How to identify an effective corporate training material?

To create a successful training course, it’s easiest to start with effective training materials. However, developing a good training material doesn’t mean trying to write it less tedious. In fact, the trainer need to consider more about employee’s goals, even their learning style or time to learn. So how to tell an effective training material? This article will dip into identifying a good one and give you an awesome suggestion.

What is an effective corporate training material?

Successful training material is the one which could:

1. Fit with the main target audience

First and most important, the training material need to be suitable for your target learners. It’s impossible that the newbie has the same experience as skilled employees in a job. Especially, their level and their backgrounds are different. So, focus on your target audience. Looking for a training material that could bring different learning experience for all learners level? Video-based learning, gamification … perhaps are talented candidates. But, to decide which is the right one, you need to decide based on your content.

Furthermore, employees take part in a training course for one main reason: to be more productive and efficient in work. Thus, it’s ideal that the training material could show how your course benefits them in their careers. For example, a 5-minute training video about a time management training will be more welcomed by trainers than a powerpoint presentation that could take at least 2 hours to complete. In this case, what learners could learn at first is how to present an idea in the most time-saving way for others.

2. Draw up a good content

The next important criteria is the content contained in the training medium. It is understandable that trainers want to put as much knowledge as possible. However, it could make your content and information very ambiguous and unfocused. Therefore, training material could deliver concise and relevant knowledge to employees.

One more thing, don’t forget to ask yourself this question: “Does the training material well-explain knowledge?”. Because training knowledge is usually tedious and kind of boring, even some concepts are quite complex and abstract. Thus, it’s training material’s job to make these knowledge more intersting and digestable. You will have lots of choices, such as funny stories, a live-action series or animation training videos.

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3. Provide applicable knowledge

It is undeniable that practice makes training perfect. To be honest, the theory is the essential part in the training program, but how to put theory into practice is far more important. As we all know, employees learn better when they deal with the real problems related to their life. Without illustrating the actual workplace, training material is just a plain theory.

The good way to do it is illustrating for employees to see how to apply this theory in daily work. And, your training medium should do that job – visualizing the theory with practical context! Because, the closer the situation looks like, the better learners can imagine and learn.

4. Provoke the ability to recall information

The most challenging part of training is remembering the information. It is good that employees can apply what they have learned into their work. However, not all knowledge can use instantly but for long working progress later. Therefore, recall information is also an important part of training.

Need a solution? Follow the dictum ‘less is more’! It is better to avoid long and boring in the context. Moreover, as true as they say, tell less show more. Specifically, training materials shouldn’t contain too many words and numbers. Instead, visual information can be a better option to provoke the ability to remember employees. 

corporate training material examples

5. Give job satisfaction

Why job satisfaction is so important in every company? To be honest, people won’t do anything that they feel boring and unpleasant for a long time.  So if your training program could increase their satisfaction for the job, they will be more motivated to do their job.

Creating job satisfaction begins by first providing an appropriate goal and a positive motivation. Fran Tarkenton – popular football player says, to find what motivates people, you have to find what turns people on. Thus, training material should be required going beyond the call of duty and providing for the needs of the workers. Instead of telling them what to do at work, training material can give them a further vision about their career path.

So if your training material consisted of 5 criteria above, you should be proud that it will work well for training employees. However, if your case isn’t as ideal as you expect, you should take a look at our suggestion here. A new teaching medium to be an effective training material for your online training course, it’s animation. 

How could animation be an effective training material?

Animation has been a trend in corporate training for a couple of years. Because animation training could:

Be catchy enough to attract and stay in an employee’s mind

Visualization is the key skill when it comes to memory. Truly, it not only well-explains training knowledge but also helps learners in remembering information. It is undeniable that words and numbers are hard to remember because they’re abstract and our brains can’t easily imagine and illustrate. But, our brains store and recall images much more easily.

Animation is the sequence of many images, drawings or photos which are played in rapid succession to mimic real-world motion. For that reason, animation can provoke the ability to recall and memory capacity of the learners. Instead of remembering many words and numbers, learners can easily absorb knowledge through visuals and their motions naturally.

“The tower, which was made of iron, not steel like many of today’s buildings, measures 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall. It expands and contracts about 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) from the hottest to the coldest day due to an effect called thermal...
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Stimulate the real workplace

Animation is capable of presenting true-to-life situations that trainees face every day. Indeed, it allows learners to learn by watching, brainstorming and doing. As a result, this method can develop the practical skills for learners and the ability to solve the real problem in the workplace.

Intelycare is one of the examples. Specifically, they provide a training program to expand knowledge about medical and healthcare for nurses. Instead of using a textbook and speaking sessions, Intelycare decide to use animations for stimulating the real situation in the hospital. Hence, in a familiar environment, nurses can easily imagine what they should and shouldn’t do in their job.

Increase learners’ performance

In every business, ROI is a very important element which shows how good return on your investment. Similarly, in training, the better the employees’ performance is the higher the ROI when developing a new training material.

Animation is one of the most effective materials which can improve workers’ performance. It is the default choice for employers when they want to explain and educate their employees about their industry, process or challenges. Specifically, animation can help trainees increase their performance from providing better understanding and better application. Also, VR and AV are good options, but it is relatively expensive to make one. That’s why animation is the optimal solution for innovative trainers in corporate training.

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To sum up, it is very difficult to come up with perfect training materials for employees due to many requirements and standards for creating one. However, animation is a good option for employers to step-by-step improve your training course because it:

  • Helps learners to remember the knowledge better
  • Creates a real workplace environment for employees to experience
  • Increases learners’ ability to perform better

After this article, we hope that you can create effective training materials for corporate training. If you interest in animation for corp training, please contact us. With our experience, we can give you the best advice and consultation in this industry.

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