Whiteboard Animation Services: Top 17 Animation Studios To Choose In 2023

Whiteboard animation services have gained massive popularity over the last few years. Businesses all over the world are using them as a tool to promote businesses and enhance training quality. That’s why you may see animation studios popping up everywhere, offering services to whoever is in need. But in such a vast sea of choices, which one is the best choice for your business?

Here we provide you with a list of 17 top studios for animated whiteboard video services to help narrow down the options!

Top 17 Whiteboard Animation Services Studios In 2023

Here are our picks for the top 17 whiteboard animation studios:

  1. F.Learning Studio
  2. Essence Studios
  3. Broadcast2World
  4. Demo Duck
  5. InfoGraphicWorld
  6. BreadnBeyond
  7. SwitchVideo
  8. Yum Yum Videos
  9. FireStarter
  10. Gisteo
  11. Idea Rocket Animation
  12. Creamy Animation
  13. V3 Media
  14. Cognitive
  15. Flimp Media
  16. Epipheo
  17. Wienot

#1 F.Learning Studio

Yes, that’s us!

F.Learning Studio is a Vietnam-based studio that specializes in animation production. We provide services for clients worldwide, offering top-quality whiteboard services in education, training, or explainer videos. Not stopping there, F.Learning Studio also covers a wide spread of animation production, including infographics and motion graphics. 

Here’s what we offer for your business:

  1. Style Consultation: Based on your target audience and your topic, whiteboard animation can be transformed into different concept arts. Our sales representatives will consult the right elements needed in your video such as backgrounds, characters, color palette, etc.
  2. Transparent Process: We understand your struggles in breaking the animation knowledge gap. That’s the reason why we walk you through the production process. We help you identify risks in the process, define expected outcomes between steps, and answer questions if needed.
  3. Competent Timeline Management: Our gifted animators can produce up to 2000 minutes of animation a year. That’s roughly 80 minutes of animation per month. And with our experience in handling large animated series for various clients, your projects are in good hands. Moreover, F.Learning Studio excels at time optimization. We minimize the duration of consultation, production, and feedback to help you save valuable time!
  4. Affordable Pricing: The strategic location in Vietnam gives us a sizable advantage in producing great quality animation with competitive pricing, compared to whiteboard animation software or US-based animation studio.

Customers’ Testimonials

“The team at F. Learning exceeded our expectations in being able to bring our ideas to life. It has been a joy to collaborate with them. They were able to translate some pretty technical anatomy concepts into fun animations. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive responses to the animations they helped us create.” Shin Shin Tang, Ph.D., Psychologist and Co-author, Attune Ed: Mindfulness-Based Mental Health in Education

Price Range: Check out the newest F.Learing’s Pricing Offer

Our whiteboard animated video follows a simple yet business-like style that appeals to the audience. Its simplicity emphasizes professionalism, while not overshadowing the main content of the video. Moreover, to help the message get across more easily, we opt for a friendly and informative tone. That, together with F.Learning Studio’s style choice, explains the rather dull medical concepts in engaging ways. Plus, it saves production costs!

Excited to learn more about F.Learning Studio’s offer? Contact us now!

#2 Essence Studios

Essence Studios is an impressive whiteboard animation production house with years of experience and knowledge in the digital marketing arena. Their large team of professionals provides the complete video solution to clients in the US, UK, and India. However, their services maybe a little over the expensive end. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“When I think about a video, it is all about images and backgrounds flowing in a motion. However, I was not getting the apt video partners for the same. I found Essence Studios through a friend. These people are awesome as their output. Simple process and world-class video quality.” Priya Sharma

Price Range: Not Published

#3 Broadcast2World

This studio provides a transparent working process and pricing with no hidden cost and free humility to top up its customer experience. Broadcast2World puts forward a team of integrated and passionate storytellers who hand-draw everything to the absolute details. However, its meticulous procedure also increases production time and pushes up the price tag. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“I will certainly give a shoutout to B2W. I appreciate the work your team is doing with us and how we are able to group our social media followers and credibility of your work.”, Ronda J. Williams, Senior Marketing Manager, Hub International. 

Price Range: $4,000 – $15,500

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#4 Demo Duck

Demo Duck has a long history offering this type of service. They started in 2011 and first provided animation demos for different businesses. Now, it’s a giant agency in animation, and they serve clients from all industries. But in order to hire the  Demo Duck company, you’ll need quite a deep pocket.

Customers’ Testimonials

Working with Demo Duck has been a dream. Our project went through several revisions from our client, and Demo Duck adapted quickly to the changes needed and did so with professionalism and a polite charm that I’ve never experienced before. I am already in the process of lining up the next project to send Demo Duck’s way! -Michael Twardy, Shelton Group

Price Range: $4,500 to $7,500

#5 InfoGraphicWorld

InfoGraphicWorld, or IGW, is perhaps the oldest animation company on this list. Starting in 2009, it has a long history in providing visual communication strategy and implementation to customers around the world. Moreover, IGW excels at infographics and animation for marketing campaigns, and this makes it a great choice to promote your business. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“For the past few years, Infographic World has collaborated with us to design and implement innovative benefit communication approaches for our employees. They are great partners for GE.” GE, BROOKS HOCKING.

Price Range: Not Published

#6 BreadnBeyond

BreadnBeyond possesses quite an impressive track record, working with big names such as Glassdoor and PayPal. Interestingly, the studio provides nine different animation levels. The options range from clean and friendly paper cutouts to complex kinetic motion graphics. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“BreadnBeyond blew away all expectations. Their work is phenomenal, and their customer service and attentiveness should be a standard for every business.” Ian Carnevale

Price Range: $1,599 – $5,898

#7 SwitchVideo

Over the years, SwitchVideo has produced more than 450 whiteboard explainer videos for enterprise-level businesses around the world. Its astounding list of clients includes Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM. The company takes pride in its customer-focused and proactive approach to animation. But on the flip side, SwitchVideo may not be the best choice for businesses with tight budgets. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“The team was very customer-focused and proactive. The creative balance between my team and theirs was just right, and we would gladly work with SwitchVideo again.”, Jim Heim, Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Price Range: Not Published

#8 Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos provides a 100% customized plan to meet all of its client’s needs. The studio guarantees to provide state-of-the-art quality in each and every project. It has hundreds of satisfied customers, spanning 20 different countries. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“Our Video really helped us to communicate in a quick and efficient way to our customers.” Samar Mahbouba, Marketing Project Manager, McKesson Corporation.

Price Range: $7,000 – $15,000

#9 FireStarter

FireStarter is a top animated whiteboard producer for big-name brands like MasterCard, Volvo, and the NBA. Over 40 percent of its business comes from repeat orders and referrals of previous clients. What sets this studio apart is that it emphasizes the importance of voice talent. More specially, FireStarter believes a great voice-over can better convey the message in the most engaging fashion. However, hiring this animation company would make an expensive investment.

Customers’ Testimonials

“Your team is amazing. Our video has had a huge impact on our online marketing, and we even ran it on TV. I am so glad I found you guys.”, Dave Hancock, Owner Raneri & Long Roofing.

Price Range: $1,995 – $9,995

#10 Gisteo

Gisteo specializes in animation for marketing campaigns. In addition to whiteboard, the studio also has significant experience in kinetic typography, talking figures, and motion graphics videos. Gisteo’s animation brings a playful yet business-like vibe that appeals to the majority. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“Hours and hours of searching for a more affordable option finally led me to Gisteo. [Rousing cheers, please] Stephen was great to work with, and the process was very easy. Ultimately the video we have has exceeded our expectations, and we are psyched to go to market with it. When we are successful, we will be very mindful that Gisteo played an important part in helping us on our journey.”, –Gigi Duncan. Founder & CEO. Track My Safari

Price Range: $2,500-$4,000

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#11 Idea Rocket Animation

Idea Rocket is an award-winning animation studio that produces whiteboard animation for commercials and storytelling. Its experienced team of creators has been producing quality work for clients in the US, UK, and Argentina. However, its location bumps up the pricing compared to other companies. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“The animation really made our vision come to life.”, VP of Sales & Marketing, Sabin Metal

Price Range: $4,000 – $25,000

Previous Work: https://idearocketanimation.com/works 

#12 Creamy Animation

As its name may suggest, this studio produces animation in a creamy smooth fashion. Creamy Animation offers whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and cartoon character animation services. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“We were looking for a studio to create a product explainer video and came across Creamy Animation. Needless to say, we were impressed with the outcome. They did a fantastic job in creating a professional-looking video for us. From the start, Larry and the team provided detailed guidance on the different stages of the project, such as scripting, voice work, and illustrations. In the end, everything came together beautifully. Highly recommend.” Duong Tran, Marketing Manager | Dr. Bill by RBC

Price Range: $2,000 – $100,000

#13 V3 Media 

V3 Media is a Colorado-based company that creates whiteboard animation with crisp storylines and interesting characters. Its professional team has been in the trade for years and knows almost every trick in the book. However, the creators receive a fat paycheck in exchange for their experience.

Customers’ Testimonials

“Great experience working with Creamy! They produced a video for one of our recent marketing campaigns and nailed the final product. Larry understood our marketing message and vision right from the start and provided quick turnarounds on the few minor edits that came up throughout the process. Very happy with the result, and look forward to hopefully having another opportunity to work with Creamy again.” Jeff Powell, Digital Marketing Manager, Impark.

Price Range: Not Published

#14 Cognitive

Cognitive studio made its breakthrough after working with world-renowned institutions and NGOs such as the Royal Society of Arts, Amnesty International, and the Bill Gates Foundation. The studio sets breaking the traditional boundaries of animation as its goal. But with such an impressive portfolio, enlisting Cognitive’s services will not be friendly to your budget. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“Cognitive are the only people who can use the unique approach that they originated, to tell such powerful, often quite complicated stories in such fresh and clear ways.”, Jonathan Calascione, Senior Partner, Deloitte.

Price Range: Not Published

#15 Flimp Media

Flimp Media makes a great destination for businesses with limited budgets. However, the whiteboard explainer video company has quite a small team of creators, meaning it can only work with a few clients simultaneously. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“Our organization underwent major benefit carrier changes. In an effort to ease the transition, we eagerly sought resources that would enable us to provide clear, polished, and engaging communications.

In the end, we got exactly what we had hoped for. Moreover, Flimp’s team of dedicated professionals did an exceptional job of guiding us through the communications development process, meeting project deliverables, and proactively following up with us to ensure our needs were met to our satisfaction.

I highly recommend Flimp Communications to any organization seeking innovative and effective employee communications tools.” Stephanie Fedoroff, Director of Benefits, School District of Philadelphia.

Price Range: Not Published

#16 Epipheo

Epipheo is one of the longest-standing studios in existence. Its success over the years comes from a gifted team of experienced whiteboard artists. Epipheo’s trademark is white paper videos with three different styles: quick draw, hands-on, and simple motion. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“Even though they faced a tight deadline, Epipheo still delivered without sacrificing quality. The team took the time to really understand their client so that they could best tell the nonprofit’s story. Internal stakeholders were pleased with the final result and plan to repurpose the content.”, Events Manager, REST.

Price Range: $2,475 – $28,700

#17 Wienot

Wienot may sound like a French word, but it actually means “Why not?”. Started in 2011, this company has been developing animated explainer videos for small and large companies worldwide. Its talented team of whiteboard artists and storytellers follow a simple yet effective style that is adored in modern business. 

Customers’ Testimonials

“I can’t tell you how awesome it has been to work with you and your team. When we first spoke during the pitch phase, I had a really good feeling about you guys, and never once did that change. The end products are even better than I had hoped, and I’m showing them off every chance I get.”, Kara Koch, Sesame Workshop.

Price Range: Not Published

5 Criteria That Will Help You Choose A Suitable Studio For Whiteboard Animation Services

When choosing a company for this category, base your decision on the 5 following factors: 

  1. Quality and Expertise
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Timeline Management
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Pricing

1. Quality & Expertise

When selecting an animation studio for your business, looking at the portfolio is usually a good idea. For starters, look through the studio’s previous work, past clients, and references. They can be a tell-tale sign of quality and transparency. 

Next, a good studio in this aspect must have originality and creativity, meaning not using the same templates or styles for various projects. Genuine custom animation with the brand and industry-specific customization takes your business out of the not generic group and adds a more engaging touch to your project.

2. Responsiveness

Since you and the animation studio will likely be working online, great digital communication is key. Hence, your partner must always respond on time and share relevant details to keep you informed at all stages of production. Monitoring the process also makes sure that the animated video meets your needs and goals.

3. Timeline Management

Time is a valuable resource that businesses cannot afford to waste. Therefore, the studio must deliver the product on time in order for the project to move forward. To achieve that, it has to optimize the production procedure and cut unnecessary steps. This shrinks the unproductive time to the bare minimum. 

The capability of handling large projects or multiple projects simultaneously is another must. It allows the animation studio to produce a series of work with multiple clients effortlessly. 

4. Customer Experience

Providing a customer-centric experience is what separates a good studio from an exceptional one. It means that the studio prioritizes clients’ benefits, values, and brand images in its production. You can easily check this by going through testimonials of past customers on the company’s website or references.

5. Pricing

Last comes the question of financial resources. It all comes down to whether the quality of the whiteboard video justifies its cost of production or not. However, to truly measure the effectiveness, you must consider the project’s long-term viability. While it may not greatly benefit businesses immediately, it can be beneficial in the long run.

How to Choose Suitable Whiteboard Animation Services for Your Business?

From the 5 general criteria that we mention above, your guideline for  choosing the best studio should cover the following keys: 

  • Expectation
  • Expertise
  • Competitiveness
  • Communication
  • Pricing

1. Start with What You Want

Map a content plan and list out all the goals you expect to get out of the project. From there, use your expectations to drive the project.

2. Read the Portfolios

Create a filter process to pick out the most capable animation studios on the market that you think can reach your expected goals. Checking their portfolio and past projects will speak volumes about their creativity, originality, and quality of work. Also, look out for any warning signs about timeline management or previous clients’ reviews.

3. Weigh the Available Options

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the animation studios that make it through the portfolio round. It should help you choose at least one, even a few, heavy contenders for the project.

4. Measure Responsiveness

Reach out to your finalists and see how quickly they respond to your inquiries. This is also a good time to check the authenticity and trustworthiness of their portfolios. 

5. Evaluate the Pricing

Get to know the asking prices for what you want. Then, consider whether the studio offers a reasonable price for the mentioned services. Compare different options to choose the most cost-effective studio. 

What Is The Cost Of Whiteboard Animation Video?

The cost of whiteboard animation video varies, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars a minute. A standard whiteboard animation video should average cost between $1,500 to $20,000. Why on Earth is there such a gigantic gap? Well, it’s not just the animated video itself that decides the final cost. Factors such as the field of expertise, the turnaround rate, the video length… all contribute to the final price tag

So, instead of focusing too much on the financial side, direct your attention to the quality of the project. Identify whether the potential results of the outcome justify its cost or not. And yes, investing in animation is expensive at first, but it’s the kind of investment that pays in the long run. You’re buying a versatile and recyclable material with only one paycheck. 

Of course, making affordable whiteboard animation using the software is always available. You may save some cash this way, but lose weeks of valuable time trying to figure the tool out. And not to mention the animation quality will not meet your expectations. 

How To Optimize Cost/Quality Balance When Hiring Whiteboard Animation Service?

  • Consider Location Advantage: Choose animation studios based in cheaper regions of the world. They can offer the same, if not better, quality with a cheaper price tag.
  • Look for Production Optimization: Pick animation studios that provide an optimized working process. By doing so, you can limit your loss of time and minimize opportunity costs.
  • Appropriate Style: Not every whiteboard style is the same. Each best serves a certain purpose and has a different cost. For example, the hands-on animation is great for telling stories, while the colored style highlights certain elements. So, choosing the wrong type of whiteboard animation may set you back financially.

If you’re having difficulty creating content for your projects or campaigns, it may be time to switch to a more professional approach. Partner with F.Learning Studio and let our team of gifted whiteboard artists help you achieve your goals. Request a free consultation call today!

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