Branded Learning: 4 Tips to Remain Brand Compliance in Employee Training Programs

Most Digital Learning Managers were confused when F.Learning asked for brand guidelines to ensure brand compliance in employee training. Well, we understand. We all have heard only about branding in external activities like product promotion or marketing. Now, it’s time to think again! Everyone knows that employee training is to fill up skill gaps or reskill, especially during the covid pandemic. But to do so, you need to show their long-term career development with the company’s vision and mission. And branded learning is the solution.

However, keeping brand compliance in employee training seems to be difficult for training departments, especially when they are not professionals. Hence, to implement it right and effectively, you should first understand the role of brand compliance in corporate training. Then check out some critical features to maintain this consistency. 

Why brand compliance in employee training matters

Enhance brand culture 

The way trainers speak and act to employees will affect the way they react towards your customers. That’s why every piece of information in your training programs needs to stick to the company’s values and beliefs. 

Besides logos and colors, you should use the same tone and voice on training materials as those you used with customers.

Our tip here is to think of your employees as strategic brand ambassadors. Only when employees comprehend the company’s mission and values will they be able to provide the customers with the desired brand experience.

Leverage employee loyalty and long-term growth

Remember that familiarity is always more comfortable and trustworthy. 

Regular recognition of the company throughout your training content will help to develop belief and reputation in the company brand. The more they trust, the more they feel connected and motivated to work as a unified team. 

Additionally, your focus on consistent training shows the commitment of the company to employees’ professional growth. It drives the growth of brand loyalty, which makes them feel more committed to delivering excellent performance.

Preparation Checklist to Power your Digital Transformation

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4 Tips for branded learning while building employee training courses

  1. Get your leader involved
  2. Create brand guidelines for internal training
  3. Allow flexibility and creativity in using brand guidelines
  4. Remain engaging learning experiences 

Branded learning is one of the most painful training video problems, we completely understand. Training managers share that they always find difficulty striking a balance between brand compliance and creativity in content development. 

The E-learning solutions encourage their innovation with a wide range of digital content forms to create an engaging learning experience. But too much creativity can also lead to inconsistent recognition, especially in visual factors.  

So, how to keep the brand consistent while still being inspired?

#1 Get your leaders involved

The first thing you need to do is to call your leaders for help. It’s not an easy task! Branded learning is not only adding the company logo to your training videos. Branded learning relates to the company’s vision, mission, and culture. Then, it impacts WHAT you will train and HOW you will train employees. Collaborating with leaders helps you define the skillset and develop training programs to align the company’s business goals.

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#2 Create brand guidelines for internal training

It’s important to create brand guidelines for internal materials so that staff can understand and use them for work purposes. In which, elements of logos and color palette need to be followed strictly to ensure brand compliance in employee training

We highly recommend that the Training Managers collaborate closely with the Marketing team in order to build internal brand guidelines that work best.  

Take this One QBE’s internal employee training video by F.Learning studio, for example. We have used the corporate color palette, along with the multicultural visual factors, that come from the One QBE’s brand guideline. They help to constantly remind the learners about the training identity.

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#3 Allow flexibility and creativity in using brand guidelines

While the brand guidelines are consistent and up-to-date, some features also allow flexibility in usage for training purposes. They include: 

  • Colors: There is no need to limit to just one or two main corporate colors. In particular internal presentations, training staff can utilize more relative colors with the brand color scheme. 
  • Visualization: Visualize the information more interestingly by adding some creative elements, for example, animation or mascots. Just ensure that they deliver the right values and beliefs of the company brand. 
  • Additional brand personality: Sense of humor can be the top example. Allowing employees to have more fun during internal training courses can result in a more productive learning experience. So besides the unique personality of the brand, friendliness can be another one for internal communications.  

See how F.Learning creates a character and puts him in some funny situations in this animation video. Accordingly, the abstract concept of leadership seems to be easier to grasp. Also, it represents I&V employees’ personalities: fun and energetic.

#4 Remain engaging learning experiences to empower branded learning

There are always some elements in previous training materials that are more attractive and appealing than others. Keep them in the future content to maintain consistent feelings for learners. 

In the consultant phase, F.Learning always asks partners to analyze feedback and the effects of their previous training programs. We can find out interesting factors learners love the most, like mascots or gamification, and reuse them in new materials. 

Especially, animation has proved to be a highly effective format to deliver information while easily keeping brand compliance in employee training

Here is one of the 2D medical animation videos that F.Learning has corporated with Simple Nursing. We use the same typical elements of their previous online courses to keep engaging learners. They include the illustration of nursing concepts and the funny tone of the courses. 

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Partner with F.Learning for greater brand compliance

Keeping brand consistent in employee online training is not simple by using the same logos, fonts, colors in all materials. F.Learning is here to help you deal with those problems, so just leave it to our professionals. 

Regards to brand compliance, this is our required progress

Study your company values 

We need to learn about the company values and beliefs, as well as what you expect your employees to be taught. In this way, we know exactly how to represent the company’s identity and deliver your messages in the most helpful animation.

Study your learning programs

We look for the purpose of the program and its target audience. Each group of learners will show interest in different types of content. Some like simplicity with image and motion, while others prefer more emotions from stories. So focus on your target audience allows us to implement the creativity that works in each course. 

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Request and follow brand guidelines

After agreeing on the script, we will require your brand guidelines so as to follow them during the animation making. We also request access to your brand assets or brand management systems in order to use the right elements. As mentioned earlier, they include logos, color palette, tone, and voice in communication styles that are latest up-to-date. 

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Contact us for further consultation.

It takes a lot of effort to continuously innovate the employee training while retaining its brand compliance throughout the programs. Partnering with a professional studio for training content development will save you much time for other issues of the organization. Do not hesitate to contact F.Learning for a detailed discussion of your problems. 

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