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Animated learning videos keep your students tuned and focused throughout the courses. Rich visual content relieves their stress and boosted their engagement and understanding, which leads to better learning outcomes as compared to traditional teaching materials.



Their problem:

Permaculture Design Online Course is a 12-week program specializing knowledge and practical solutions to develop abundant, sustainable ecosystems. The course was created by world-renowned permaculture consultant, designer, and teacher Geoff Lawton.

Following the video-based concept, he has produced over 700 live-action videos recording himself teaching the lessons. However, these videos are unable to explain the complicated and abstract processes. With a topic like “How the tornado forms”, it would be impossible to produce a live-action footage, and it would look slobby if he drew the process by hand on board.

Our solution:

F.Learning Studio has consulted Geoff on how to combine live-action and animated videos in the courses. We worked together to produce 330 animated learning videos. Educational animations play an important role in helping students understand the complex effects of landscapes and climates, which takes hours if only explained by words.




Their problem:

The Bar Model Company approaches children by illustrating parts of the problems by using bars. This method allows pupils to learn Math in the problem-solving scenarios and visualizes the process needed to find the answers. This method could significantly improve the math skills of children. However, teaching is also about inspiring the love for Math and engaging children to learn more.

Our solution:

We started with what children love the most – animations. Animations inspire juniors to explore the world, stimulate imagination and develop the love for math. F.learning Studio has produced over 50 animated videos that fit the kid-friendly concept of The Bar Model Company. With a detailed research on children’s interest, we created various funny and familiar characters to turn the most boring subject – Math into the most entertaining one. 

To help young learners get used to the bar model approach, we also designed a pack of playing cards with 40 characters, which is a helpful and engaging teaching material for primary classes.


MNOP KIDS Case Study

Their problem:

MNOP Kids is a team of educators and designers with more than 20 years of experience in education and creative thinking. They soon realized that animated videos are an engaging tool to tell stories and teach children positive behaviors and values.

Despite above fact, animations could be surprisingly expensive. One minute of video could cost thousands of dollars by a professional studio, and relying on freelancers or templated software could result in slobby work. 

Our solution:

We collaborated with MNOP Kids to create a series of engaging videos for children in their budget. We worked together with a 30% lower price than other studios that are based in the US, UK, and AU. Our animations are created from scratch with unique and authentic artwork. We don’t use pre-designed illustrations and movements. Trust and agreement on repeated business is the key to the differences in prices.

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