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With F Learning’s custom-animated explainers, clarity and engagement shine through! Complex medical concepts are simplified for easy understanding by the audience!

Transform Patient Outcomes with The power of story.
What we offer?

Patient Education

Empower your health decisions with our Patient Education service! We craft animated masterpieces that boost patient satisfaction. Clear, engaging, and personalized - because who said healthcare can't be enjoyable?

Healthcare Professional Education

Elevate your team's skills to provide amazing  patient care. Our animations? They're like the cool teachers of healthcare education - making learning seamless and effective! 🚀 #HealthcareExcellence

Internal Training

Make complex procedures and protocols easier to understand, ensuring efficient and effective training for your team.  

Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical Explainer

Clear communication on medical devices and medications is needed for safe healthcare use. We create animations to explain key details, increase product understanding, boosting sales, and fostering trust with users.

Research Communication

Communicate your research findings and medical advancements in a visually impactful way with F Learning's animated explainers. Let's bring your discoveries to life with animations that'll have your audience on the edge of their seats. Research just got a whole lot more fun!  

Social Media Communication

We focus on creating everyone’s favourite social media content customized for healthcare professionals. From eye-catching visuals to informative posts, we make content that connects with your audience, establishing trust and boosting your online visibility.

With over 7 years of experience

in creating 2D Medical animation services,
how can we help you?


Your goals are unique, and so are our solutions. We’ll collab closely to create unique animated videos that appeal to your target audience. We determine your specific needs, customize the visuals, and reduce the complexity of medical process descriptions into the simplest concepts. 

Every frame is crafted with efficiency to guarantee that your medical knowledge are conveyed clearly.


We simplify and innovate the animation integration process into your existing materials. We’ve revolutionized healthcare animation services by offering the newest methods for medical visualization along with an efficient production process.

At F.Learning, we promise superior visuals and super-fast production speed!


Through our optimized processes and visual design expertise for learning, you can save up to 30% on your budget, and more.

The actual value lies in tailoring solutions fitted to your budget no matter how big your company size is!


The power of our healthcare animations goes beyond visuals, they improve patient understanding, expedite education, improve communication, promote the dissemination of research, and enable patients to actively participate in their own healthcare and recovery process.

Gain real enhancements in healthcare delivery ASAP for patients, and their caregivers with F.Learning animation!

Why Choose F Learning for Your Next Your Medical Animation?

Effortless Integration

Adding animation to your healthcare or educational content is a breeze now! Our production process is smooth like butter, it's like a magic trick - saving you time and effort effortlessly.
Cost-Effective Solutions
We deliver first-class solutions without breaking the bank! Our prices are so competitive, you'll have cash left for the fun stuff. Get the best bang for your buck with us!
Customization Expertise
With diverse Production Capabilities from animation and graphic design to LMS integration, our tailored approach is perfectly fit for your specific educational or healthcare requirements.
Proven Impact
Our animations deliver real results. Just like aiding student learning in schools, our animations help patients understand more, making communication between healthcare workers and patients better with our Learning Design expertise through consultation.

Fill the Gap Between

Your Audience and Medical Content

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Simple Nursing Showreel

Intely Care


Medical UNSW

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with Proven Case Stories

Pharmaceutical Animation

Pharmaceutical animation in healthcare video production simplifies drug information delivery for pharma companies and doctors. F.Learning collaborates with Simple Nursing to showcase drug reactions on a microscopic level, enhancing engagement for 200,000 learners.

Mental Health Animation

Animation is a powerful tool for promoting mental health awareness, particularly in light of the challenges faced post-pandemic. F.Learning collaborates with Dr. Shin Shin Tang to simplify mental health education through storytelling and visuals, evoking strong emotional responses. Animation proves to be an effective medium for conveying complex topics and engaging audiences effectively.

Patient Education Animation

Patient education animations by F.Learning Studio and iCareBetter simplify explaining complex medical concepts, bridging the knowledge gap between doctors and patients with friendly visuals on heart failure.


1. Do you have any experience with healthcare brands?
A. Yes, we have worked with a variety of healthcare brands and organizations, including Simple Nursing, IntelyCare, iCareBetter, Medical UNSW, and more. We understand the unique challenges and regulations in the healthcare industry and are well-equipped to create effective animated explainers for our clients.
2. How can animated explainer videos enhance patient understanding?
A: Animated explainers distill complex medical information into digestible, visual narratives, making it easier for patients to grasp and retain crucial health knowledge. This not only empowers patients to make informed decisions but also improves adherence to treatment plans.
3. Is there support for different languages and international markets?
A: Yes, F Learning offers multilingual support to ensure your explainer videos are accessible to a global audience. We adapt our content to various languages and cultural contexts, expanding your reach and impact.