, including internal training. L&D strategists have to come up with a new way to train employees from a distance. And since live-action videos are not an option and slideshow courses are no longer productive, an animated training video series emerges as the prime solution. 

However, hiring an animation studio puts forward a whole other set of problems for decision-makers. How can companies and corporations maintain the training quality? How do they control the production time and schedule for the process? How much budget should they allocate for the projects? In this article, we will dive deep into all of those questions and give you 4 key things to consider before hiring a studio to do your animation for training video production!

3 Problems You May Have When Doing An Animated Training Video Series

Maintaining Quantity & Schedule Balance

Making an animation series is a whole different ball game compared to making just a single animated training video. A series will indeed cover more information and details, but it also takes more production time. Certain situations and courses demand that L&D strategists divide them into separate episodes, which, in other words, require a series. 

And in the training video series for internal use, companies would expect the process to take as little time as possible, while being proficient, at minimizing the loss of valuable time and resources. Therefore, once the schedule is set, the animated training series must go accordingly to make sure the project goes as planned. If just one of the episodes is behind schedule, it can jeopardize the continuity and set the company at a deficit. 


How well the animation series can transfer the information is another point to consider. Corporation internal training programs serve a vast demographic; in some cases, they have branches located around the globe. Hence, it’s crucial that the videos are universal, comprehensible, and concise. The knowledge that the employee training video contains has to be able to be assimilated as quickly as possible by at least the majority of the staff. In order for this to occur, the style frame, color schemes, movements, and narratives must be on-point.

Then comes the question of consistency. Everything in the animation training series has to retain consistent quality from start to finish. It creates a sense of familiarity or patterns, which in turn, allows workers to absorb information more quickly.

Also, an internal training series represents the collective knowledge and belief of the company. Hence, precise and appropriate delivery of the information is a must. That demands the animation to fit the policy, expertise, and field of business to create professionalism and maintain quality.

In One QBE project, F.Learning creates training animation that engages 14,500 employees from 37 countries


The last problem is the budget. How much the company should invest into an animated training video series is always a tough question to answer.  Of course, there isn’t a fixed price tag for every kind of animation, since that depends on factors such as work scope, the field of expertise, style frames,… But it always comes down to the balance between price and performance. 

Of course, the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best, but the best is the one that matches your needs and budget. The quality of the project should justify the price tag and vice versa.

animation review process

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4 Things Should Be On Your Checklist When Hiring An Animation Studio For Internal Training Video Production

A good animation studio will save you from all of the problems associated with the internal training course. But that raises the question: How to find a good studio? So, if you’re in the middle of that question, here are the 4 key elements that could help you make up your mind!

Expertise in Internal Training Series

An animation studio can establish expertise in making training video series by providing past experience with previous projects. This ensures that they have the skills to professionally handle the series. The expertise also allows the studio to understand the terminologies and concepts the company wants to convey. 

To make it simple, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Does the animation studio understand the information right? More than others, the studio must have a clear idea of the series, since they will be the one who delivers it later in the staff training video. Misunderstandings of even the smallest detail will be devastating and irretrievable.
  • Does the studio have knowledge about your field of expertise? Test them with the jargons, terminologies, and concepts in the business. It ensures the quality of the workplace training video.
  • Is the delivery on point? The animation has to be original and engaging. The delivery is just as important as the content itself. A captivating animation series will yield a better result. 

Experience in Project Management

As we have mentioned before, keeping the schedule on track is critical in internal training video production. A good animation studio has to strictly follow the timeline in order to maintain the flow of the project. 

Here are the questions that can help you decide whether the studio is capable of maintaining a schedule:

  • How does the animation studio optimize the production time? Go through the production procedure to find unnecessary steps. If you cannot find any in the process, you’re in good hands!
  • Will the studio be able to handle the large scope of work that comes with the series? Pay attention to how they perform under pressure and in different stages of production.
  • Do the clients have control over the production of the animation series? This gives you a rain check on the project and allows you to make changes when the time calls.
In this project, 150 minutes of animation are created in 4 months to serve learning demand and schedule

Portfolio with Clients in Internal Training Animation

Always ask for a portfolio when searching for an animation studio for your internal training video production. It presents a general idea of the studio’s competence and professionalism. Check for their expertise and project management ability in the portfolio. Rating their previous or similar work can help you decide whether the animation has what it takes.

Ask the following questions regarding the animated training video for employee:

  • Have the studio worked with any big corporations or companies similar to yours?
  • Does the portfolio justify their self-claimed expertise and experience?


The last element, and perhaps the most troublesome of all, is the expense. Though there isn’t a fixed price tag for internal training animation, you should have a rough idea of the budget for your project. 

Here are a few questions to help you check whether the animation studio for training video production offers the best price:

  • How much do you expect the animation to cost? You don’t have to come up with the exact expense, just a ballpark. Given the field of business, the style, and the demands, what is the best price you can do?
  • During the production of the internal training series, how much time and resources (both human power and financial expense) will you lose? If it takes too long, or the opportunity cost goes off the roof, then the investment is not worth it. 

Create Your Best Internal Training Series with F.Learning Studio!

If you’re looking for an animation studio for your animated training video series, F. Learning Studio is the place to go. We are proud to offer:

  • Efficient Workload Management: Our team of expert animators can handle a large scope of work. We produce 80 minutes of animation every month, so be rest assured that your project on the wheels at all times. 
  • Internal Training Animation Expertise: We have created internal training courses for leading companies and corporations around the world. Our past clients include Integrity & Values, and  One QBE – an international corporation with more than 14,500 employees. Together, we created engaging animation courses that facilitate substantial growth in comprehension rate and efficiency.
  • Affordable Pricing: We provide great animation that won’t break your bank! F. Learning Studio helps you stay on budget with various management strategies to optimize the results and minimize opportunity cost!
  • Fast and Effective Communication: No matter where you are in the world, you can always reach us through our 24/7 hotline. We will receive and answer any of your animation-related queries. We also provide free consultation calls to help you find the best style frame and reach your goal fast!
  • Customer-centric Experience: We focus on delivering the best experience to our customers. 

Excited to learn more? Pick up your phone and make your consultation call now. It’s free!

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