Develop an Effective Compliance Training Strategy with 4 steps

Compliance training is must-have progress in the training program of any company. Based on the characteristics of each business, the leaders will develop a suitable strategy that matches the needs of the company. However, it is said that this sort of employee training gets a bad reputation for being boring and wasting business resources. As an L&D manager, do you need a compliance training strategy that matches your business’s goals but does not know where to start?

With the understanding of how important compliance training is, we are here to help you answer this question.

What is Compliance training?

Compliance training is the process of training employees about the law, regulation, policy that applied at the company they work for. The training program depends on the characteristics of each company and the domain of their work.

How compliance training affects your business’s goals and value?

Compliance training strategy helps to protect business’s reputation

Clear compliance training provides employees with a system of information related to personal and professional obligations. This helps your company to minimize the likelihood of fines, lawsuits as well as unnecessary costs that may damage the reputation of the company.

Compliance training strategy helps to provide better working environment

Offering a safe and responsible working environment including a policy to protect employees from harassment and violation, the company has got the chance to build trust between the company and employees. Imagine you are working in an environment with policies to protect you from sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace, you will find it worth devoting. As a result, there will be an increasing contribution of employees to the company which improves the development of the community.

It’s necessary to understand the importance of compliance training in a business’s Learning and Development process. However, when it comes to the story behind these courses, we tend to consider how to create an effective compliance training strategy that focuses on the company’s human resources but aligns with business goals such as minimizing cost, involving employee participation, etc.

4 steps to develop a compliance training strategy

Here is a 4-step tutorial you may use as a reference

1. Identify the training goals and requirements of your company

It is better if you are clear about why you have to create this strategy, how it will work for the good of the company, and what should be the value to be transferred to the employees. With this orientation, you may find it easier to move on. Besides, remember to set the requirements for the training to evaluate whether your training does fit the goals or not.

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2. Identify the training program to serve the needs of your company

With the market variation, your company’s situation may change constantly. Thus, a flexible training strategy should offer solutions to cope with the transformation of your business. The leaders have to figure out which programs can provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to serve the demand of the business.

3. Evaluate the current training plan

The evaluation should be carried out to cover all categories including time, resources. Some questions can be asked to acknowledge the existing problems in your training strategy such as: 

  • Are the resources used properly? 
  • Is the training time too long? 
  • Are the training contents too boring and theoretical?
  • Are there any other ways to attract employees to join the course?

4. New method trial: Apply digital means in training progress

Traditional training seems to be old-fashioned in the modern age due to the high expense and difference in level among staff. Instead, many companies are now searching for digital solutions to fix outdated training methods. And the animation is a great choice!

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With an animation video, the content of the training process will be transferred with colorful and dynamic graphic elements, along with sound effects and smooth movements to create fun and inspiration. By this way, employees will find it not difficult anymore to absorb information.

A range of agencies offer animation services for education and training, including F.Learning. For the long-term experience in providing animation used in corporate training, F. Learning has become a reliable partner of many education and training centers. We are not only a digital content supplier but also a big supporter of your company in building a training strategy. Do have a glance to know more about us!

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Compliance training can be boring, but we can see that it is essential for any business to develop its employees. The problem is how to make the training strategy efficient, making the best use of all resources and engaging employees to participate in it. Consider carefully what your company needs and follow the above steps to make the proper compliance training strategy.

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